Alex romero and norma bates relationship advice

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alex romero and norma bates relationship advice

Nestor Carbonell and Vera Farmiga / Bates Motel / Romero and Norma / Normero. Find this Pin .. The relationship between Norma Bates and Alex Romero. Alex Romero develops deeper feelings for Norma, Meanwhile there's He remembered another hearing he had gone to a couple of weeks ago. how involved she had gotten with Ford and if she would take his advice. A&E’s “Bates Motel” showcased a wedding Monday (March 21) that was typical of the show when Norma Bates (Vera Farmiga) tied the knot with Sheriff Alex Romero (Nestor Carbonell). Ultimately the newly married couple consummated their marriage, but will Romero’s other woman.

He feels this is the only way they can truly be happy together. Edwards at the beginning of That last moment they have together is so genuine, I feel.

And when we see how great they could have been and how they will be together as they move forward into this dream that Norman is trying to create for both of them. The obsession with Norma and the relationship with Norma is always going to be the driving force of this show. Norman has his chance or thinks he has his chance with the ax. He has more of a moral compass than that. Asking Ehrin and Cuse. Which allows him to be genuine. The final scene with him and her in bed is not manipulative.

It is a loving relationship, in its own twisted way. And often the heartbreaking thing about them is you actually love the people in it.

alex romero and norma bates relationship advice

And to really feel like we really understand why he makes the choices that he makes. How did the movie then impact your own storytelling? We think of it as a piece of mythology. But not redoing the film. We are doing our own version of it.

alex romero and norma bates relationship advice

And Norman will have his own journey. How is Dylan going to react to this news? We had to believe that to write it. He is in fact delusional. He is functioning, though. It seemed like such a rich arena, we wanted to have time to tell that story. And then secondary, I think that we have always worked very hard to keep Norma grounded, believable, sympathetic and every time you peel away a little bit of insight and knowledge from her about the possibility that her son is dangerous, you totter on tipping over into her becoming unsympathetic.

It becomes a completely different story. It felt organically like the right place to do it. Dylan has moved away; Romero gets arrested. Dylan trying to deal with the fact that he has cut himself off from his family, but can you ever really do that?

Romero will carry a torch for Norma to his grave. He has huge issues with Norman, so all that is going to come into play in the last season. Surely Dylan will learn at some point that his mother has died. That broke my heart! At some point you would think so, yes. These things happen when family members cut themselves off.

Norma later called to see him and asked him if he would marry her, since he had insurance and she didn't, telling him she knew he fancied her. A Danger to Himself and Others Romero called to the Bates house to talk to Norma about her proposal and noticing how worried she was about getting Norman into Pineview, he asked her if she was afraid to be alone in the house with him.

alex romero and norma bates relationship advice

She reassured him that everything was fine but when he went home, he got some money from under the fireplace and paid a visit to Pineview where he met with Vicki Monroe. He offered her money to admit Norman and when asked what relation he was to Norman, he told her that he was marrying Norma. He later phoned Norma to tell her that Norman would be admitted and that he would marry her if she still wanted him to.

When Norman later unleashed his anger on Norma after finding the consent forms, she barricaded herself in Dylan's room and phoned Romero for help. He showed up after an altercation in the basement and took Norman away.

alex romero and norma bates relationship advice

Goodnight, Mother Romero and Norma married at City Hall and he later moved into the Bates house, requesting a key to make it look that they were actually married. He later suggested to Norma that they go out for dinner.

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Norma said she had been married twice before and wasn't good at the marriage game. They arrived home drunk and he helped her upstairs to her bed and said goodnight, jokingly addressing her as "Mrs. Romero", which made her yell that she was keeping her name. When he went to his house to retrieve his belongings he found his old flame Rebecca Hamilton there. He revealed that he had married Norma.

alex romero and norma bates relationship advice

She told him that she hadn't heard from Bob Paris and was worried she was in trouble since she was dealing with his finances, but Romero said she was safe. After Norma returned from her meeting with Norman at Pineview, she was upset and Romero comforted her. She kissed him and said it was what she wanted. He reciprocated it and carried her upstairs to bed. Rebecca texted Romero to ask him to meet her at the bank and when he arrived she asked if he killed Bob Paris, but Romero denied it.

She told him that Bob had a safe deposit box and she had a key and he had the other. Romero returned to the Bates house and retrieved Bob's bag from the furnace, finding the key with his savings book.

‘Bates Motel’: Norman Makes His Killer Move in ‘Forever’ (SPOILERS)

Later, he was happy to see Norma join him at the winter festival, but when they got home they found the house had been broken into. Lights of Winter As Norma and Romero cleaned up after the break in, Norma wondered who would break in as she kept a low profile and thought Bob Paris had something to do with it, but Romero reassured her that it wasn't him, saying that he was still being blamed for the clampdown on the drugs in the town.

He encountered Rebecca at a diner and said that he knew she was responsible for the break in and told her to stay away. When Rebecca showed up at the sheriff's department, she said that she was upset about him getting married since he never proposed to her. As he returned home, he heard Norma playing the piano and when she asked him if he killed Bob Paris, he didn't say anything but the look on his face said it all. She asked him why he did it and he said he had no choice.

Refraction As Romero got ready to leave for work, Norma told him how happy she was with him and they kissed. He later met Rebecca at a diner and gave her Bob's key, saying that he didn't want payment. However, when he arrived home and told Norma that Chick had arrived with the repaired window, she wasn't pleased. He was left confused when she screamed at Chick and when he left he asked what was going on so she told him everything about her past.

She then told him to pack a bag and he asked where they were going. The Vault The following morning, he and Norma lay together in bed before getting dressed.

When he found her in the basement and she told him of her plans to convert the basement into a fruit cellar, he gave her Bob Paris' bag of money and told her to use it on the house. When the phone rang, he answered it to find out that it was Norman.

Norman asked Norma why Romero was there but she lied to him. While at work, Rebecca visited Romero to tell him that she's leaving for Indiana as her mother was ill but he asked her to stay due to the DEA investigation.

When Norma returned home after visiting Norman, who wasn't very happy about her marriage, Romero surprised her with a 60" TV and she announced that Norman would be coming home. Romero wasn't happy that she didn't discuss things with him but he said that he wanted to be a good father.

When Norma later called to the sheriff's department, Romero was wary of the visit and was surprised when Norman informed him that he was planning on getting a second job and insurance and insisted that he and Norma get a divorce.

Norma eventually revealed that she and Romero's relationship ran deeper which caused Norman to throw up. Unable to fix the heating, they decided to sleep in separate rooms and Norman saw Romero return to the motel. He crept into the room next to Norma's and removed a painting from the wall before using a knife to widen a hole in the plaster, making it large enough so that he could spy on his mother and Romero having sex.

The following evening, Norma decided to invite Romero to dinner and Norman acted overly polite to the sheriff. Realizing how involved Romero now was in their lives, he took his anger out on his mother and she told him that she and Romero loved each other and he would have to deal with it.

He stormed out of the house with Romero in pursuit. As Romero tried to talk sense into Norman, he made the mistake of asking if it was possible that Norma could love two men.

Norman advanced on him with the ax but then took his anger out on a shed before storming back to the house and up to his room. A clearly shocked and frightened Romero told Norma that he would be staying the house for the night. Unfaithful Worried about Norma being alone with Norman, he decided to seek help from Dylan so that Norman could be returned to Pineview. However, when Dylan told Norma the plan she confronted Romero and said that she could no longer trust him.

She returned home and broke down in Norman's arms. As she got ready for bed, she wrote a note apologizing to Romero and left her ring with it in an envelope. A few hours later, Romero arrived at the house and was confused to find the windows locked. He went into the house and called out to Norma, but got no answer.

He climbed the stairs to her room and when he opened the door he saw Norma and Norman lying together on the bed. He attempted to rouse Norma but got no response before smashing a window to let in some air.