Amanda palmer and brian viglione relationship

Brian Viglione interview with

amanda palmer and brian viglione relationship

Palmer formed the Dresden Dolls with Brian Viglione in , has had a And that alchemy combined with her stunningly intimate relationship. The Boston home of Amanda Palmer, singer and pianist with the Dresden Dolls, Palmer and drummer Brian Viglione make the kind of music that troubled "I could feel already that there was this connection," says Viglione. Amanda Palmer shared Brian Viglione's post. August 5, ·. wonderful new interview with Brian Viglione · Brian Viglione · August 4, ·. Interview in.

amanda palmer and brian viglione relationship

I played by myself in the attic almost every day. There were literally hundreds of boxes of stuff: That's what I did for fun. I was very nostalgic and sentimental even when I was 10 years old.

And that was the good stuff!

amanda palmer and brian viglione relationship

I immediately bonded with all the fucked-up broken-home kids. Let's form a band!

Getting Real With Amanda Palmer - AfterEllen

It was something I did late at night with my headphones on. If you can handle being a street performer, the stage is a waterbed. I struggled with it because I hated myself for being this way.

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I thought I was an evil person. It does something that we are unable to do any other way. This meant that while in that studio she was also managing everything from what equipment to use, studio time, and keeping everything on point after a dozen or more takes of the same song, to deciding to change a cord, and maybe just maybe telling her dad that something needs to be changed -- yes she did it all.

The time was right for this album, for this collaboration, because she was ready, not just emotionally, but in terms of her musical evolution having honed her "hard" skills over the last decade of making music. He is still her hero and in some ways the collaboration was a spiritual awakening, but it was also a revisiting of sorts since when she was 18 she randomly met Ka-Spel, who listen to her songs and told her to keep making her music at a time she needed to hear it.

And as if all of that wasn't enough she headed back to the U. All of these instances of coming full circle is not lost on Palmer.

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amanda palmer and brian viglione relationship

And it's not a one way street, with Palmer it never is, in exchange her supporters are part of a special Patreon community, getting access to new releases, and special extras -- and yes, Palmer, knows just how special these relationships are. Their full-length album, Evelyn Evelyn was released March 30,followed by a worldwide tour.

Amanda Palmer

Please help by editing the article to make improvements to the overall structure. October Learn how and when to remove this template message In JulyPalmer played three sold-out shows in Boston, Hoboken, and NYC in a new "with band" format.

Her backing band was Boston alternative rock group Aberdeen Citywho also opened along with Dixie Dirt.

amanda palmer and brian viglione relationship

She collaborated with Australian theater company, The Danger Ensemble; both again appeared at the Spiegeltent in Melbourne and at other venues around Australia in December In JunePalmer established her solo career with two well-received performances with the Boston Pops.

Ben Folds produced and also played on the album. The song contains an audio clip of a web cartoon called Strindberg and Helium; the cartoon almost exclusively quotes Strindberg's work.

"In My Mind" Music Video