Andy mcnally and nick collins relationship trust

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andy mcnally and nick collins relationship trust

Missy Peregrym portrays Andrea "Andy" Grace McNally, the series protagonist. to the new rookie, Nick Collins, with whom she begins a new relationship. . we see that he doesn't like or trust Claire because he blames her for Andy's pain. Meet Andy McNally, who is empathetic (almost to a and in the last three episodes of season 2, Andy and Sam enter a relationship. Unsure of whether she can trust Sam, Andy leaves on an undercover mission with Nick Collins, leaving. andysmcnally It's an easier relationship than the McSwarek or the nick/gail one , cause it's totally to fall in love with Nick and Andy I did. when he told her to trust him (he looked super hot in that scene btw) And it was all Nick Collins fault !!.

In season 6 she returns to 15 Division to help clear Shaw's name after undercover IA officer Juliet Ward discovers that the corrupt Commissioner Santana was planning to cover up his misdeeds by pinning everything on Shaw.

During the six months in which Andy and Nick are away, Sam moves on and enters into a relationship with her. She is well liked by everyone, but she and Andy end up in situations together as partners. The tension between them builds. It is later revealed that she is bipolar, and she tells Andy, who promises to keep her secret.

In episode 12 of season 4, Marlo's obsession with proving a man is a child molester causes her condition to take her over. When the man is attacked after Marlo confronted him, Andy tells Sam about Marlo being bi-polar and they try to hide her involvement in the case.

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Her job is on the line, after she may have caused something very tragic for 15 Division, and moves to a job as an analyst. When she is put on a case with 15 Division, there is some tension between her and Andy. It is revealed at the end of season five that she is pregnant with Sam's child. Their daughter is born at the end of Season 6. He is Andy's father. Formerly a homicide detective, he has a drinking problem.

His wife, Claire, abandoned him and Andy when she was a kid. In the first season, Andy tries to help him. He refuses at first but finally agrees after she gives him an ultimatum. In episode 11 of season 1, he becomes a murder suspect.

Swarek and Andy try to prove that he didn't do it, and they succeed. He appears in the season 6 finale, giving Andy away to Sam in their wedding. She is Andy's mother. She works in social services. She had an affair with a professor when Andy was a kid and asked her to leave with her, which Andy refused. Andy's father then gets custody of her and forbids Claire to talk to or visit her, as she was confused and hurt.

She comes back into her life during a work case, which reveals lots of contradictory emotions for both of them. He is a guns and gangs detective who seems to be always over the edge. He is the one who drags Swarek into undercover operations. He gets ticked off with Andy when she and Chris arrest a drug dealer who is part of an operation that he is running on the dark, which makes him look like a fool.

At the end of the second season, he recruits Andy, Traci and Dov to go on a little scavenger hunt to accumulate drugs and money. That ends with Andy running into Swarek, who is also on an undercover operation with a dangerous criminal, Jamie Brennan. Boyd is responsible for the cover up of Brennan's wife and daughter's murder, which puts Sam at risk as Boyd didn't create a proper cover story for Swarek. Appears from episodes 1 to 7 in the second season. She is a homicide detective.

She was engaged to Luke, as they were partnered together for three years before leaving to pursue a career opportunity that only one of them could take even though Luke wanted them to stay together. She comes back to 15 Division trying to get Luke back, just to find out he is with Andy now. This situation puts her in the middle of Luke and Andy's relationship. After Luke is shot, she convinces him to do a surveillance job in a hotel room, and they hook up in the end. While partnered with Andy, the truth comes out, and Andy calls off the engagement.

Luke asks her to leave because he wants to get Andy back. She is a bomb technician for ETF.

andy mcnally and nick collins relationship trust

She meets Dov when he is trapped by a bomb in a drug lab and saves him. On their first date she helps him solve a robbery bank case. In the beginning of season three it seems that they live together. Later on, Dov breaks up with her because of his feelings for the sister of the boy he shot.

andy mcnally and nick collins relationship trust

Appears for the first time in Season 4 Episode 7. She is a forensic pathologist who soon becomes one of Gail's closest friends and later girlfriend when they encounter during an investigation. Holly Stewart is a lesbian. At the end of season 4, Holly and Gail begin a tentative relationship. When they go meet Holly's friends in the third episode of season 5, Gail overhears a conversation with Holly and her friend which upsets her and causes her to leave.

After ignoring her calls, Gail has forgiven Holly, but she has moved on already. After some time, Holly gets back with Gail. But they broke up when she was accepted for a job in San Francisco. He took another long pull of his beer. Every passing minute was making him second guess what he felt for her and what knew about her.

When he'd walked in, he'd noticed Gail Peck sitting a little farther down the bar, doing roughly the same thing he was, minus the little velvet box. He knew she and Collins had a thing going on, but he didn't know why she was at the bar without him. As far as Sam knew, they were in good shape.

Unlike him and Andy. Finally deciding to see what was going on, he moved down to sit next to Gail. Sam nodded as he swallowed another gulp of beer. The alcohol was slowly beginning to wok its magic. He never drank to get drunk, but he was sure he would start if McNally didn't show up. They sat that way, staring at their drinks and ordering new ones, for another hour and a half. It was one thirty in the morning.

He knew she was right but he couldn't make himself say it. He thought he knew McNally, thought he knew everything about her, from the way she laughed to the way took on a challenge to the way she attacked her pancakes at breakfast. He'd tried to memorize every little part of her so that he knew she wasn't different or hurt when she finished a shift. He didn't worry as much that way. Which wasn't saying that much because he still worried a lot.

We need to move on. He watched her hail a cab to settle his instincts to protect and serve and fight off the effects of alcohol to do so. He sat there for another twenty minutes, not knowing what to do with himself. He glanced down at the little box in his hand.

He flipped open the top of the box with his thumb, looking down at the simple diamond set in white gold. He thought of all the reasons he'd bought the thing in the first place, of all the things he loved about Andy McNally. He snapped it shut, ending that chapter in his life.

andy mcnally and nick collins relationship trust

Tomorrow night, after he'd slept off the God awful hangover he planned on drinking himself into, he would take Gail's advice and begin to move on. She and Nick had found out from Frank they were definitely leaving that night. A few hours later, and they were in their cover apartment. The cameras, much like the ones Boyd had set up in Sam's cover apartment, could be turned off, but they were cautioned not to take too much time off the record.

Andy couldn't help but relive the hours she'd spent in his cover apartment as they toured their own. They were posing as a couple who were willing to do some dirty deeds to make some good cash, and the apartment was their sanctuary. They wouldn't be able to do everything they wanted, though.

andy mcnally and nick collins relationship trust

Sam said it was a lot of book reading. She had also grabbed a blank notebook and a pen, thinking it would be… therapeutic, maybe, to write down everything that happened and everything she was feeling. She knew she and Nick were going to be playing nefarious characters, so she knew she wasn't going to be comfortable with everything they had to do. Writing down could be a way she could get it all out.

You spent so much time in the army anything seems like a palace. But I can't blame him. He was doing what he thought was best. Sam wanted to meet me. She could say whatever she wanted about wanting to make a clean break and letting him move on, but deep down she knew she wouldn't have left if she had gone to see him.

He weakened her defenses. She looked over at him, studied the lines of his face, the short sandy brown hair, and the thick muscles of his upper body. She had a feeling she and Nick would become good friends over the course of the op. Undercover forced a bond, but she knew she and Nick would have more than just trust with each other; they would have friendship. She rested her head back against the couch and took a deep breath. The hard work would begin the next day. She and Nick were going to be acting like a couple for the first time when it really counted.

They were going to have to be convincing in front of one of the biggest drug lords in the country. She hoped they could pull it off.

andy mcnally and nick collins relationship trust

Nick gently urged her forward with his arm around her back, making it look like a gentle squeeze between lovers rather than the silent code between undercover cop coworkers. Yet they had to put aside their camaraderie and replace it with the sizzling chemistry expected of a couple as young and reckless as they were supposed to be. Nick leaned down and whispered in her ear, his breath warm against her skin, making her hairs stand on end.

This needed to go well, if they wanted the rest of their time undercover to go relatively smoothly. Three hours later, Andy "needed to go out and get more dip" and call their handler. She was about to leave when Nick pulled her down and whispered against her mouth, "Make it look real".

And then he laid his lips on hers. Of course, she thought. It made sense that they would kiss each other goodbye.

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What didn't make sense was how much she was enjoying it. His lips were soft and warm, moving against her mouth in a pleasant rhythm she couldn't help but respond to. Her eyelids fluttered shut and she ran her hands up his solid pecs. After what seemed like an hour, but was most likely about thirty seconds, he pulled back and pressed another kiss to the tip of her nose. It wasn't that long ago that Sam had ended things. She should still be grieving, not enjoying the sweet kisses of another man.

But damn, that had been a good kiss. It was strange, kissing Nick. She was so used to the way Sam's mouth moved, the stubble on his chin, and the feel of his shoulders under her hands. But kissing Nick had been good. It had been really good, in a different way.

Sam was rough, Nick was gentle. Sam was dark, Nick was light. They were opposites, but still managed to make her feel ridiculously good. She leaned against the side of the building outside and blew out a breath. Against her will, she felt a smile spreading over her face. He had made her feel good, without the complications Sam always managed to drag into their relationship.

There were no rules for Andy and Nick. She was not his training officer, and he was not undercover with Jamie Brennan while she snuck into his room and stayed there all night. So she might as well enjoy the feelings Nick's mouth gave her while she could, then move on and find someone to build a relationship with.

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Love had burned her twice recently, and she was ready to just have a little fun while she could. Nick was the perfect candidate for that. In the apartment, Nick was just as dazed as she was.