Boromir and aragorn relationship test

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boromir and aragorn relationship test

I hope you like quizzes about those super-cute guys from the Fellowship, 'cause this quiz is all about them Love and relationship quizzes -» Your celebrity lover tests -» Lord of the Rings LotR lover Stick with the remaining Fellowship members and cry for poor Boromir. Are you in love with Aragorn?. Bombdil was an unresolved character in relation to the rest of the .. In the end Boromir is Aragorn's test, not necessarily the ring itself. Aragorn. Aragorn goes to the top of Amon Hen, but sees only an eagle. He hears Orcs and Boromir's horn, and arrives to find Boromir propped against a.

There is no end the story of men, wizards, and magic rings. Now, you're going to get a chance to become a part of Middle-Earth. While we won't be sending you on a trip to New Zealand, you'll have an idea of how you'd fit in against characters like Aragorn, Legolas, and Saruman. Who are your favorite characters?

Let us know, and we'll tell you which Middle-Earth race you would be. After being given the Ring of Power, Frodo brought his trusty gardener along with him for the journey to Mordor. As you might expect, this adventure led to many instances of conflict. While the two have been friends for centuries, that came to an unfortunate end when the latter decided to serve Sauron. After that, the two were at war with each other, with Gandalf eventually gaining the upper hand.

That's why it was so exciting to see Gimli and Legolas become such good friends in The Lord of the Rings. The two would often compete in battle to see who could get the most kills.

boromir and aragorn relationship test

Both are deadly, but one is subservient to the other. Question 5 Aragorn Eomer Aragorn and Eomer are two men who rank highly in their cities. Eomer is captain of the Rohirrim in the land of Rohan while Aragorn is the heir to the throne of Gondor. One of them is a well-known rider while the other is a valiant ranger from the North. Question 6 Gollum Frodo As Frodo got closer to Mordor, he was tracked by a creature known as Gollum, who held the Ring for hundreds of years beforehand.

Gollum followed Frodo to try and get the Ring, and the two got caught in a struggle to save themselves while satisfying their desires. Question 7 The Witch King or Gothmog? The Witch King of Angmar and Gothmog. The two worked together to try and slay the people of Gondor, and they nearly succeeded.

The Witch King previously stabbed Frodo to get the Ring. Question 8 Arwen Aragorn A relationship between an immortal and a mortal is practically taboo in Middle-Earth. Nonetheless, Aragorn and Arwen had a passion that was worth dying for. She gave up her immortality to be with him, and they spent over one hundred years in each other's company.

Question 9 Treebeard Balrog On top of regular citizens, many powerful creatures inhabitant the land of Middle-Earth.

boromir and aragorn relationship test

Treebeard is the Ent who led the charge against Isengard in the Two Towers. The Balrog was an ancient evil who had been sleeping in Moria for centuries before nearly killing Gandalf.

He had two sons, Boromir, who led the armies of Gondor into battle; and Faramir, who was the captain of the Ithilien rangers. The two had very different ideas on how to live their lives, but they were still close. However, by the time the Fellowship of the Ring arrived there, Theoden had already been poisoned by Saruman the White. After noting that the sky was now covered in complete darkness, Faramir sent his company south to reinforce the garrison at Osgiliath while he and three others of his men rode to Minas Tirith directly.

The men, except Faramir, were unhorsed and it was the Captain, a master of both beasts and men, who was still horsed and rode back to aid the fallen.

boromir and aragorn relationship test

Denethor sent his remaining son to hold Western Osgiliath against the hosts of the Enemy that outnumbered their own greatly. But if I should return, think better of me! Faramir drew back to the Causeway Forts, in which many of the men were wounded or killed. Faramir decided to stay with the rearguard in order to make sure that the retreat over Pelennor Fields would not turn into a disaster.

Faramir was gravely wounded by a poisonous arrow during the retreat. Fortunately, Gandalf and Faramir's uncle, Prince Imrahil of Dol Amroth, rode to the aid of Faramir and the troops with hosts of cavalry.

Imrahil bore Faramir back to Denethor, telling him that his son had done great deeds. Despite the protests of the Hobbit, Pippin Took serving the steward in payment of Boromir's death that Faramir was still alive, Denethor continued with this madness and released him from his service.

Beregond, who loved his captain enough to abandon his post and risk his life protecting him, stopped the servants from lighting the pyre. Pippin returned with Gandalf, who intervened by taking Faramir off the pyre as Faramir moaned out to his father in his dreams.

Denethor took out a knife, trying to take Faramir back, but Beregond placed himself in front of Faramir. Seeing that he could not win, Denethor lit the pyre and laid himself down upon it, burning himself alive.

The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and Tolkien - The One Ring

When he awoke, Faramir immediately recognized Aragorn as his rightful King, therefore realizing that no proof was needed after all. He fulfilled her request to have her room look east to Mordor and asked her to talk with him at times. The Fellowshipespecially Aragorn, believed that there was more to the confrontation than Boromir was telling them, but Aragorn did not press the issue. Upon hearing of Frodo's predicament, the rest of the Fellowship, particularly the Hobbits, scattered in an ill-concieved attempt to find him.

Aragorn ordered Boromir to follow and look after Merry and Pippin while he took off after Sam.

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Boromir came to their aid and drove the orcs off, but more orcs came and Boromir was mortally wounded by many arrows. Aragorn found him dying under a tree, with Merry and Pippin gone. He stayed with Boromir until he died from his wounds.

boromir and aragorn relationship test

Afterwards, they sang the Lament for Boromir. Legacy Edit Boromir is seen in Denethor's vision Three days after Boromir's death, his brother Faramir saw his funeral boat passing down the Anduin.

boromir and aragorn relationship test

Men of Gondor found Boromir's horn, the Horn of Gondorbroken in twain, and brought it to his father. This drove Denethor to despair, and when compounded with Faramir's later seemingly-mortal wounding and his knowledge of Mordor's indomitable might, he lost his mind. Many, including Faramir, often lamented Boromir's passing as Sauron readied his forces to attack, noting that his loss would be keenly felt by Gondor on the field of battle.

Boromir won respect even from his enemies: Boromir was above all else exceedingly valiant and steadfast, and was held in great esteem by the fighting men of many nations.