Byakuya and yoruichi relationship test

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byakuya and yoruichi relationship test

Rumors spread about Ichigo and Rukia's relationship when they keep about to win, Byakuya Kuchiki steps in and deals him a fierce blow from his zanpakuto. Renji and Rukia did have a relationship which I always read as siblingly though, so it doesn't come out of nowhere. (Would have still preferred. Yoruichi may have been Byakuya's mentor on shunpo and enjoyed tormenting him by shoving her breasts in his just found her annoying and still does to this shizutetsu.infol normal relationship. i dont consider in anyway what yoruichi did a torture and also they both are from the.

Yes, yes, I know one could claim that he doth protest too much, but I feel that Byakuya genuinely cares about order and decorum. The idea of opposites being attracted to each other has some merit, but true opposites rarely if ever have anything other than passionate and extremely brief, or on-and-off relationships.

byakuya and yoruichi relationship test

Passion is great and all, but partners still need to be on the same wavelength. She was most likely taught that expressing emotions was a weakness, but more importantly, I can easily imagine that she was under constant scrutiny from her clan every waking hour.

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Even if she occasionally rebelled, she was still most likely never allowed to leave the estate without a retinue, not until she became a Shinigami. We learn from Yoruichi that Kisuke built the Training Grounds when they were very young and that they played in there every single day. Yoruichi herself tells Ichigo he is the first outsider ever brought into the Training Grounds which is technically true, since in TBTP the Visored were all unconscious at the time.

And this is why I feel that Yoruichi is a very private person. Any expression of affection is for her and her partner alone to witness. Glorifying her or demonizing her are, in my humble opinion, both massive misinterpretations of her character. Do not feel ashamed — it's quite common nowadays. I apologise for my previous statements. You are only weeks pregnant, Miss Yoruichi.

It is not fair to hold off such information. It is best you explain your situation, and advise them not to get too attached to the child until its father is confirmed. She wasn't telling anyone who didn't need to know. She hadn't even come to terms with the pregnancy herself. Many women recommend it. I'll be back in a few weeks. Yoruichi brushed her nutmeg skin in the bath.

It was like the warm water soaked her up in the spiced orange fragrance. She relaxed, inhaling the steam. He had to be.

byakuya and yoruichi relationship test

She had slept with him first and the dates seemed to add up. It was true — after Byakuya had annoyed her, she stopped seeing him for some time. Kisuke did comfort her for a few nights; the frequency of their meetings only increased after she officially ended things with Byakuya.

Yoruichi tossed the soapy water upon her face, her eyes burning. All this drama had occurred over a month ago, so it was difficult to retrace her steps. Why is it that of all the times to fall pregnant, it had to be under such circumstances? Her grandfather did warn her not to mess with boys.

Yoruichi imagined the spirits of the elders feasting at the news — she finally bore a Shihouin heir; one she had refused to give them. The clan would no longer be doomed. She didn't know why she was so desperate for Byakuya to be the father. To put it simply, he was a cold man.

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Yoruichi thought he could never teach the child its first steps, change nappies in the early hours of the morning or allow himself to be thrown up on. She couldn't see herself doing such tasks either. Though he adopted Rukia, Yoruichi was certain Byakuya wasn't the 'loving brother' type. Kisuke, however, would do all those things and more. He was already wonderful with Jinta and Ururu; he was funny, caring and a great friend. He would be a great dad too. Yoruichi sighed, spraying water on her chest.

It didn't matter that Kisuke was all of those things. At the end of the day, Byakuya would be able to provide for her child. And not that she cared, but Byakuya would entitle her baby to nobility. He or she would be able to have the best teachers and trainers — maybe even become a captain someday. Unlike her, Urahara was unable to regain a place back in the Soul Society.

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It wasn't like he could just waltz back into a palace and reclaim his title. The test would be just a formality. Yoruichi would suck up and tell Byakuya the truth — the edited truth.

byakuya and yoruichi relationship test

He was the most probable father of her child. He was the only person that needed to know. Byakuya had used all his willpower to arrive at the gates of the Shihouin estate. The men in black greeted him at the gates. All stand," a man exclaimed. The great gates widened. As Byakuya strolled along the path, he wondered what had made Yoruichi invite him to her manor — something she had not done for hundreds of years minus during their brief relationship — on such urgent matters.

He sensed her spiritual pressure as a dark-haired woman led him inside. It was strange - her spiritual pressure seemed corrupted, as if weld with an alien force. Only Ichigo had exerted spirit energy such as this when occupied by his inner hollow. Byakuya speculated what might be the cause. He almost laughed inwardly — Yoruichi would never do such a thing. Whatever the matter, she was undoubtedly out to waste his time.

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The woman slid the doors open, closing them behind him after he stepped into the room. Yoruichi had her hair up, sat quietly on a stool at the other end of the wall, looking out the window.