Calleigh and delko relationship quizzes

CSI: Miami - TV Guide Cracks Delko and Calleigh Romance Mystery

calleigh and delko relationship quizzes

John Heard played Calleigh's father, Kenwall 'Duke' Duquesne, in seasons one through three. at the crime scene, and she decided to end her relationship with Hanover. . Tim Speedle and Eric Delko were at the club to have some fun. When Calleigh, while working a case with Delko, crosses paths with she has expressed reservations based on past relationships gone sour. Emily Procter (Calleigh Duquesne) and Adam Rodriguez (Eric Delko) were left wondering if this means the end of their romantic relationship.

So how does a fan, who has followed this show for so long, say that they finally got their happy ending. Season 1 — flirting, more flirting.

No midnight tiptoe, a hug between friends and the season ends. Season 2 — again with the flirting, but it backs off a little when Hagen comes into the picture.

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Season 4 — Hagen kills himself, Peter betrays Calleigh, and she who shall remain nameless attempts to con Eric into parenthood. Season 5 — bring back the flirting, Eric almost dies, he figures out he has feelings for Calleigh…and Jake comes back.

Season 8 — After failed contract negotiations, Adam Rodriguez leaves the show. Season 9 — YAY! Eric is back full time. Calleigh loves him like family….

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Season 10 — The cold shoulder treatment continues, but slowly fades. A little bit of flirtyness comes between them. Calleigh falls in love with the North children, she adopts them. Eric offers to help her out, she decides its not a good idea.

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During an investigation inanother of her former love-interests surfaces: Unfortunately, she wrongly became convinced that Berkeley had become too enamored of his role in a weapons-dealing, drug-using motorcycle gang, and at one point Calleigh suspects he murdered his clean partner, Ken McCartney, though this assumption is later proved false.

Calleigh confronts Jake about some extra mimosas on their tab, upset that the extra drinks call her own sobriety into question.

She tells Jake that he may not be the right cop for her case, but Jake is the one who later exonerates her by finding the key piece of evidence. Calleigh and the others take turns at his bedside; she places her cross necklace in his hand to show how much she cares, and is scared for him while he is unconscious Eric is Roman Catholic. She is the first to talk to Eric after he wakes up, and the first to learn of his impaired memory when he asks for his months-dead sister Marisol.

Calleigh, not wishing to upset Eric in his critical condition by reminding him of her tragic murder, demurs for the time being. She is instrumental in discovering his shooter by her analysis of the bullet fragment recovered from Eric's head. Unfortunately, she discovers a small but critical error in his procedure, which almost allows a killer to escape justice.

Later, a depressed Delko declines to join her in the interview room, saying forlornly he came back to work too soon, even though he earlier provided critical insight to the case. Sympathetic, Calleigh allows him to sit out the interrogation. Eric appreciates that, and Calleigh appreciates being appreciated, at which point she surprises him by kissing him on the cheek. This comparison seems to please Eric. Later, Calleigh and Jake kiss, with Eric looking on jealously.

calleigh and delko relationship quizzes

Calleigh notices that Eric had seen the kiss - and his strained expression - and looks very guilty as she gets on the elevator. In the episode "Wolfe in Sheep's Clothing", Eric is seen waking up nude in Calleigh's bed and they share a bathroom as they get ready in the morning.

calleigh and delko relationship quizzes

As of Season 7, they are in a romantic relationship that they are keeping hidden from the rest of the team. In the Season 8 episode 14 "In the Wind", Calleigh and Eric are shown kissing passionately in bed in the early morning, Calleigh clad only in Eric's button-down shirt, before they both are interrupted by phone calls.

Further into Season 8, Calleigh is shown to have a key to Eric's apartment and their relationship seems to be serious. During the Season 8 finale "All Fall Down"Calleigh is unconscious on the floor and not breathing after someone leaks Halon gas into the lab. Eric comes in, finds her and tries to wake her up, but she doesn't respond. He picks her up and tries to exit the lab with her, but collapses in front of the elevator, unable to breathe due to the gas.

Horatio comes in and shoots out the window, bringing oxygen into the lab, thus reviving everyone. After a few moments, Calleigh wakes up. She visits Jesse's body who had died in the attack in the morgue and wishes him a safe trip before he's shipped to California for burial and joins the entire team on the basketball court for a game in his honor.

During Season 9, less attention has been paid to the romantic relationship between Calleigh and Eric, leaving it unclear as to whether they are still seeing each other. This may be due to Emily Procter's pregnancy, at which it was said that it wasn't going to be written in the series.

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In season 10 there is still less of a focus on her romantic relationships. Deciding to adopt the North children implies she wants to put her main focus on them. When Eric asks if she needed help with the adoption she declines because she feels their on and off relationship is not the right type of environment she wants the children exposed to.

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However, the romantic feelings are clearly present between the two of them. Other major events Calleigh is targeted by a murderer recently escaped from prison in the season 1 finale.

Despite the danger, she refuses to take herself off the case, much to John Hagen 's frustration. Calleigh herself brings the murderer into custody after she catches him at a gun store. Following Hagen's suicide in her lab at the end of season 3, Calleigh transfers out of ballistics briefly, only to return after she witnesses her successor's incompetence.

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