Cc and lelouch relationship

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cc and lelouch relationship

of the "definitive" answers I saw online in regards to questions like, "Do C.C. and Lelouch love each other?" and "What is their relationship?. CC definitely does, her character arc is about her becoming human . ignore the very unique relationship between Nunnally and Lelouch. With his strategic personality, it is safe to assume that Lelouch would find love in the love anyone romantically, but he definitely has a special connection with C.C.. Let's not forget those heartfelt scenes in the cave where Lelouch says C.C.'s .

An indispensable existence… though her sense of clothes is the worst. At times like this should I order pizza to feel better? It might be like a curse for her. No matter how deep her wounds are she would not die, an eternally young girl who cannot live in the same time as human. Sometimes there are parts of C. And yet she also tinkers with the kiss shared between Shirley and Lelouch.

Perhaps the real C. However, there is no doubt that C.

The fate he should live. His sins piled up, his dreams lost, his future closed.

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Still, the boy burns to ambition. He can not turn back. Only the girl knows everything. And so the boy and the girl became accomplices of the past and solitude.

7 Times Lelouch and CC Gave Us “Collywobbles” – Saranghae, Annie

Both the contract and the power of the king are different, each with its own intention. I was afraid that I was nothing more than a tool to end your eternal life.

But now I know your weakness that differs you from the nun, the Code bearer from your past; you are too kind. No matter where you go, even when your body is immortal, your heart is still that of human.


Whenever you make a contract, at first you have no feelings for your contractor. However after spending some time together with them, you change. As your heart longs for love the most, the girl longing for love would appear.

cc and lelouch relationship

You become confused, and finally come to conclusion: You are really an idiot. Then why make contract? How could you have feelings for the person you intended to use?

Do you think I fell for your cheap ploys? For being manipulated by you, do you think I would hate you?

cc and lelouch relationship

Then what should she do? That he, the man named Lelouch Lamperouge, would not stop running toward death. He chose this path on his own will. Do you remember your original color? Then Lelouch laughed softly. Surprisingly, Lelouch kept respecting the position of an accomplice. The next episode, he lured CC to meet him at an amusement park.

But unknown to her or probably not Mao was planning to murder her with a chainsaw at hand while telling her that he has a house in Australia and such and they could live there, just the two of them, peacefully as if a house in Australia would be enough to get the girl.

This couple does not kiss a lot, but when they do, a part of us die or is it just me? In episode 24 of the first season, CC admitted that she was kind of afraid. Because she was about to face the by then psycho Jeremiah Gottwald aka Orange. The latter then told her to not die as if she would.

Who would forget this scene?

cc and lelouch relationship

The moment he saw her hand bleeding, he immediately went to her and appease for what he did. In order to save him a few minutes and from the infuriating wrath and wig of Emperor Charles, CC transported Lelouch to her own memories wherein Lelouch saw some glimpse of her past.

7 Times Lelouch and CC Gave Us “Collywobbles”

There, Lelouch figured out her true wish which was to be loved. Also, there was an episode similar to this in R1 when Lelouch accidentally crept into her memories.

cc and lelouch relationship

This episode, I think, took place after Lelouch accidentally crept inside her head. CC was badly injured as she has gotten a real sharp stone stabbed in her chest while protecting Zero from Suzaku dang it Suzaku, lol.