Chad danforth and ryan evans relationship help

In Which Ryan is Oblivious, and Chad Gets His Man, a high school musical fanfic | FanFiction

chad danforth and ryan evans relationship help

Jan 20, In honor of the 10th anniversary, Corbin Bleu, Lucas Grabeel, and Monique And, of course, when we walked in, I couldn't help but have that energy "It was Ashley's mom who ended up making the connection," Bleu said. Chad + Ryan Pairing Chad + Ryan Kind of Pairing Friends Status Former Enemies/Friends Other Names Ryad + Chyan Chad Danforth and Ryan Evans didn't. Chyan is the slash ship between Chad Danforth and Ryan Evans from the High You can help the Shipping Wiki by expanding it. Status of Relationship.

They walked down to Starbucks together, talking about homework and college plans and which teams they thought might get into the World Series. Ryan just hoped Chad couldn't see how he fawned over the darker boy. Chad was smarter than Ryan had given him credit for, funny and sweet, and he liked to touch Ryan, a hand on his arm, flicking at his hat playfully, half-hugging him when Ryan said something particularly amusing. For a minute, Ryan allowed himself to pretend they were really dating.

Troy and Gabriella are having an off-week, and I don't think I can take another minute of his moping. Besides, we're friends, too, right?

He looked cute chewing on the end of his pencil, though. So you know how to do it on your own.

ryan evans x chad danforth

My math grade is crap. I keep expecting Cohen to just fail me and be done with it. And then I'd lose my spot on the team, and there goes college …" Chad looked up at Ryan. We can start after practice today.

Want to come by mine?

chad danforth and ryan evans relationship help

Ryan smiled back, though not as happily. If only it really were. I'd've thought you'd be all for cheerleaders. I'm a hopeless romantic under it all.

Peanut butter and banana pie," Chad said, dropping the paper bag in front of Ryan. Thought you'd like it. I saved it for you.


Missing a piece at lunch won't kill me. The minutes dragged by, and he just couldn't seem to focus on anything. His notes were nothing but a collection of scribbles and little hearts.

chad danforth and ryan evans relationship help

He and Chad were getting closer, and it wasn't helping Ryan get over his crush. They'd been hanging out together for almost a month, but Chad had never even mentioned an interest in theatre before.

She's taking her new boyfriend, and I think she expects me to take a date, too. I thought maybe you'd want to go with me. I know I won't be as interested or as smart as you or your sister, but …" "I'd love to go with you," Ryan whispered, ducking his head to hide his blush.

Chad smiled brilliantly at him. Maybe we can go out to dinner first, if Mom's not planning something already. Somewhere dressy, since Mom said it's tuxes only …" "Of course it's tuxes only," Ryan said.

Even if he couldn't have him as a boyfriend, he could still gain his mother's respect. Except for that tie. Doesn't your mom's date know how to do this? Hold these," Ryan said, shoving the bouquet into Chad's hands away and knotting the tie expertly.

I wanted to thank her for the tickets. What do I get? That's thanks enough, isn't it?

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Not as nice as flowers. Danforth came downstairs then in a breeze of perfume and pearls. He's just my friend, okay? He's way too cool to date me. Thank you for inviting me. Ryan smiled back shyly, heart pounding, mouth dry, and his palms were sweaty, but he wasn't going to let go first. He'd already seen Jersey Boys, but it was a thousand times better with Chad sitting beside him.

I'll see you Monday, right? He made it up to his room before he let himself think about it, and he smiled. Chad … liked him.

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Liked him like he liked Chad. That was the only explanation. But — and Ryan hated to think like this — what would this do to their relationship at school? Would Chad come out? Let Ryan hold his hand and kiss him and be romantic? Or would he still be the jock taking pity on the drama kid? There was a lot to think about, but he couldn't bring himself to worry too much. Chad had kissed him, after all. Maybe Chad hadn't meant it that way.

Maybe it had just been politeness. Was he supposed to pretend it hadn't happened? But then Chad was there, throwing an arm around his shoulders in the hall. A part of him had hoped that things would be different after the kiss. Chad looked at Ryan, half-frowning. Let's get to class. If I'm late once more, I'll get detention. Maybe things hadn't been too bad before the kiss, anyway.

But the relationship between Ryan and Kelsi started from the first episode and cycled through all three. He needs someone to be a couple with.

After definitely taking notice of Ryan's flamboyancy, in the end, whether Ryan is straight or not is left up to the viewer's interpretation.

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However, Ryan could also be metrosexual. Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment? Clumsy, unintelligent, and humble are some of the words that describe Ryan. Living a rather simple lifestyle, Ryan tends to miss the obvious, act somewhat childish and absent-minded, and gets confused very easily. As a result of these factors, Ryan is rather accident-prone and is an easy target for trouble.

Nevertheless, his blissfulness usually keeps him from any legitimate harm, as he tends to walk away from life-threatening danger with a smile and his signature warmness.

chad danforth and ryan evans relationship help

Ryan's blissfulness and optimism can sometimes blind him from the feelings of those around him, however, most notably Sharpay, who is often annoyed by his antics, as they typically receive the short end of the trouble that follows him around.