Claire and sylar relationship advice

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claire and sylar relationship advice

We've rounded up some of the best relationship advice and tips since we know love, sex, and friendship and, well, just about any relationship in your life can be . During the Union Wells Homecoming, Sylar arrives to kill the Following Peter's advice, Matt and Audrey bring Claire in for questioning. . While many fans are loyal to this relationship, several others protest due to the age. Why doesn't anyone ever write a story where Claire has the upper hand or where Sylar So my vision of Sylar is that he would draw the line at rape because there is no reason for it. . My advice would be to prompt it, or even write it. . pairing is because it's hard to justify Claire going willingly into a relationship with Sylar.

Having regained his abilities after the eclipse ended, Sylar expresses seeming remorse and then attacks Elle, using his telekinesis to scalp her. The next morning Sylar proceeds to cremate her body, receiving a call from Arthur about his absence.

Sylar curtly tells Arthur he is not returning and reveals he has a new list in the form of Elle's cell phone contact list. To ascertain the truth for himself, he kills Sue Landers, a human lie detector.

claire and sylar relationship advice

He then heads to Pinehearst to confront Arthur, stopping Peter and the Haitian from killing Arthur by freezing the bullet fired at Arthur's head. With both the Haitian and Arthur apparently weakened in attempting to overwhelm one another, Sylar asks Arthur if he is truly his father. Arthur says yes; Sylar detects the lie with Sue Landers' power and proceeds to drive the bullet into Arthur's head, killing him. He then leaves Peter and the Haitian, claiming they do not have anything he desires.

After locking everyone inside and killing the Primatech staff, he tells them over the PA system that he will turn them all into monsters as they try to hunt him. He then injects Meredith with adrenaline, causing her to lose control of her fire ability. She and Noah are then locked in a cell with a single bullet, so Noah will either burn to death or kill Meredith to survive. Claire wants to help, as Sylar expects, forcing her to choose between her grandmother and her father; Claire chooses her father, leaving Angela at Sylar's mercy.

He confronts Angela, and finds out that she was only using him for his monstrous qualities.


However, she also reveals that she knows who his real parents are, and that they are not the Grays. As Sylar demands to be told the truth, Claire stabs him in the back of the head with a piece of glass, which will prevent him from reviving as long as it remains in place. In the prison cell, Meredith finally loses full control of her power and releases a massive explosion. Primatech goes up in flames with Sylar still inside.

Fugitives[ edit ] Following the destruction of Primatech, Sylar is shown to be alive and well it's later revealed that the fire melted the glass, allowing him to regenerateand begins to search for his true biological parents. He starts by tracking down his adoptive father, Martin Gray, in Baltimore, making a stop in Pittsburgh to kill an insurance broker who could replicate his signature, and possibly learn the whereabouts of Martin.

Sylar learns that Martin had paid to take him off the hands of his supposed father, Samson Grayin order to escape his marriage with Virginia, Sylar's adoptive mother.

After interrogating Martin, Sylar raises his hand, and is about to kill Martin, but holds back and walks away.

After taking the address from Martin, Sylar finds Samson's home, only for it to be empty and Nathan Petrelli's agents waiting to ambush him. Although shot at, stunned and restrained, Sylar easily recovers and kills the agents, save one Agent Simmons, whom he tortures for information on Samson's disappearance.

In order to extract more information from Simmons, Sylar invades the house of Luke and Mary Campbell. Waiting for the two to return, Sylar telekinetically pins them, and states he intends to torture them to get Simmons to talk. He then proceeds to torture Mary. In a rage, Luke manages to free himself and boils Sylar's coffee with his own ability: Intrigued, Sylar begins to talk to Luke, telling him exactly why Luke has been in so much trouble, and that he understands Luke's frustration.

During this, Simmons frees himself from his bindings and tries to grab his gun to shoot Sylar, but Luke notices this and kills Simmons. Sylar proceeds to leave the house, taking Luke with him only after Luke states he knows where Samson is. As Sylar and Luke proceed to find Samson, Luke wishes to stop at some local diner to eat, as well as lying to Sylar about Samson's location when prodded.

This irritates Sylar to the point where he threatens to simply take Luke's emission ability. Luke simply states that Sylar would never find his father then. Choosing to stop at a diner, Luke reveals that he and Samson went birding, awakening a memory from Sylar's childhood.

As they eat, Sylar teaches Luke some lessons about using his power and having objectives, as well as revealing the change in his 'hunger' emphasizing finding Samson over acquiring powers. This results in Luke giving Sylar Samson's location, even under the threat of being killed for his power. They are soon interrupted by Nathan's agents.

Luke distracts the agents enough for Sylar to telekinetically toss a few around and punch a hole through a window. However, as he gets into the car, Sylar locks Luke out and drives off, leaving Luke to the agents.

However, a short time later, Sylar disguises as an agent and gets into their van, killing the agents and saving Luke, as well as taking a laptop. When confronted about this by Luke, Sylar states that Luke was simply conveniently nearby and that his goal was to get the laptop to understand how Nathan's agents worked, though Luke seems skeptical about that reasoning.

Continuing to elude Nathan's agents, Sylar and Luke finally lose them. Irritated with Luke's wish to fry some agents and subtle attempts to stop the search for Samson, Sylar pins Luke to the side of the truck, essentially telling Luke to shut up. Sylar then seems to remember the area in which the two are in, and they reach an abandoned diner. Sylar makes an entrance by pulling off some of the board throwing them in Luke's direction and they enter.

Here, Sylar recounts being brought to the diner as a child, and dropping a toy car in a wooden post. To prove this memory true, he rips open the post telekinetically and finds the car. He then remembers exactly what happened at that place: His father took money from Virginia and Martin, then left to his car.

Sylar followed, only to see his biological parents arguing, and Samson telekinetically splitting his mother's skull open, killing her. In a rage exacerbated by Luke's revelation that Sylar's father was indeed a bad individual, Sylar pins him to the diner wall, but drops him and tells Luke to go home. Sylar leaves, intent on not only finding, but killing his father. Arriving at a run-down trailer in the woods, Sylar finds his father old and dying of cancer.

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Samson is not frightened by Sylar's threat to kill and instead prepares a rabbit for taxidermy. Demonstrating several abilities, he and Sylar realize that they have the same ability - the ability to steal powers.

Samson reveals that it did not matter how many people he killed or how many powers he stole; in the end, he did not lead a fulfilling life and is now miserable. He claims to not even remember selling Sylar and killing his mother, as these things did not matter to him. He goes on to say how he would have lived life differently, if given a second chance - how he would risk everything to attain true power and ultimately change the world. He touches on Sylar's original guilt for murdering to steal abilities by mocking Sylar, telling him how both their victims were weak and helpless and that they had no chance against seasoned killers.

However, when Sylar cuts himself and heals while stuffing the rabbit, Samson transforms, reviving his hunger for abilities, desperate to gain immortality and escape from death. Temporarily incapacitating Sylar, he is stunned when Sylar first resists and then retaliates, strangling Samson with his own oxygen tube. Samson does not understand, since both he and Sylar know that Sylar would not die from Samson's "examination".

Sylar states that he is finishing what he came to do, taking the stuffed rabbit. Samson begs Sylar to kill him quickly, but Sylar refuses, relishing the fact that his father, who is ultimately just like him, will "die alone with his disease". Later, when Danko returns home to his apartment after discovering Nathan's ability, he finds the stuffed rabbit on his desk, unaware that Sylar is lurking in the shadows nearby.

Instead of a confrontation, however, Sylar chooses to leave, but not before stringing up an unconscious Eric Doyle in Danko 's apartment as a 'gift'. This 'gift' is explained further when Sylar surprises Danko in his car: He wishes to work with Danko in rounding up all superpowered humans, and quickly leaves before Danko can pull out his gun. To further win Danko's trust, Sylar decides to help Danko track a shapeshifter, James Martinwho managed to kill 4 of Danko's agents 3 via gunshot, and one murdered for his form.

At Martin's apartment, Danko surprises Sylar, and the two exchange taunts and information, resulting in Sylar and Danko teaming up for the time being.

claire and sylar relationship advice

Through their cooperation, the two find out that Martin takes forms of power and authority, in order to woo women at a local nightclub. At the club, Sylar and Danko are spotted by Martin in the form of Dankoand they lose track of him. A short time later, Danko and Sylar decide to leave the club; however, the 'Sylar' is actually Martin in disguise with the intention of killing Danko. However, Danko shoots Martin, but doesn't kill him.

Instead, he allows the real Sylar to take Martin's ability without removing the skullcap in order to not only make hunting superpowered humans easier for them, but to fake Sylar's death and keep people such as Noah Bennett from trying to track Sylar down.

Sylar, disguised as Danko, later meets Noah at Building 26 as Noah, unknowingly, examines Martin's body. Noah, knowing how hard it is to kill Sylar, doubts Danko could do it single-handedly.

When Sandra arrives to question Noah about Claire, Sylar shakes her hand in introduction, gaining access to her form. Wanting to destroy Noah, he later visits Noah at Noah's apartment, in disguise as Sandra. He delivers divorce papers, stating that he Sandra cannot trust Noah anymore and that their marriage is over. Noah is distraught but, upon examining the signature on the forms, discovers that it is not Sandra's. Rushing to the crematorium, Noah stops the cremation of Martin's body. He removes the metal shard in the back of the corpse's head, telling the surrounding soldiers that when Sylar was stabbed with a glass shard before, it melted in the Primatech fire allowing him to regenerate.

When the corpse does not regenerate, Noah returns to Danko and confronts him with the knowledge that Sylar is still alive. Danko confesses and tells Noah that Sylar is in disguise and out on a mission with other soldiers.

Noah forces Danko to take him to Sylar and, when they arrive, shoots the soldier Danko identifies as Sylar in the back of the head. When the corpse continues to bleed out and does not heal, Danko orders his men to capture Noah, who Danko claims has gone insane. However, when the soldiers leave in pursuit, the corpse gets up and shifts back into Sylar.

When Danko asks him how he survived while bleeding so much, Sylar says it was all to make his death look realistic. As Sylar continues to shapeshift, he finds it is harder and harder to regain his form without side effects, including left over body parts like teeth. He also retains personality traits and memories of those he changes into, causing him to go through a literal "identity crisis". When Danko tells him that he needs to leave his "Sylar" identity behind to retain his free pass, Sylar kills the next target on Danko's list, Tom Millerand takes his power.

Further examining the shapeshifting ability, Sylar realizes he is actually absorbing different DNA sequences into his body, causing him to permanently change a little each time he shifts. When Sylar starts to shapeshift in his sleep, Danko tells him he has to find an anchor that will remind him of who he is. To that effect, Sylar, as one of Danko's agents, retrieves the evidence from the homicide of his mother, Virginia Gray.

While examining her collection of snow globes, Sylar unknowingly shapeshifts into his mother and begins to have a conversation with himself, showing acute symptoms of dissociative identity disorder. He at first does not realize what is happening and talks to his mother about his encounter with Samson, why his mother lied to Sylar about his lineage, and how he is starting to lose himself. He, as his mother, tries to convince himself that he did not mean to kill her and that he is still special.

Danko interrupts when his agents track down Rebel. Sylar gets to Rebel Micah Sanders before Danko's agents do and prepares to kill him and take his power. Micah, however, reveals that he understands what Sylar is going through because his mother, Niki Sanders, endured the same thing when her power manifested. Convinced that Sylar is special and the only one capable of saving those with powers, Micah convinces Sylar to join his cause.

Sylar, disguised as Micah, tricks Danko and his agents into chasing the wrong person, allowing Micah to escape. Sylar, again talking with "his mother", reveals that her murder was no accident but "Virginia" forgives Sylar anyway, convinced that he can still be whomever he wants to be, including the President.

He later appears, as Nathan, at a press conference concerning new plans for change he has for the country and how he soon plans to meet with the President and "shake his hand".

Realizing what Sylar is trying to do, Nathan returns to DC from Coyote Sands and confronts Sylar, who reveals he has examined Nathan's life in depth using clairsentience. Expressing pity and determined to become better than Nathan, Sylar prepares to take Nathan's ability when Danko appears and stuns Nathan. Attempting to salvage his operation, Danko orders Sylar to shift back into one of his agents so they can continue hunting specials. When Sylar refuses, Danko stabs him in the back of the head with a knife.

However, Sylar recovers, having used his shapeshifting ability to relocate his weak spot. After framing Danko for the murder of an agent, he takes on Nathan's form and goes to meet the President with Claire in tow.

When she discovers the truth, he controls her using the power which he had empathically absorbed from Eric Doyle and talks about how similar they are, both being adopted and both having the ability to live forever, proposing that, given enough time, Claire might come to forgive him and even love him.

However, Peter and Nathan then confront him, and in the battle Sylar and Nathan fly out of a window and into another room. Sylar subsequently kills Nathan after empathically absorbing his power during the fight and takes on the form of the President's Chief of Staff.

However, the President injects him with an elephant tranquilizer, and reveals himself to be Peter, having absorbed Sylar's ability during the fight. In an effort to shut down the program, Angela convinces Matt Parkman to use his telepathy to convince Sylar that he is Nathan, Matt using Angela's memories of Nathan's life to essentially 'plant' Nathan in Sylar's head, his shape-shifting power allowing him to assume Nathan's form while his clairsentience will allow him to subconsciously use objects around him to 'fill in the blanks'.

Sylar, as Nathan, talks to the President and convinces him to shut down Building 26 and divert the funds to the new Company that will now be built. Memory loss[ edit ] Six weeks later, this Nathan starts to rediscover the other powers he had gained in his old life. Later, following Nathan's confession of being involved in the accidental death of his girlfriend Kelly Houston, her mother, Millie Houston, has him shot and buried in a shallow grave. When healed, Sylar emerges from the ground in his own body, suffering from amnesia.

Picked up by the police, he is recognized and accidentally uses his powers to escape. He then encounters the "Sullivan Bros. Carnival" and Samuelwho take him in as one of their own. The carnival is hidden from Sylar's pursuers, and Samuel assures him he is safe in his new "home".

Once Sylar has rested, Samuel proceeds to show him around the circus, showing that everyone at the carnival has an ability. Sylar also meets Lydiawho he immediately hits it off with. Edgarhowever, jealously attempts to outshow Sylar with his power, but is easily beaten. Samuel also notices that Sylar's memories are not his in fact, Nathan Petrelli's. He's just gotten inside when he freezes, realizing he just walked in on two people fooling around.

However, it's not so much that two people are obliviously making out that's gotten to him. It's the fact that it's Peter on the counter, jacket off and pants undone, with Gabriel pressed between his legs, in a similar disheveled manner.

He coughs loudly and the love birds whip around quickly to see who the intruder was. Peter begins to flush profusely and Gabriel just arches an eyebrow, as if to say, yeah, what of it? The next morning, Peter approaches a slightly hung over Hesam in the locker room. In fact, according to guy etiquette, I'm actually supposed to congratulate you for getting some.

So," He claps a hand on the other man's shoulder, "Congratulations. I know you've been pining after Emma for a while. You're a good guy, and you two are cute together.

claire and sylar relationship advice

Time to go to work. Luke had no idea that the man he once looked up to as a mentor preferred the company of dark eyed brunettes with stupid bangs and a penchant for wearing all black.

Really, he pegged him for the blonde, crazy type. Well, actually, he wasn't too off on that one. For whatever reason he had ran into Sylar again after he graduated from high school, and was slightly disappointed to find out that the older man was trying to find him to fucking apologize, which by the way, is totally not hardcore. But he was looking for someplace to stay for a while, get away from his mom, and apparently there was a couch with his name on it back at Sylar's.

Well, where Sylar was staying, anyway. That's when he meets Peter Petrelli, a guy he's read about in the papers, first for being a Senator's brother, then for going missing, and finally, for being some sort of local hero. In person, Peter doesn't seem all that special.

Especially not with that stupid hair cut. But the guy grows on him, what with his subtle sense of humor and love of comic books. Plus, he's literally almost the nicest guy Luke has ever met. Although honestly he knew that the two of them were fucking. They shared a bedroom and sometimes, Luke would catch Peter wearing a pair of Sylar's pants. He could always tell because Peter would have to roll up the bottoms.

It was almost endearing, in a way. What he had no idea, really, was that one day he'd come home from work he'd gotten a job to start saving money for college, which Peter had somehow convinced him to go to and overhear the two of them practically snuggling in the kitchen.

He didn't mean to just stand there and creep on them like some sort of pervert, but it's not like they were sucking each other's dicks or anything. Well, not yet, anyway. In fact, Peter was sitting on the kitchen table with his feet on one of the chairs, and he had a cup of coffee in one hand while the other was occupied in tangling itself in Sylar's hair.

He still had his uniform on, which means he had just gotten home from work. Sylar had one hand on either side of the seated man's hips and was busily planting light kisses on Peter's neck. Or smother me in my sleep. Or God knows what other schemes you can come up with. Fortunately, the way Sylar's posture changes makes him close his mouth and lean in to hear better.

Luke wonders if Sylar is going to say it back but the way the two of them are now kissing and groping each other, he would suppose that the other man does mean it back. He quietly counts off a minute in his head before turning around, opening the front door, and slamming it shut.

When he walks into the kitchen, the two of them are sitting opposite at the table, coffee mugs in hand and looking as impeccable as ever. Noah Bennett considers himself to be a retired man. Even with the sudden popularity of his daughter and the suspicious acceptance of specials in the world, he tries his best to keep a level head.

But, when his old friend Angela Petrelli gives him a call and asks him to investigate some things for her, he has to think it over for a full minute before saying no.

It's not until the next day when he gets a call from a very disturbed sounding Matt Parkman that he decides maybe a little bit of investigating is in order, after all. He starts at the hospital where Peter works.

When he's sure Peter is elsewhere, he carefully advances on the pretty blonde sitting at the desk, ear buds in ears. He remembers her from the carnival and knows she cannot hear, but he carefully approaches the desk and moves his hand to get her attention. She must recognize him, because she smiles and looks up. I was wondering if I can ask you some things? When he's done, she just stares back with an amused expression.

It's her, Peter, and some guy with a beard. He vaguely recalls the other man to be Hesam, Peter's driver, and he decides to see if he might have a word with him. Noah manages to catch up with Hesam when he leaves the hospital that night, jacket buttoned up tight against the nighttime chill.

Peter always said she was crazy. Peter is your friend, and there's a very good chance that the man he's living with is dangerous. That man couldn't hurt a fly. Well, unless that fly was trying to hurt Peter. Then I think he'd kill the fly and dump its body in the Hudson. Hiros Future Hiro and Peter are still on the subway train.

Hiro tells Peter that he doesn't have a lot of time, since he's risking a rift just being there. He tells Peter the message: He also tells Peter that when Hiro calls, Peter needs to tell Hiro where to meet.

Later, Peter heads to Isaac's studio. Peter receives Hiro's call, and tells Hiro that there is a message for him. Better Halves Peter delivers his message to Hiro and Ando. He tells them, "Save the cheerleader, save the world. Peter tells them about " Future Hiro " and that he was told to save the cheerleader. Peter tells the men from Tokyo to get to New York so they can find the cheerleader together, and then their conversation ends.