Dronacharya and arjuna relationship quiz

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dronacharya and arjuna relationship quiz

Quiz on Indian epic, Mahabharatham. I became an archer of exceptional skill, greater than Drona's best pupil, Arjuna. I learnt archery infront. Test your knowledge on this religion quiz to see how you do and compare your score to others. The brother of Draupadi born to kill Drona. The second teacher of the Pandavas and Kauravas who was humiliated by Drupada. Bhagavad-Gita study guide contains literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a Arjuna. Arjuna is the central figure of the Gita. He is Krishna's Drona is the general of the Kaurava army who fights against Arjuna and . Introduction to Bhagavad-Gita · Relationship to Other Books.

Drona also scolded the rest that they were not ready to save their teacher except Arjuna. Thus Drona proudly declared that Arjuna was his favourite and pet student. Out of all of the great kings and other Kaurava princes, only Arjuna are able to do the established challenge.

The test is to lift, string, and fire Pinakin to pierce the eye of a golden fish whilst only looking at its reflection; Drupada had designed this test with Arjuna in mind. All Kings including Karna and Shalya failed to string the bow and got defeated in task. Later Karna attacked Arjuna out of jealousy but Arjuna easily defeated him then Karna asked about his real identity, Arjuna smiled and said that he is brahmin then Karna praised him by comparing him with Lord Vishnu. Arjuna threatened to kill Karna which made Karna flee from battlefield.

When the brothers returned with Draupadi, Pandavas joked to his mother that they had brought alms. Dismissively, and without looking because she was preoccupied, Kunti asks him to share it with his brothers.

Holding his mother's orders as a divine command, he requested his elder brother to accept Draupadi. Draupadi had to marry all five of the Pandavas.

Her five sons, one from each of the Pandava brothers, are known as the Upapandavas. Srutakarma is the son of Arjuna. At this point in the Mahabharata, the Pandavas revealed that they were alive. With both Duryodhana and Yudhishthira being crown princestensions are high. Under Bhishma's advice, the kingdom is split, with the Kauravas getting Hastinapur and the Pandavas getting Khandavaprastha.

Khandavaprastha, however, was an extremely underdeveloped land and had infertile soilrequiring extensive tillingso the Pandavas set to work rebuilding the land by burning thousand acre of forest.

Their cousins Krishna and Balarama helped them. According to Lord Shiva, Nara and Lord Vishnu holds the whole universe and incarnates in every Yuga to end the evil and establish righteousness. The love of Lord Krishna for Arjuna is evident from Adi Parva where after the fight in Khandava forest instead of asking any weapon or power Lord Krishna asked Indra that his friendship with Arjuna will remain forever when the latter asked Lord Krishna to ask for a boon.

He even said that nobody in the whole world is dearer to him than Arjuna and he can sacrifice anything including his sons, wives and citizens just for the sake of Arjuna.

During his final conversation with his father Vasudeva he told him that he wants Arjuna to perform his last rights and also said that Lord Krishna is Arjuna and Arjuna is Lord Krishna. Such was the greatness of Arjuna that the supreme god Lord Krishna was ready to sacrifice anything for him.

In any case, Khandavaprastha was where Arjuna and Krishna's friendship is truly forged. Agni was in great hunger and needed to burn down the entire Khandava Vana to quench his hunger. But Takshakathe serpent-king lived in the same forest and was a friend of Indra 's. So the latter brought down heavy rains to thwart Agni's plans to burn the woods. Agni requested Krishna and Arjuna to help him realise his goal.

The three of them then invoked Varunathe God of the oceanswho blessed Arjuna with the Gandiva — the agni-moon bow created by Brahma. In this way, Arjuna came into possession of his famous bow.

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Agni also gave Arjuna an incandescent chariot with four horses yoked, and bearing a flag that would one-day be occupied by celestial apes of Vishwkarma. Arjuna also obtained his famous conch. Indra's pride in Arjuna's success overcame his anger, and he bestowed greater powers on him.

At last all gods, demons and snakes got defeated by Arjuna at this Khandava war. Saving Mayasura Sri Krishna tells Mayasura to build a palace. In their demolition of Khandava, Krishna and Arjuna had saved one demon, Mayasura to build their palace. As Mayasura was a great architect of the Asurashe soon constructed the Maya assembly hall — a gigantic palace for the Pandavas, filled with ancient books, artifacts, and jewels.

This hall was famous for visual illusions. Thus, Khandavaprastha was renamed Indraprastha. Despite the understanding of all and being forgiven by both Yudhishthira and Draupadi, Arjuna accepted the punishment agreed with Narada and set off on a twelve - year tirtha-yatra. According to Narada, Arjuna must retire to forest and pass his days as Brahmacharin so Arjuna retired to forest for 12 years.

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Ulupi at Nagaloka One day Arjuna was taking bath in nearby Ganga river flow. Suddenly a current in the river pulled down Arjuna. He fell through regions and reached a place. As soon as he opened eyes, he saw a beautiful woman standing in front of him.

The woman introduced herself as Ulupi -the princess of Nagaloka. She also told Arjuna that the current was created by her in order to drag Arjuna to her land because she loved Arjuna very much as Arjuna was the greatest archer and extreme handsome person.

Arjuna explained his situation. Ulupi told him that she knew everything. Soon Ulupi married Arjuna and he set-out to finish his pilgrimage.

A son, namely Iravan was produced as the union of Arjuna and Ulupi. He reached the palace of Manipur. The king accepted Arjuna's proposal because Arjuna was extremely handsome, intelligent and attractive. According to customs of Manipura the son of the princess would become the King of Manipura.

Soon a son was born to them namely Babruvahana. Meeting Hanuman Arjuna, after covering various shrines, arrived at Rameshwaram in the south. An age ago, Rama had established a Shivalinga here, seeking the blessings of Shiva before commencing his journey to Lanka to rescue his wife Sita. His army of monkeys and bears had constructed a bridge of stones and trees across the vast ocean.

Arjuna gazed at the remains of this bridge that had survived. A thought struck him and he wondered aloud, "Why on Earth did a great archer like Rama have to rely on creatures like monkeys and bears to build a bridge? Why couldn't he have instead bridged the distance with arrows? Then, a small monkey who had been following the company for quite some distance replied Arjuna that Stalwarts like SugreevaNalaNeelaAngada and Hanuman adorned their ranks.

No bridge of arrows could have withstood their weight. The monkey added "Why, no bridge of arrows could even withstand my weight, puny as I am! I shall lay down a bridge of arrows. I am willing to burn myself if it fails to bear your weight. Arjuna, taking the aid of his famed quiver of inexhaustible arrows, laid down a bridge across the ocean. The monkey jumped onto it and no sooner had he walked ten paces than the bridge collapsed.

Arjuna helped the monkey out of the water and asked for another attempt. Arjuna constructed another bridge, this time laying his arrows closer to each other, and asked the monkey to try again. The monkey set out on the bridge in the direction of the island of Lanka yet again but the bridge collapsed. Arjuna was ashamed of himself.

dronacharya and arjuna relationship quiz

Not wasting any more time, he prepared a pyre and was about to step into it and give up his life, in accordance with the terms of the wager when a youth held him back and stopped him. I do not wish to continue with this life now that I have faced such great shame", replied Arjuna.

dronacharya and arjuna relationship quiz

The boy was aghast. Who was there to see if the challenger was playing fair? A contest without a judge is meaningless. Pray construct another bridge and this time, I shall be the judge. Infused with some confidence, Arjuna built a third bridge, using every bit of his ingenuity. Try crossing it now", he said to the monkey.

The monkey happily obliged. He walked on, but the bridge was still solid. There he was beheld by the beauty of a beautiful apsara called Ghritachi who had come there to bathe. The sage was overcome by desire, which caused him to produce semen involuntarily out of the visual excitation. Like Drona himself, Kripi and her brother had not been gestated in a womb, but outside the human body.

However, by the time he was approached by Drona, Parasurama only had his weapons left to give away. Remembering a childhood promise given by Drupadahe decided to approach him to ask for help. However, King Drupada refused to even acknowledge their friendship, saying friendship was possible only between persons of equal stature in life.

He uproots his family and begins wandering Northern India. While at Hastinapurhe comes across the Kuru princes at play, and is able to use his abilities to help the princes solve some of their problems.


Amazed, the princes go to their patriarch Bhisma with news of this magician. Bhishma instantly realized that this was Drona, and asked him to become the Guru of the Kuru princes, training them in advanced military arts. Many princes came to study under him. Arjuna, the favourite pupil[ edit ] The test of Dronacharya Of all the Kaurava and Pandava brothers training under Drona, Arjuna emerged as the most dedicated, hard-working and most naturally talented of them all, exceeding even Drona's own son Ashwatthama.

Arjuna assiduously served his teacher, who was greatly impressed by his devoted pupil. Arjuna surpassed Drona's expectations in numerous challenges. When Arjuna, inspired by his brother Bhima's nocturnal eating, mastered archery in absolute darkness, Drona was moved.

Drona was greatly impressed by Arjuna's concentration, determination, and drive, and promised him that he would become the greatest archer on earth. Drona gave Arjuna special knowledge of the divine Astras. Drona dearly loved his son Ashwatthama and as a guru, he loved Arjuna more than anyone. Treatment of Ekalavya[ edit ] Ekalavya[ edit ] A strong criticism of Dronacharya springs from his behavior towards Ekalavya and his strong bias in favor of Arjuna.

Ekalavya began study and practice by himself, having fashioned a clay image of Dronacharya. Solely by his determination, Ekalavya became a warrior of exceptional prowess. One day, kuru princes' dog's barking disturbed a focused Ekalavya. Without looking, Ekalavya fired arrows that sealed up the dog's mouth without spilling any blood of dog or causing any injury to the dog.

The Kuru princes saw this dog running back to them, and wondered who could have done such a feat.

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They saw Ekalavya, who announced himself as a pupil of Drona. Every person saw his skill in shutting the dog's mouth. But Drona had given promise that Arjun will be the greatest archer ever in the world,so he demanded Eklavya his right hand thumb as fee of being teacher.

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March Learn how and when to remove this template message On completing their training, Dronacharya asked all his students as guru dakshina to capture Drupada and bring him to him, after getting on their floats and equipping themselves. All of his students manage to capture Drupada along with his counselors and bring them in front of Drona.

Dronacharya took half of Drupada's kingdom, thus becoming his equal. He forgave Drupada for his misdeeds, but Drupada desired revenge. Sword of Drona[ edit ] Drona held the invincible sword of Lord Brahma. Bhishma once told the story of this sword to Pandava prince Nakula. On this day Drona, their mentor and military expert, organized a competition to test their concentration. Across a stream, Drona set up a small wooden bird in a tree. Today I want to see who among you can strike the eye of that wooden bird across the river.

Had they not already felled great beasts on their hunts before? How could this small bird pose such a challenge? Anxiously, each one of the young princes waited for Drona to call their names.

Yudhisthira, the oldest among the Pandavas, was called upon first. Taking position by his teacher, he crouched slightly and drew his bowstring taut.

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Wanting to be thorough, Yudhisthira began to list off everything that met his eyes. I can see the leaves moving and even more birds sitting on the same tree.

I can see the stream, the grass, other trees, the sky The next boy was called forward and asked the same question by Drona. He gave a similar answer, naming everything he could see.