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egalitarian relationship feminist therapy and multiculturalism

Feminist Therapy Introduction Feminist therapy puts gender and power at than ' true' nature) Flexible-multicultural - Uses concepts/strategies that apply working toward establishing egalitarian relationships, and actively. women, since many of the techniques and strategies of feminist therapy are periences made it critical that we integrate multicultural and feminist sues: managing multiple roles, negotiating dual-career and egalitarian relationships, cop-. Aug 21, Feminist Therapy Introduction Feminist therapy puts gender and power at than ' true' nature) Flexible-multicultural - Uses concepts/strategies that apply working toward establishing egalitarian relationships, and actively.

It was a picture of him in a line-up with five other people. He carefully pointed out that he was standing next to the Lieutenant Governor of Oregon. I teased him because there were no pictures of him and the actual governor.

Like many year-old boys immersed in the dominant U. Learning to deal more effectively with sadness, grief, and anger within the context of a repressive emotional environment. Coming to an understanding that his beliefs and views of emotional expression were not in his best interest, but instead, foisted upon him by toxic cultural attitudes about how boys and men should experience and express emotion. Developing trust and confidence in himself—despite not having a father figure or a mother who could provide him and his sisters with a consistently safe and stable home environment.

Interventions Feminist therapists are technically eclectic; they use a wide range of interventions imbedded in an egalitarian and mutually empathic relationship: Encouraging Josh to speak freely and openly about his life experiences. Empathic listening with intermittent focusing on more tender emotions, depending on how much of this Josh was willing or able to tolerate.

Therapist self-disclosure and modeling. As Josh and I looked at photos together, I responded with interest and enthusiasm. Her name is Sharice; her mentor was getting the same award as my mentor. I danced with her.

Feminist Therapy Chapter 12.

Finally, I decided to break the avoidance pattern. I recognized this strategy—a surefire way avoid crying in public. An upward gaze constricts the tear ducts; tears cannot flow. I cautiously probed a bit more by sharing more of what I knew. She told me that she got pretty caught up in some housing project. Some punk developer is gonna build three houses.

Three houses at the end of our street.

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This is no big deal. She chained herself up to a tractor to stop them from building a house.

egalitarian relationship feminist therapy and multiculturalism

She was totally nuts. So I told her she had a choice. She was being a shit for a mom. So I just gave her a choice. She tried to buy a Mercedes and a Volvo over the phone. So I called the cops.

Feminist therapy

And the woman asked ME what to do. Socialist feminists share with radical feminists the goal of societal change. Postmodern feminists provide a model for critiquing the value of other traditional and feminist approaches, addressing the issue of what constitutes reality and proposing multiple truths as opposed to a single truth. Women of color feminists believe it is essential that feminist theory be broadened and made more inclusive.

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Lesbian feminists share commonalities with many aspects of radical feminism. Global-international feminists take a worldwide perspective and seek to understand the ways in which racism, sexism, economics, and classism affect women in different countries.

Androcentric theory -uses male orientated constructs to draw conclusions about human nature Gendercentric theories -propose two separate paths of development for women and men. Ethnocentric theories -assume that the facts pertaining to human development and interaction are similar across races, cultures, and nations.

Intrapsychic orientation -attributes behavior to intrapsychic causes, which often results in blaming the victim. Determinism -assumes that present personality patterns and behavior are fixed at an early stage of development.

egalitarian relationship feminist therapy and multiculturalism

Flexible-multicultural theory-uses concepts and strategies that apply equally to both individuals and groups regardless of age, race, culture, gender, ability, class, or sexual orientation. Interactionist theories-contain concepts sepcific to the thinking, feeling, and behaving dimensions of human experience and account for contextual and environmental factors. Life-span perspective- assumes that human development is a lifelong process and that personality patterns and behavioral changes can occur at any time rather than being fixed during early childhood.

Girls play with dolls, boys play with trucks Psychological differences between men and women are due to the fact that women are the primary caretakers who raise the kids By identifying with mothers who sacrifice their own desires and goals to serve the family, girls reduce their capacity for autonomy and independence.

Boys model the aggressive, power-seeking nature of adult males and thus reduce their capacity for the expression of empathy and certain emotions. Many of the techniques of feminist therapy foster mutuality, relational capacities, and growth in connection.

Gender schema theory provides another perspective on the development of women…the gender schema is an organized set of mental associations people use to interpret what they see.

egalitarian relationship feminist therapy and multiculturalism

Feminist therapists teach their clients that uncritical acceptance of traditional roles can greatly restrict their range of freedom to define the kind of person they want to be. They can also experience mutual behavioral characteristics such as accepting themselves as being both dependent and independent at different times, being interdependent, giving to others and being open to receiving, thinking, feeling, and being tender and tough.

These principles are interrelated and have a great deal of overlap. The ultimate goal of feminist therapy is to create the kind of society where sexism and other forms of discrimination and oppression are no longer a reality.

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The therapist strives for transformation, for both the client and society as a whole. Through the empowerment, clients are able to free themselves from the constraints of their gender-role socialization and to challenge ongoing institutional oppression. Feminists share common ground with existential therapists who emphasize therapy as a shared journey.

Also believe the process should be nonhierarchical, person-to-person relationship, and aim to empower clients to live according to their own values and to rely on an internal locus of control in determining what is right for them. It is important to give voice to their experiencing.

Therapists do not restrict their practice to women clients; they also work with men, couples, families, and children. The therapeutic relationship is a partnership, and the client will be the expert in determining what he needs and wants from therapy. Therapists clearly state their values to reduce the chance of value imposition.