Eliezer and his fathers relationship in night by elie

The Relationship between Eliezer and his Father [Sample]

eliezer and his fathers relationship in night by elie

The first primary example of father-son relationships occurs early in the novel, In this tragic scene of Night, Elie and his father are moving from. pages in the book Night by Elie Wiesel. In the beginning of the novel, Eliezer and his father have virtually no relationship at all. Free Essay: Throughout Night, the bond that Eliezer has with his father Chlomo passes through a rocky course, but eventually becomes stronger due to the.

Instead it was never developed. As the Wiesel family is rounded up and loaded into cattle cars, Elie begins to see his father as someone important that he does not want to lose.

Men to the right. He could have gone with his mother and children, but instead he decides to stay with his father who otherwise would have been alone.

eliezer and his fathers relationship in night by elie

This consequential decision ties the two together for the remainder of the book. Over the course of this time in the concentration camps, Elie goes through rollercoasters of emotion regarding his father. At times Chlomo is his life line; the only reason Elie does not give up and die.

At other times Elie feels that his father is a burden.

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Elie feels at times that his father is pulling him down, not out of lack of affection, but that the concentration camp is such a place it required him to concern himself with his own survival only. At times his father physically saves Elie from death; in turn Elie saves his father several times from the fate of death.

eliezer and his fathers relationship in night by elie

Wiesel is haunted by this experience. It is with great bravery that he entails this account so that he bears witness to the horrors of the Holocaust with the hope that no other son will ever have to experience a situation with his father with this kind of magnitude.

The story of a boy from Sighet who through the brutal experience of the Holocaust comes to value his father most of all.

eliezer and his fathers relationship in night by elie

Wiesel details father-son relationships to show how natural, loving bonds deteriorate when individuals are faced with intolerable situations. For instance, Wiesel narrates an anecdote where a prisoner murders his father for a taste of bread, thus demonstrating the breakdown of humanity in the face of cruelty Wiesel, who fears he will resort to this type of violence, clings to his father in an effort to maintain humanity.

Wiesel and his father, Chlomo, endured the Auschwitz camps from late May, until mid-January, The first primary example of father-son relationships occurs early in the novel, during the first days at Auschwitz.

Their relationship is strained but soon it changes as their circumstances change. Once the two are taken to a concentration camp along with many others their relationship, begin to become close.

The reason for the change is the loss of the rest of their family members, and they are only left with each other. The horrendous days and the atrocious treatment they receive at camp Auschwitz bring them closer as they learn to depend on one another for their mere survival.

They develop a strong connection, and support one another as they go through hard times in the camp.

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For instance, while at the camp after his father is deemed too weak to work and taken to the side of those to go the crematorium Eliezer runs to him and in the confusion that ensue both slip back to the safe side. Eliezer has learned to depend on his father and will do anything to keep him by his side. He even prays to God despite of his loss of faith in a God who seems quiet in the midst of their suffering the prisoners are going through in the camp, for the strength never to leave his father as he had sons do to their fathers.

Father and son strive to survive for the sake of one another as none can imagine how life would be for the other if they died. Eliezer protects his father and does not sacrifice him for his own survival as so many sons had done to their sons for their own survival.

However, as days pass by he starts to feel some resentment toward his father especially when he is unable to protect himself from the cruelty of the guards instead of pitying him. Moreover, towards the end of the book on their way to Buchenwald, his father becomes very weak and cannot move maybe because of fatigue or lose of hope.