Evangelion rei and shinji relationship

Why a Shinji-Rei Relationship won't work

evangelion rei and shinji relationship

Mar 25, Overview. Shinji and Rei's relationship is not a physical one by any means, but is somewhat complicated to explain, and differs between the. Aug 28, Prior to Shinji's arrival, Rei was the only pilot at NERV's Tokyo-3 installation; likewise, prior to her transfer, Asuka's relationship with Rei Ayanami is strained. That said, I don't disagree that the relationship between Shinji and Rei is highly psychoanalytical. I think it's much more complicated than a.

But back on topic. Would Rei and Shinji, if left to their own devices, make a good couple? Do their personalities allow for this? Is there anything in the show that strongly or even subtly alludes to this as a possibility? Does Rei like Shinji like that? Does Shinji like Rei like that? And if they don't now, could it happen in the future disregarding 3I which, as we know, kind of breaks everything? Up until episode 23, those two were on their way to becoming soulmates, romantic or otherwise.

I felt that whatever bond they were forming was transcending any sense of a normal relationship to a true spiritual connection. I'm sure it was mostly just initial shock, and once he takes the time to realize it's still Rei either way, he'd grow to accept her again.

evangelion rei and shinji relationship

She took the phrase "I'll give you the world" and actually did it. YES Rei is a Clone,but shes a hybrid, making her part another species other than human. Lilith is the mother of all mankind, and NERV even calls her a human. I think Rei can be a good couple for Shinji, I suppose she could be uber loyal to him as she was to gendo, maybe more.

Maybe she'd get some initiiative, to be better for him, shed study other human girils, search the web, etc.

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Later in the episode, she generates an external A. Field which is as strong as Kaworu's. In a pseudo-hallucinatory scene in episode 25, "Gendo" tells "Rei" that the day of Third Impact is the day for which she was created.

evangelion rei and shinji relationship

In The End of Evangelion, she plays an important role in Third Impact, although not in the fashion that was intended by Gendo. Rei is shown spending unknown lengths of time in an LCL -filled tube underneath a structure resembling a giant brain in the Dummy System room, the reasons for which are not revealed.

The circular wall of this room is originally depicted as being covered with DNA sequences, but near the end of the series, it is revealed to be an LCL-filled tank in which dozens of soulless clones of Rei are held.

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The clones are said by Ritsuko to be the cores of the dummy plugs; she also refers to them as "spare parts" and later as "vessels" for Rei. The movie pamphlet and volume 11 of the manga states she can be replaced entirely, with her soul being transferred to a new clone body every time she dies, although her memory becomes muddled with each transfer. Other supporting evidence in the anime include her earlier line that "if I die, I can be replaced.

evangelion rei and shinji relationship

While they are the same character, these different incarnations are commonly referred to as "Rei I," "Rei II," and "Rei III," after episodes and musical pieces with the same names. In episode 23, the controller that Ritsuko uses to destroy the clones lists numbered clones from "Rei " and upwards.

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Rei I was the very first incarnation, and was murdered by Naoko Akagi in as shown in Episode Rei II is introduced in the first episode and appears in the most episodes of the incarnations.

She dies when she sacrifices herself and Unit to destroy Armisael in episode In the final episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion, the audience is introduced to a pseudo-hallucinatory alternate reality. Here Rei's personality is completely different, and her behavior is more "normal" for example, she shows embarrassment and anger when she thinks Shinji looked up her skirt, in stark contrast to her emotionless reaction to the incident with Shinji in Episode The Evangelion spin-off manga Neon Genesis Evangelion: