Focus on results process and relationship

The Best Leaders Focus on Results and Relationships - PeopleResults

focus on results process and relationship

Performance Minded: works to achieve a valuable, strategic process to get Has strong relationship-building skills; Demonstrates flexible approaches to projects Results focused employees may find problems within a process but don't. But a single-minded focus on results, and consequent inattention to how the work For example, the "process" and "relationship" dimensions are often leading. Apr 20, Most small business owners focus primarily on their processes, but f you ask supply chain management, client relationship management, etc.

The Best Leaders Focus on Results and Relationships

Have you figured out how to measure progress toward these results? Making sure to define what you will do together can help people who care about results to stay engaged and excited about your work.

focus on results process and relationship

Process — How are we going to work together? For some of your partners, the process may be their top priority.

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Deciding how to work together—no matter how formally or informally—will help set expectations, avoid confusion and allow people to engage effectively and efficiently. Considerations for local coordinating groups: Your perspective or organization may have you used to working with partners in a certain defined way.

Maybe you work for a fire department that is used to working with mutual aid agreements, or with a federal agency that works through agreements and grants or a non-profit that builds coalitions. Relationships — How are we going to relate to each other?

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At the heart of a resilient community are the connections among community members. The relationships that allow us to receive help, share knowledge, offer support and give resources are a critical part of what make us resilient.

Local coordinating groups, in all their forms, are one of the forums that can help us build relationships. Nurturing the relationships among participants is critical, so that when the time comes they will call on each other. Your coordinating group members are not just the entities they represent; they are people, and fostering genuine interaction and caring among them will make your community more resilient.

focus on results process and relationship

However, as we strive for long-term FAC resilience it will serve us well to invest in each of these dimensions of success. Leaders will find that a deep grounding in RPR also helps them navigate the ebbs and flows of role changes, promotions, or new responsibilities. RPR lays out the principles to consider when you are taking on a new leadership responsibility in the organization as I have just done.

The Chair of the Board must be a strong partner to executive management in holding to the values, vision and mission of the company at the same time the Board holds management accountable for business results.

focus on results process and relationship

The Board will help our management to assure that company business goals and objectives are clear and measurable. This role entails more than just setting the agenda and leading board meetings.

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It requires actively reaching out to management, employees and stakeholders to inquire and engage. It requires more listening than telling, and a firm commitment to objectivity, strategic focus and role clarity.

Facilitative Leadership: Balancing the Dimensions of Success

Our decision-making processes need to be constantly clarified for those impacted by Board decisions. Collaborate with company management, sales and marketing and our tremendous consultants and service delivery people, to help nurture strong and lasting relationships across the company, and with key customers and other stakeholders our partners, bank, distributors.

focus on results process and relationship

This implies a level of transparency that will stimulate mutual trust and respect among all stakeholders. The practice of balancing focus on all three dimensions of RPR is as demanding as any other leadership practice. Having a simple and easy model to remember helps, but it still requires constant attention and effort.

focus on results process and relationship