Foster brother and sister relationship manga

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foster brother and sister relationship manga

A page for describing BigBrotherInstinct: Anime & Manga. Not only the siblings in question are villains and brothers (instead of brother and sister), but the one .. The Daughter of Twenty Faces: The relationship between Ken and Chiko becomes this very quickly. .. He is also fiercely protective of his foster brother Elliot. This can also be foreshadowing for such a relationship, as many shows usually She ignores it until the end of the manga when he proposes in the middle of her Technically they are adoptive siblings, but they are not related by blood at all, .. Lyanna Stark, who was the younger sister of Robert's foster-brother Ned. Hey guys, I'm looking for some nice manga that feature siblings incestuous love ( or implied incestuous relationship). I do realize that we have.

And when poor Tito shows up Flayed AliveYuri promptly declares vengeance on the hired grunt who did it, as well as on the queen for ordering it. When they learn aout his death and wrongly are told that it was entirely Yuri's fault, they immediately begin planning how to have Yuri killed to avenge him. Once Yuri's innocence is proved, the three pledge themselves to Yuri and redirect their loyalties to her. Hadi has this for her younger sisters as well as Yuri herself. When she finds out that Kikkuri was sleeping with both of the twins and knocked one of them up, she coolly makes sure that he intends to look after both of her sisters.

And at one point, when Kail goes insane at the thought of Yuri leaving him and tries to rape her, Hadi is too frightened to intervene At that point, Hadi works up the courage to go into Kail's bedroom and beg him to stop and let Yuri go, even though Kail could easily order her to be harshly punished if not executed for it.

Not Blood Siblings

Area no Kishi features a very touching, yet tragic case. When the Aizawa brothers get hit by a truck, Suguru's first response was to jump in front of Kakeru to protect him from the impact.

As a result, he received the most damage and he donated his heart to his brother for a transplant. Gender-flipped with Mikasa and her adoptive brother, Eren. She is fiercely protective of him after he saves her life and takes her into his familyand he complains frequently about it. Eren himself reciprocates this, at least to some extent. His protective feelings towards Mikasa are symbolized by her red scarf, which he gave her after rescuing her from the criminals who killed her parents.

It's made more explicit when the two are at the mercy of a horde of Titans, and it looks like they're about to die; Mikasa tearfully thanks Eren for wrapping the scarf around her, and Eren responds that she doesn't need to thank him for that, and that he'd do it as many times as necessary. Both Eren and Mikasa display this tendency towards their weaker friend, Armin. Eren also seems to develop this for Historia later on. Eddie shows up and turns off the power completely, which puts the room in darkness.

Zack sends Ray across the maze to find the power switch while he slows Eddie down using only his instinct, and if possible, kill him. Ray successfully finds the power switch before Eddie can catch up to her and turns the light on.

Eddie, now without the darkness to help him escape, is powerless against Zack, resulting with Zack killing the boy. Zack then throws his body down the hole of a big grave that was meant for Ray, and blocks the hole with the gravestone.

foster brother and sister relationship manga

On the back of the gravestone, there's a switch for powering the elevator. Ray pushes the switch and activates the elevator. They then ride the elevator which leads them to the next B3. During the ride, Ray asks Zack if she is being useful to him, and Zack replies that she's a little bit useful.

Episode 2 B3 Zack asks if Ray can pick up the lock. Upon entering the B3 floor, the duo is already facing a problem of a locked iron barred barrier. Zack asked if Ray can open the lock using her needle, but to his disappointment, she can't. However, flying bullets immediately take Ray and Zack by surprise.

Fortunately, Zack is fast enough to pull Ray out of the way of bullets before it could hit them. The floor master, Cathy, introduces herself from the communication room while observing them through cameras and takes instant fascination for Zack whom she views as an exemplary sinner, much to Zack's annoyance.

Cathy reveals that they can only continue unless they can continue from one door to another by passing the punishments she has prepared for them, which consisted of electrocution, poison gas, syringe, and gatling guns. At the electrocution punishment, Zack becomes impatient after Ray couldn't find anything that could help them out of the room, leading him to accidentally sits on electric chair the only chair without occupants in the room that usually used as death penalty for prisoner through electrocution.

Cathy electrocuted Zack until to the highest level continuously while Ray tries to find a way to stop the electrocution. Fortunately, Ray managed to stop the electrocution on time by cutting off the head of the dummies placed there, saving Zack. Zack accidentally breaks the keycard.

At the room filled with poisonous gas, Zack gives Ray the mask as he thinks she needs it more than him, but Ray refuses and both agrees to trade the mask when they need it. However, after seeing Ray forces herself and is close to lose her consciousness, Zack breaks the mask and help Ray to a hold of herself, allowing her to find the keycard that'll help them escape the room.

As Ray is already too weak to move, Zack enter the keycard himself, but he enter it the wrong way, causing the card to break. Without any choice left, Ray forms a new way out, though she was unsure herself this would work. Since they were dying anyway, Zack urges Ray to go through with her plan.

By using batteries and wires available there, Ray resorts to blow up the whole room by using the gas itself since it was flammable, something that Zack was not fond of. For that reason, Ray and Zack took their chances by hiding inside a big safe until the whole room explode, opening the door out.

foster brother and sister relationship manga

Zack tells Ray to rest. On their way to the next room, Ray is still worn out due to the gas, slowing down their walk. Zack refuses to go ahead of her because he needs her, so they decides to take a rest at the corner where the camera won't see them. While waiting for Ray who falls asleep, Zack is starting to get irked by Ray's behaviour who despite being smart is acting like an emotionless doll. This in turn makes Zack wonders why he is so bothered by it.

The aftereffect of the gas then got the better of him, causing Zack to lose his consciousness and falls asleep as well. While sleeping, he starts dreaming about his childhood when he was still treated as a tool at the orphanage, angering Zack when he wakes up. Zack questions Ray what will happen if she dies.

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Reaching the next room, Cathy offers Zack and Ray a chance to live eternal imprisonment, which Zack flat-out refuses. Zack's mood worsened when Cathy taunts them by pointing out the fact that both he and Ray are using each other as tools, once again reminding Zack of his past at the orphanage. The reminder causes Zack to take offence at Ray's suggestions to avoid traps that he takes as her ordering him.

Zack is further frustrated when they are faced with a choice of injecting two syringes one contains strong possibly lethal dose at the same time to get to the next stage.

Zack refuses to play into Cathy's hand, but also disagrees with Ray suggestion that she'll inject them both to herself since she may die and he won't be able to get out. He then questions Ray what will happen if either of them dies, but Ray doesn't know herself of the answer. Zack decides to take both injections. Seeing Ray seemingly willing to take a risk of dying despite having already promised to help him get out of the building and be killed by him, Zack distastefully admits that Cathy is right about them using each other as tools for their own goals regardless of how they view one another.

At this time, he also realized that the reason Ray's behaviour constantly annoys him is because she reminds him of his old self who always did exactly as the orphanage caretakers told him without question.

Refusing to be used by both Cahty and Ray and putting their escape from the building as the first priority, Zack decided to inject both syringes into himself while ignoring Ray's objection. Zack tells Ray not to get killed by him. After injecting the syringes, the strong dose triggered Zack's past memory when he first killed that consequently also strengthen his urge to kill.

When he and Ray were in the same room again, Zack exclaims how he wants to kill so badly that it's driving him insane, pointing his scythe at Ray. For a moment, Zack almost momentarily lost to his urge to kill, but is able to barely hold himself back after Ray's voice that questions his true wish reached him. Recalling his own vow that he would never lie ever since he first killed people, Zack pleads to Ray not to be killed by him as he has promised that he will kill her only after they get out of the building, not wanting to become a liar that he hates.

Zack cuts his own stomach. Following Zack's plea, Ray tries her best to escape from him while he is chasing after her until they end up in a huge room with a few gatling guns pointing at them. Before Zack could kill her, one of the gatling guns grazed his arm, stopping Zack.

Cathy then finally reveals herself, giving Ray a chance to fight against Zack by giving her a gun. Zack tells her to make a shot while he is still able to hold himself back from killing her, but Ray refuses because she doesn't want to follow what Cathy wants them to do. Ray firmly tells Zack that neither she nor him are tools like Cathy said they are, and whether kill or to be killed, they were the ones who decide it. Hearing Ray's answer allows Zack to momentarily regain himself, impressed by her words.

Not wanting to kill Ray while she still has a boring expression and then get killed by Cathy, Zack resorts to use the reflection of his smile on the blade of his scythe to make himself cut his own stomach, deeming it as the best option.

Despite the bleeding, Zack is still alive. This causes Cathy's attention to focus on him and gives Ray the opportunity to shoot Cathy with her own hidden gun. With her guard down, Zack stands up and cut off Cathy's right arm that is holding the gatling controller before she could shoot Ray, allowing Zack to kill her for good. Zack collapses from his wound. With Cathy dead, Ray finally could safely approach Zack and asks him if he cut his own stomach because he feels happy as he claimed to be.

Zack replies that he thought it was the best option so that he didn't need to kill Racher nor being killed by Cathy before laughing in delight at how Cathy was taken by surprise by Ray's shot that gave him the chance to kill her. Zack then readies to head to the next floor, causing Ray to worry as he is still injured, but Zack tells her to worry about herself more. While at the elevator, Zack asks Ray how she ends up at the building and how she got her gun. Finding about that she has the gun all along after she witnessed a murder, Zack asks why she didn't use it earlier, but Ray simply repeated what she said before: She then breaks up the wedding, and they eventually get married.

Bakuen Campus Guardress Marmalade Boyalthough Yuu does find some circumstantial evidence suggesting that they are blood siblings, and quickly breaks up with Miki, gets the hell out of town, and leaves them both to suffer.

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They finally conclude that they still love each other and want to get married, but their parents reveal that no, it was just a misunderstanding. The original proposed ending would have found them as siblings after all. Love Hina introduced the hitherto unmentioned Kanako, Keitaro's quasi-adopted sister. Ironically Keitaro is the only character who never rationalizes Kanako as being 'fair game', while Naru ends up taking his role of clumsy awkward relationship handler for a period of time because she does.

Tetsuya and Jun from Great Mazinger were two orphans taken in by Kenzo Kabuto and were raised together. Technically they are adoptive siblings, but they are not related by blood at all, so no one bats one eyelash regarding their ongoing Belligerent Sexual Tension. In Hot GimmickHatsumi is unaware for a large portion of the series that her brother Shinogu is adopted.

foster brother and sister relationship manga

Shinogu, however, is aware and even moves out of their family's apartment as part of a plan to make Hatsumi see him as more than a brother. His compassionate nature also arguably makes him a preferable match for Hatsumi, compared to her Jerkass boyfriend Ryoki.

In the first episode of the comedic Hentai series Nageki no Kenkou Yuurouji distributed in North America under the title F 3 Frantic Frustrated And Femalemain character Hiroe has a lot of sex with her older sister Mayaka, and as the episode ends it appears their mother Yayoi is about to join in. Starting with the second episode, though, recurring subtitles insist altogether-too-earnestly that Mayaka is actually a neighboring college student and Yayoi is in fact their landlady -- so earnestly that the entire thing ends up with a wink-wink-nudge-nudge air.

This has sometimes been blamed by fans on bowlderizationwhen in fact that's how the Japanese version goes. Similarly, the first episode of the hentai Sex Exchange features a character-voiced disclaimer saying, "There are two pairs of siblings in this show, but they're not related by blood.

For the record, Sayaka is his cousin, and Mai was adopted. Nanoha's own serieswhich barely shows Kyouya instead of giving him a lead role, doesn't even mention this. Although this too was abandoned in the third season when Chrono married his childhood friend, Amy. The accompanying StrikerS manga has them repeatedly state that they are technically adopted siblings Unlike other non-blood siblings, they had never met prior to StrikerS, and had no pre-existing sibling relationships they even begin on a Last-Name Basis.

Hiro and Karada in Asatte no Houkou ; not taken to a romantic end, but still important to the plot. Has the heck spoofed out of it in Ninin ga Shinobuden a. Ninja Nonsensewhere one of the main characters, a yellow Pac-Man-esque anthropomorphic football who is really a Ninja Elder refers to this particular trope and, being a pervert, has a particular high esteem.

Technically, they are half-siblings since their fathers aren't the same person. In fact, Rei doesn't have a father at all unless you count the female Lilith as one. Shortly before that scene, Shinji even lampshades this by stating that Rei and Yui smell the same.

Of course, her being a human-Angel hybrid makes their relationship both incest and Interspecies Romance. You Can Squick Now. Inverted in Revolutionary Girl Utena: Turns out Touga is her brother. They were both adopted. Kai and Saya from Blood Pluswhere it is pretty obvious from early on in the series that Kai would hit that like the fist of an angry god.

Nobody seems to find this at all strange. Well, when one considers that she was only "adopted" a couple years ago ie after Kai had hit puberty and looked like a teen girl already, it's not so strange. Code Geass played with this in one of its many Sound Episodes. Shirley goes through a series of Imagine Spots in which her attempts to ask Lelouch out go spectacularly wrong. In one of the imaginary sequences, his Ill Girl little sister Nunnally enters the scene and says that they'll be late for the wedding; as Shirley recoils in shock, the pair claim that they're Not Blood Siblings, so it's okay.

Played with in Chapter in the To Love Ru manga with Rito's younger sister, Mikan, "revealing" to Rito that she's not related to him by blood in an unexpected moment of sweetness. Of course, she was just doing it to mess with her older brother And then revisited with a megaton-sized blast of Ship Tease in the entirety of chapter It's played out that the remarrying parents expected their two children to get together and get married, and they do.

Mahou Sensei Negima plays with this one in a rather subtle manner. Kotaro lives in Natsumi's room under the pretense of being her little brother. Guess who seems to be acting in a rather Tsundere fashion towards him lately?

Decreasing in subtlety over time, unless you count the fact that the "little brother" ruse hasn't been mentioned for a long time. Completely inverted in Koi Kazewhere Koshiro and Nanoka develop an attraction for each other and then find out they are blood siblings who haven't seen each other in 10 years. The story revolves around how they cope -- or not -- with the fact that they can't get over their feelings for each other. In fact, Koi Kaze uses the documented phenomenon of "genetic sexual attraction" as a factor in Koshiro and Nanoka's interactions.

Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka hints at this with some Plot-Based Voice Cancellationadding a considerable cop out factor to an already frustrating ending. Interesting variation in the manga Boku no Futatsu no Tsubasa when Hiromi gratuitously reminds Makoto after a lot of borderline incestuous behavior that they aren't blood cousins, it foreshadows the reveal that Hiromi's adoptive mother is Makoto's biological mother, meaning they aren't blood sisters, either.

In the Okazaki Tsuguo manga Justythe titular character has two of this sort of sisters the older one "adopted" him when she found him as a lone child, and then he "adopts" the younger after he kills her criminal ESPer fatherand they both have crushes on him. Justy ends up romantically involved with the older one, Jerna.

And he continues calling her "neesan," even when they're nude and postcoital in bed together. In one of the few non-romantic angles, in One Piece it is revealed that Ace and Luffy aren't biological brothers.

Ace is actually the son of Gold Roger. Not that such things stop them from treating each other as true siblings, such as facing incredible risks to protect one another.

The two have another "brother," Sabo, who was killed by the Celestial Dragons while trying to go out to sea. According to Ace, sharing a drink makes people brothers. Like the above, Toshiro Hitsugaya and Momo Hinamori from Bleach aren't a romantic couple although a good chunk of the fandom believes otherwisebut they were raised together and treat each other as actual siblings.

Hitsugaya, however, is just a liiiiiittle bit overprotective of Hinamoribut that's an entirely different trope you're dealing with. Shuusuke is determined to treat Nao like a sister and nothing else, despite him totally having the hots for her. Nao, on the other hand, is actually slightly disappointed to find out that they're Not Blood Siblings, because it makes their attraction to each other less taboo.

None of the Elmore kids in Psyren are blood-related. Probably why Fredrica and Marie is one of the most common pairings. Cherry Juice features a boy and girl of the same age becoming step siblings as young children, who eventually grow to have the hots for each other as teenagers. Their relationship is supported by both the girl's friends and her grandmother, who does everything she can to get the two together. The manga, Me and My Brotherstakes great pains to remind the reader nearly every chapter that the heroine is in fact not blood-related to the titular brothers, despite the also-incessant reminders that they are all family and that Sakura is their "little sister.

I want a manga where siblings fall in love?

In ROD the TV Michelle, Maggie, and Anita are "sisters in law" rather than actual sisters, though this is more for plot reasons than pairing them together.

The main plot of Akuma de Sourou ; Takeru and Kayano's parents are engaged when they begin their relationship, so understandably they Kayano goes to great lengths to keep it secret.

Some people in universe accept it, and others don't.

Honey works:brother and sister love

Never stated outright in Axis Powers Hetaliabut the amount of Ship Tease between characters that aren't technically related by blood is astounding, as adoptive older brother figures tend to later become possible Love Interests in fans' eyes, at least.

And because this universe is rather unclear about how exactly countries are "born," fans can and do decide whether or not certain couples are incest based on their preferences.

foster brother and sister relationship manga

Averted with Norway and Iceland - the latter's "DNA testing results" archaeological excavation prove that they are, in fact, related. Manga scenarist Shirodaira Kyou apparently loves playing with this. A variation in The Record of a Fallen Vampire: Akabara's adopted daughter fell in love with him, though he still sees her as his little girl. As a bonus, Akabara later married her half-sister. In SpiralAyumu is strongly hinted in the anime and confirmed in the manga to be in love with his sister-in-law.

Inverted with Kousuke and Ryoukowho have blatant Ship Tease much before we learn in the manga only that they're actually half-siblings -- but they've always known it, and though they've been raised apart, it has always been an obstacle to their relationship. They eventually do make it to Official Couple status. Mawaru Penguindrum has two instances of these: In episode 19, it is been revealed that Himari is not Kanba and Shouma's blood sister; she is actually a girl rescued from the child broiler and was adopted into Kanba and Shouma's family.

In the next episode, this is also revealed Kanba is not really Shouma's blood brother as well. Then provides a surprise aversion: Kanba and Masako are Half-Identical Twins.

Guess Masako is into half-twincest? Vampire Game has Laphiji and Seilez, although, as Ishtar has said, the family's so inbred everyone's practically married to their siblings anyways.