Gimli and legolas relationship quizzes

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gimli and legolas relationship quizzes

What kind of relationship would you (or your OC!) have with the Prince A platonic relationship? Familial relationshi. Legolas, Quizzes, Lotr,. More information. Famously portrayed by Orlando Bloom in the film trilogy, Legolas serves as a core member of the Fellowship, mainly traveling with Gimli and. That's why it was so exciting to see Gimli and Legolas become such A relationship between an immortal and a mortal is practically taboo in.

While we won't be sending you on a trip to New Zealand, you'll have an idea of how you'd fit in against characters like Aragorn, Legolas, and Saruman.

gimli and legolas relationship quizzes

Who are your favorite characters? Let us know, and we'll tell you which Middle-Earth race you would be.

gimli and legolas relationship quizzes

After being given the Ring of Power, Frodo brought his trusty gardener along with him for the journey to Mordor. As you might expect, this adventure led to many instances of conflict. While the two have been friends for centuries, that came to an unfortunate end when the latter decided to serve Sauron.

After that, the two were at war with each other, with Gandalf eventually gaining the upper hand. That's why it was so exciting to see Gimli and Legolas become such good friends in The Lord of the Rings.

gimli and legolas relationship quizzes

The two would often compete in battle to see who could get the most kills. Both are deadly, but one is subservient to the other. Question 5 Aragorn Eomer Aragorn and Eomer are two men who rank highly in their cities. Eomer is captain of the Rohirrim in the land of Rohan while Aragorn is the heir to the throne of Gondor.

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One of them is a well-known rider while the other is a valiant ranger from the North. Question 6 Gollum Frodo As Frodo got closer to Mordor, he was tracked by a creature known as Gollum, who held the Ring for hundreds of years beforehand. Gollum followed Frodo to try and get the Ring, and the two got caught in a struggle to save themselves while satisfying their desires.

Question 7 The Witch King or Gothmog? The Witch King of Angmar and Gothmog.

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The two worked together to try and slay the people of Gondor, and they nearly succeeded. The Witch King previously stabbed Frodo to get the Ring. Question 8 Arwen Aragorn A relationship between an immortal and a mortal is practically taboo in Middle-Earth. Nonetheless, Aragorn and Arwen had a passion that was worth dying for. She gave up her immortality to be with him, and they spent over one hundred years in each other's company.

Question 9 Treebeard Balrog On top of regular citizens, many powerful creatures inhabitant the land of Middle-Earth. Treebeard is the Ent who led the charge against Isengard in the Two Towers.

gimli and legolas relationship quizzes

The Balrog was an ancient evil who had been sleeping in Moria for centuries before nearly killing Gandalf. He had two sons, Boromir, who led the armies of Gondor into battle; and Faramir, who was the captain of the Ithilien rangers. The two had very different ideas on how to live their lives, but they were still close. However, by the time the Fellowship of the Ring arrived there, Theoden had already been poisoned by Saruman the White.

It led him to banish his relative, Eomer, along with the rest of his riders. Luckily, they would return to save the day. At the beginning of the Quest to help Frodo get the Ring to Mordor, Legolas and Gimli have little to do with each other. They each perform their individual functions and their minor plotlines are centered around the journey and Frodo.

gimli and legolas relationship quizzes

Legolas helps worsen matters by his suggestion that only the Dwarf should be blindfolded, pointing his people out as the sole enemy among a company of five different races. Gimli takes the first step, without knowing it. He looks on the Elf he had declared in ignorance to be an evil witch and finds in someone so utterly different from all he has ever known something to love, respect, and honor.

His response of sheer devotion and gallantry to Galadriel starts to break down the wall he and Legolas built up between them, and Legolas rises to meet him. What was the character's name? Question 16 What is the name of the shortcut Gollum takes Frodo and Sam through? Gollum tells the Hobbits that Orcs don't know about, or even use this secret route.

While making the journey through this location, Frodo slips into the water and is almost consumed by ghostly looking corpses before then being rescued by Gollum. Do you remember the name of the treacherous route they cut through? Question 17 Who tosses Gimli at Helms Deep? Legolas Boromir Gandalf In the Fellowship of the Ring, Gimli informs Legolas that "nobody tosses a Dwarf" before then proceeding to make an extremely far jump. Following the moment, the pair then jokingly exchange words as Gimli makes him vow never to tell anyone about the moment.

But which member of the Fellowship was the one that threw Gimli? Merry Frodo Sam After being captured by the Uruk-Hai, with the intention of taking the Hobbits across the plains of Rohan, all the way to Isengard, one of the captured Hobbits comes up with the brilliant plan to bite his Leaf of Lorien off of his cloak and spit it into the dirt in order to leave a sign for the Fellowship to follow. The plan proves successful as a member of the fellowship winds up finding the brooch in the dirt.

Which Hobbit's quick thinking proved helpful? Question 19 Who does Sam marry at the end of the movie? Near the end of the film, the camera gives viewers a glimpse into Sam's new life.

We can see Sam, his wife, and several of their children. Many viewers were unaware that the eldest child show is actually the oldest child of the actor who played Sam Sean Astin. Who does Sam marry upon returning to the Shire? Question 20 Who lights the beacon at Minas Tirith? After a failed attempt to convince Denethor to light the beacons, Gandalf informs this Hobbit to sneak past the guards, climb the tower, and light the first beacon. Question 21 Which character will pass away if the ring isn't destroyed?

Morwen Galadriel Arwen According to the films, this character's fate is tied to the ring due to the fact that the evil from Mordor was negatively impacting the Elves. Should the ring survive, this character will ultimately pass away. This, of course, marks a large deviation from the J. Tolkien books where the character makes the choice to spend her life as a mortal.