Havok and cyclops relationship

'The Gifted' Is "Thinking" About Polaris And Havok's Relationship

havok and cyclops relationship

When questioned of Havok & Cyclops' "brother" relation, “Yes, the time Professor X and Cyclops doesn't matter in that case - Havok's age is. All of Cyclops' children from either the mainstream reality or from an alternate reality. Vulcan. Gabriel Summers; Older brother of Cyclops and Havok. There he first met the original X-Men, and learned that Cyclops is his brother. Havok actively joined the X-Men and began a relationship with Lorna Dane.

Thankfully, he was teleported to safety, but it shows readers how ridiculously out of character Mystique truly was. Both characters are damaged and broken people, with troubled and mysterious pasts, but together they always seem to click.

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Then through the years, these two have been together, then apart, then together, then apart. The main reason that Gambit and Rogue grace this list is the fact that these two characters are bad for each other.

havok and cyclops relationship

Rogue and Gambit being a couple creates drama and scandal. If they would be able to leave each other alone, they could have become greater heroes.

Look at the modern Rogue. All these two did for each other was drag everyone else into their drama.

X-Men: Apocalypse - Cyclops and Havok's Parents Revealed

For years, Storm and Wolverine have been flirtatious. Sparks flew and for once, these two X-Men were given a chance at love. Some might say that this is scandalous because Storm was coming out of a relationship and could have used Logan as a rebound.

One of the most classic love stories in the history of Marvel is between Scarlet Witch and Vision. Madison Jeffries is a mutant with the ability to control plastic and glass.


They go on a date after Jeffries is hypnotized and asks out Danger. They have a picnic and a pretty nice time. His older brother is Scott Summers.

havok and cyclops relationship

When Scott and Alex were boys flying home from a family vacation in their father's vintage private plane, a scout ship from the alien Shi'ar Empire suddenly materialized and set the plane ablaze. Katherine pushed Scott and Alex out the plane door with the only available parachute.

SUMMER LOVING (the love interests of the Summers clan)

The parachute caught fire, so Scott used his mutant optic blasts for the first time to slow their descent. Scott and Alex were unaware that their parents had been teleported from the plane by the Shi'ar a moment before it exploded.

The two boys were hospitalized and both suffered traumatic amnesia regarding the incident. Milbury, an alias for the evil geneticist and their future enemy Mr.

Sinister believed that Scott was the Summers brother with the most potential, so he had Alex adopted to separate them and render Scott emotionally vulnerable.

havok and cyclops relationship

Alex was raised by Andrew and Joanna Blandingwhose son Todd had been killed in a car accident. Alex was pressured to act as a replacement Todd, which he tried to do as best as he could.

havok and cyclops relationship

When Todd's killer Vincent kidnapped Alex and his foster sister, Haley BlandingAlex manifested his mutant powers for the first time, incinerating Vincent. Posing as the White Queen, she had psychic sex with Cyclops before gathering a Sisterhood of female X-foes in an effort to destroy the X-Men.

While trying to recreate he physical form, she was killed once more. Uncanny X-Men 1st series Final Confrontation: Cyclops was the leader of the Blue team that also included Psylocke, who soon she started to heavily flirt with him. Though Scott seemed to respond, she could also have been using her telepathy to nudge him into her direction.

havok and cyclops relationship

Although nothing happened between them, it caused problems between Scott and Jean until finally Scott took a short leave of absence to sort out his conflicts. Betsy found her own distraction with the arrival of Revanche.

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X-Men 2nd series 8 Scott takes a short leave of absence: X-Men 2nd series 20 Final confrontation: When Jean showed signs of the Phoenix Force returning and then took the role of headmaster, it put further strain on their relationship.

Scott turned to Emma as someone in whom he could confide, which soon turned into a psychic affair. Jean interrupted one of these encounters, leading to a violent confrontation between the two women. Soon after, Jean was killed and, now as the Phoenix, she psychically nudged Scott into a romantic relationship with Emma. Together the pair led the X-Men to the other side of the country to San Francisco. During this time, Emma joined a secret Cabal of supervillains, led by Norman Osborn, in order to help further mutantkind.

She kept this secret from Scott until Osborn attacked the X-Men, revealing herself as a double agent [Utopia crossover]. When the Phoenix Force returned to Earth and was inadvertently split into five, both Emma and Scott were possessed. Initially, they worked together to build a better future for mutantkind.

However, Scott forcibly stole her portion of the Phoenix, a clear act of betrayal.