Healthy marriage and relationship education grants

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healthy marriage and relationship education grants

of the Healthy Marriage Initiative, which funds relationship education Federal grants for this program must be flexible since communities. Healthy Marriage Grantee Tool Kit: Tools you need to successfully apply for a grant. National Center for Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education The cooperative agreement awarded under this Funding Opportunity Announcement will.

It appears that this government funding is being held to a different set of standards than other funding. Is it even reasonable to believe that our country would see dramatic results after only eight years?

Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education Grants | Office of Family Assistance | ACF

We are early in this type of policy initiative and there are actually promising results compared to other government programs. Head Start has been around since and 49 years later there is still sizable debate about its overall effectiveness in preparing children for school, yet it continues to be funded year after year.

There are a host of issues being dealt with by the Healthy Marriage and Fatherhood grants, not the least of which is people actually coming to class and learning information and skills. Many learn for the first time the qualities of a healthy relationship, what abuse looks like in a relationship, thus making the decision not to marry someone or that their marriage is seriously derailed, but still viable. In the first 5-year healthy marriage demonstration grant, First Things First in Chattanooga, Tennessee had more than couples go through the class for couples in distress.

Research conducted by Wilkins Research found that 92 percent of the couples who completed the class made the decision to work on their marriage instead of divorcing. These couples thought divorce was the only answer after trying all of what they knew to do.

They did not realize there were a number of tools missing from their tool belt that could help them get their marriage back on track.

Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education Grants

The poor and working classes are largely being left out. Given the value of the healthy family services and the limited access of low-income families, it would be a mistake to allow any dedicated government funding to disappear.

healthy marriage and relationship education grants

Federal grants for this program must be flexible since communities vary in their available resources, needs, and priorities. Services should be appropriately targeted to reach those who are most likely to benefit or who are genuinely interested. Moreover, programs should feature providers who are skilled in fields such as psychology and social work and are prepared to provide the most intensive services: Programs could also help to connect families to the healthcare system for these services, especially if at least one member has, or could have, a DSM-V mental health diagnosis.

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These efforts could be supplemented with classes that meet the needs of their communities. For these new funding targets, classes could include relationship education but also other family-strengthening topics.

healthy marriage and relationship education grants

If couples decide to separate, programs should aim to connect them with co-parenting education and alternative dispute resolution. Importantly, such programming should incorporate vigorous efforts to connect families to employment and social safety net services, perhaps by enabling participants to apply to those services on-site or making appropriate referrals.

healthy marriage and relationship education grants

Congress should also bolster the federal role in family-supporting services in the following ways: Current research efforts funded through the U. Department of Health and Human Services HHS would have to extend beyond examining marriage and responsible fatherhood efforts to be more inclusive of counseling and other services.

healthy marriage and relationship education grants

Other government programs are relevant to this discussion—for example, the Affordable Care Act, child support enforcement, and family violence services. Coordination at the national level should inform state and local efforts. A useful focus for national-level activities is centralizing the recruitment of appropriate host organizations and developing pipelines of talented, well-trained, and culturally competent professionals.

Given other poverty policy priorities and the potential number of participants, it is unlikely that the services described here would receive percent of their funds through a dedicated line item in the federal budget.

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Thus the program staff at HHS, which would oversee the Strengthening Families Initiative, should advise and assist local organizations in leveraging other resources.