Hobbit 2 legolas and tauriel relationship

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hobbit 2 legolas and tauriel relationship

Why do Kili and Tauriel fall for each other in the Hobbit trilogy? 4, Views I can see that this Kili-Tauriel relationship could have affected Legolas. He is more . This week is The Hobbit's Tauriel and Kili. Clearly, there is an attraction here that even Legolas in his own jealousy notices. And, what could. Tauriel is a character of the The Hobbit film trilogy. When the Dwarves escape, Tauriel and Legolas lead a band of Elf-guards in battle as Bolg and his troops.

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Running to find Kili, Tauriel is intercepted and brought to her knees by Bolg. Before the Orc can strike the fatal blow, however, Kili intervenes on her behalf, and Bolg kills him instead. In retaliation, Tauriel tackles Bolg, throwing him and herself off a ruined platform onto the rocks beneath, thus leading to Bolg's final battle with Legolas, who kills Bolg.

The Problematic Romance of Tauriel & Kili

Following the resolution of the battle, Thranduil finds Tauriel weeping over Kili's body, finally acknowledging that her feelings for the young dwarf were genuine. Conception and casting[ edit ] In J. Tolkien published the fantasy novel The Hobbitwhose plot centres on a group consisting of the titular Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf the wizard and thirteen dwarves, who go in search of a treasure guarded by the dragon, Smaug.

During the course of their travels, they enter the black forest of Mirkwoodwhere they find themselves in the dungeons of the Silvan Elves. During the climactic Battle of Five Armies at the end of the story, the dwarves, men and elves band together to fight an army of goblins and Wargs. So she's a bit more impulsive, and she's a bit more immature.

I think she's more easily romanticized by a lot of things.

hobbit 2 legolas and tauriel relationship

That's driven from her own conviction about what is right and what is wrong. She feels so much at odds with Thranduil, that she feels the need to defy him. I think that any defiant role that boxes authority is an easy fit for me, because in life I'm a little bit like that. Though she and Legolas first met as children, and their relationship is significant, [1] her romantic arc is not with him, [8] [11] as she develops a mutual attraction to the dwarf Kili. Legolas' father, the Elven king Thranduilis fond of Tauriel, and "sees something very special in her", [1] though she understands that Thranduil would not approve of her pairing with his son, which Thranduil confirms in The Desolation of Smaug when he tells her not to give Legolas false hope of such a relationship.

Lilly accepted the role under the condition that her role in The Hobbit would not include a love triangle. When she was called back into production for reshoots following the decision to split the story into three films instead of two, she was told that such a plot device would indeed be added to the story. In terms of costuming, unlike previous female Elves who were noblewomen that wore complex formal gowns, Tauriel is a border guard and soldier, and therefore wears more pragmatic Elven military garb.

Lilly employed a stunt coach for action scenes.

hobbit 2 legolas and tauriel relationship

My hips don't move like they used to move, my back doesn't move like it used to move, my shoulders are sore every day. I thought I was done with that stuff when they cancelled Lost! Tauriel is played by the actress Evangeline Lilly.

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Under Legolas 's orders, she and the other guards take the Dwarves back to the Elven cavern fortress and confiscate their weapons. Legolas watches them talking from a distance. Tauriel confronted by the Elf-king Thranduil Later, Thranduil confronts Tauriel, telling her that, as a captain of the guard, she must drive the Giant Spiders out of Mirkwood.

hobbit 2 legolas and tauriel relationship

She explains that new spiders continually enter the kingdom after the previous ones were wiped out. She suggests sorties to destroy the spiders' source outside the kingdom's boundaries near Dol Guldur, but this idea is quickly dismissed by Thranduil. When she asks what will happen to other lands after the spiders are driven from Mirkwood, Thranduil says that the other lands are not his concern.

My Theory on Tauriel, Kili, and Legolas

He mentions then that Legolas, his son, has grown fond of her but that she should not give him hope where there is none, because Thranduil would not allow his son to pledge to her being she is a "lowly" Silvan elf. When the Dwarves escape, Tauriel and Legolas lead a band of Elf-guards in battle as Bolg and his troops arrive to attack the Dwarves. She and Legolas take Narzugan Orc soldier to the palace for interrogation.

hobbit 2 legolas and tauriel relationship

When she tries to kill the Orc, Thranduil orders her to leave him be. She then leaves the palace without the permission of the Elf-king to search for the Dwarves. Legolas confronts her and asks her to come back with him so that Thranduil may forgive her.