Importance of motivation on employer and employee relationship

Importance of Employee Relations - Why Employee Relations at Workplace?

importance of motivation on employer and employee relationship

PDF | This paper aims to outline the importance of the employer-employee relationship and describes the role this relationship plays towards the growth of a business. The paper also skills to motivate and inspire all those involved in. On top of knowing each other's strengths, employer-employee relationships can drastically be improved when we know how to motivate. Motivation plays an important role in a healthy employee relationship. A motivated employee works better and at a much faster rate as compared to others .

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When an employee knows the leadership style of his employer it helps him in understanding his decisions, his strategies, etc which prevents wrong assumptions and misconceptions. The employee understands why a task has been delegated to him, what should be his action steps to complete the tasks etc.

Apart from knowing each other it is very important to have knowledge about self. If the other person knows our strengths and weaknesses but we are unaware of our strengths and weakness then possibilities of conflict, dissatisfaction may evolve and this could hamper the growth of the organization Hence it becomes very important to know self and the other person so the balance is maintained.

importance of motivation on employer and employee relationship

You are motivated by numbers, ranking and being measured in your work, but your employee is more concerned with maintaining a pleasant work environment, just wants to implicate others in the processes and will even go as far as putting his own work aside to help colleagues.

You might think you are encouraging him by posting a list of top 10 sales advisers in the office when you are actually discouraging him.

importance of motivation on employer and employee relationship

His motivation is centered on being of service, mutual help and teamwork. Maybe all the employees can work for extra time, if any previous tasks are pending complete and submit them, and the best the employees can do is wear a smile on their face and work harder. You may not believe but this actually helps in bringing back the motivation level of the employer. When an employer sees all his employees working hard and that too happily their morale is boosted.

Employees should be motivated to help each other and treat their team members as a part of their extended family. Individuals should complement each other at work but one should not forget his limit.

Too much of a friendly nature again leads to problems and unrealistic expectations.

Importance of Employee Relations - Why Employee Relations at Workplace?

Award ceremonies must be organized at the workplace every month or after every three months to acknowledge the top performers. Call them on the dais and honour them.

importance of motivation on employer and employee relationship

Give the top performers badges for them to flaunt and do this activity in the presence of all. These kinds of activities slightly give an upper edge to the employees who have worked hard and performed well. Others also feel inspired to perform better next time. Job rotations and promotions are also an important way to motivate the employees. The management must ensure that each one is happy with their work and monotony does not creep in to the team.

When an individual does not enjoy his work, he would always look for excuses to fight with his colleagues and spoil the environment. He would be indulged in lose talks and always blame others for his non performance leading to an unhealthy relation among employees.

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Before implementing any plan, the pros and cons must be evaluated on an open forum where every employee has the right to express his opinions freely. On your own, you will never come to know where you are going wrong, you need people who can act as critic and correct you wherever you are wrong.

If you do not enjoy a good relation with others no one will ever come to help you. Work becomes easy if it is shared among all.

Why Employee Motivation Is Important (& How to Improve It)

A healthy relation with your fellow workers would ease the work load on you and in turn increases your productivity. One cannot do everything on his own. Responsibilities must be divided among team members to accomplish the assigned tasks within the stipulated time frame.

If you have a good rapport with your colleagues, he will always be eager to assist you in your assignments making your work easier. The organization becomes a happy place to work if the employees work together as a family. An individual tends to lose focus and concentration if his mind is always clouded with unnecessary tensions and stress.

Importance of Employer-Employee Relationship

It has been observed that if people talk and discuss things with each other, tensions automatically evaporate and one feels better. Learn to trust others, you will feel relaxed.

An individual spends around hours in a day at his workplace and practically it is not possible that one works non stop without a break. You should have people with whom you can share your lunch, discuss movies or go out for a stroll once in a while.