Kane and lynch 1 ending relationship

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kane and lynch 1 ending relationship

I've never played a game like Kane and Lynch 2. We do not need the original game to know of the relationship of Kane and Lynch: we see it when . they've wrought, and by the end it's clear they've not changed one iota. For Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days on the Xbox , a GameFAQs I don't think the events of this game, and specifically Kane and Lynch's relationship, requires I think he ditched Lynch, since Lynch says in one of the levels to. There's one other ending. When you go up the stairs to the chopper, instead of walking up all the way to the chopper on the left, turn right and.

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The reviews for Dog Days have ranged from "Awesome" to "Horrible", with most falling around "Average". So, at least the series is consistent! From Bad to Worse: Kane's life seems to be made of this. His son shoots himself with his dad's pistol, he goes off to become a mercenary, a job goes bad, his comrades supposedly die and he goes to jail, he's broken out of jail only to be taken to his not dead comrades, stuck with a schizophrenic watchdog, and forced to find the money from the failed job to save his family, he gets half the money only to find out that his former associate Retomoto took the other half, he almost negotiates to get it all back until Lynch fucks it up, his wife is killed in front of him, his former friend Carlos betrays him, his daughter hates his guts, and depending on what ending you get, he either saves his daughter, leaves everyone else behind, and proves that he's a traitor, or saves the men in the church one of who dies and one who ditches him and gets stuck on a boat with a dying Lynch and his probably dead daughter.

kane and lynch 1 ending relationship

Also, according to Lynch's interrogation files on the official sitehis life got progressively worse within the span of a few months. Team Io seem to be attempting to make this series the Trope Codifier in this field. Averted with Lynch and his insanely depressing life. Scattered throughout the Retomoto Tower level in Dead Men are a handful of large, extra-tough goons armed with heavy machineguns and enhanced health.

Lynch gets one from Yoko. One of the most prominent set piece tropes in the series, seeing as our protagonists are career criminals to whom subtlety is anathema. Whenever this situation develops it turns out incredibly badly for them and quickly escalates events beyond their control. Lynch gives these whenever he's accused of something. The three difficulty settings are named for painkillers: The "heroic" duo have huge overtones of this that runs contrary to the otherwise "realistic" style of the series, able to shrug off gunshot with rebounding health as well as suffering gruesome punishment as part of the plot without going down for good.

The first trailer for Dead Men even depicted Kane getting shot repeatedly to no effect, leading some to presume the protagonists were in some way supernaturally empowered.

kane and lynch 1 ending relationship

The writers admitted straight off the bat that the film will have little to do with the games, and they only bought the rights because the current death of creativity in Hollywood means it's much easier to get a licensed project greenlit.

Kane and Lynch's exploits are reported in newspapers in Agent 47's adventures and the duo make cameo appearances in Hitman: Dead Men and copies of Hitman are found in Dog Days. From the first game: Whoever controls Lynch in co-op mode gets to see one of his psychotic episodes first-hand.

Specifically, it's the part where, in single-player, Lynch opens fire on hostages for no apparent reason. Lynch claims they were attacking him, which whoever is controlling Kane clearly saw that they weren't. The person playing Lynch will actually see the hostages being rendered as police officers firing guns at them.

In Dog Days, where it's the default option for the standard camera.

It's supposed to represent the mental state of the characters, but many players just generally find it nauseous and annoying. That said, you can turn this option off.

Lynch is definitely one of these in the first game. Used to provide exposition between levels in both games. Dog Days keeps the Stylistic Suck running by presenting the loading screen as a buffering online video. Boils down to one choice in the first game. The main characters, particularly Lynch who actually is schizophrenic with psychotic episodes, and thus prone to bloodthirsty rages.

Both played straight and averted in the first game the dance club had a lot of blue and green, while the Havana missions were mainly brown. Likewise in Dog Days you get to see all the technicolor shininess of Shanghai's nightlife as well as the dull browns and grays of dock warehouses and apartment blocks.

Roaring Rampage of Revenge: And it's a cruel one, indeed. Are you going to abandon your men or risk your daughter's life to save them? Either way, you lose. The achievements you get for making the choice lampshade this in a subtle way. The achievement for getting one ending is 'Damned if you do', and the other is 'Damned if you don't'. Kane gets some mileage out of this trope in the launch trailer, which features him firing a machine gun at an attack chopper whilst bellowing from the bottom of his diaphragm.

Of the two, Lynch takes the cake though. Lynch in the movie's script. He uses the word "confabulated", for God's sake. Accused by some people of being this. May be justified- after all, if you didn't take the helicopter and get the Consequence ending, your daughter is shot down right before you escape, when the whole game focused around you saving her.

Unfortunately, Lynch does this in a psychotic episode and makes a bad situation even worse. In fact, the shotguns are probably one of the best weapons to use in any encounter except when trying to take down snipers, of course. Indeed, in Dog Days the shotguns have better accuracy than the machine pistols although this is mostly because the machine pistols suck. Level 11 is called Freedom Fighters, which was the name of a previous IO game. Certain sequences in Dead Men seem like a direct homage to the films of Michael Mann.

The botched bank heist heavily resembles the one in Heat, and the level set in a Tokyo Nightclub is very similar to the Asian nightclub shootout in Collateral.

Kane seldom lets his temper get the better of him, but when he does Kane and Lynch are not the best of friends. Sometimes wavers into Enemy Mine territory, especially in Dead Men. Those Two Bad Guys: The franchise is arguably based around the premise of letting the player portray one half of this team dynamic while emulating the cinematic stylings of Michael Mann. In any other series the protagonists would probably being mid bosses for a more heroic protagonist to take out before the end of the first act.

Lynch in the movie, as early scripts seem to indicate. It's rare for a game to so immerse me in the world that I feel what the characters feel, but this is a game that did it. The effect is a nauseating, unpleasant experience, and one that is absolutely perfect. And the titular duo are just as unpleasant as the world is. Kane might be the more appealing of the two, but even he sports a scraggly, unkempt beard along with a long scar running down a whitened eye.

Lynch, meanwhile, is overweight, with a combination of long hair and a receding hairline that does no favors for his face. They are the antithesis of the clean-shaven, whitebread-wonder shooter hero, because rather than taking the appearance of the handsome everyman and making him a shooter protagonist, they took the shooter protagonist and extrapolated the appearance from that.

This probably is what two career criminals who use violence as their most common problem-solving means would look like. Their actions, rather than their intended audience, inform their appearance. But they are not only externally ugly, but internally as well. Even their names evoke deep-rooted evil. In combat, they bark out orders to each other and swear in equal measure, their voices a sandpapery amalgamation of anger, panic, and exhaustion. Throughout the story, they show zero guilt for the horrible things they've done, for the innocents they've harmed and the destruction they've wrought, and by the end it's clear they've not changed one iota.

These are two horrible, irredeemable people, and they simply don't care. Yet the characters are marginally more complex than that. When the game begins, Kane is coming to Shanghai to perform the ever-fantasized "one last deal" so that he can use the money to support his estranged daughter. Meanwhile, Lynch has settled down as a low-level thug, even finding a girlfriend who's seemed to tame the worst aspects of them, and is cooperating with Kane on the deal.

When Kane helps Lynch in trying to shakedown a police informant, they end up in a series of firefights that culminates in accidental killing of the daughter of a powerful and corrupt official named Shanxi, and all hell is unleashed on them. The criminal organization they're doing the deal with is attacked, and when the organization finds out they turn on the duo. Shanxi captures Xiu and tortures her to death, nearly doing the same to Kane and Lynch, leaving them naked and covered in horrible scars when they manage to break free.

When they try to escape Shanghai, they are captured by Shanxi only to break free and fight through his private army before finally cornering the man at the top of his corporate building. Kane tries to bargain with the man for a way out to Shanghai, only to have Lynch shoot him point-blank, disrupting any potential bargain they could have gotten out of him and ensuring the entirety of Shanghai is turned against them.

Finally, when they try once again to escape, they do so by attempting to hijack an airplane full of passengers, and the game ends with the plan taking off and Kane and Lynch now internationally wanted criminals. But so much of that could be avoided if Kane and Lynch simply took a step back and tried to go about their problems in a different way. Obviously the event that brings the two together--the arms deal--occurs because both seek to live a good life through the propagation of violence, but it goes deeper than that.

Shanxi wouldn't have reason to pursue them if they didn't go after the informant guns blazing and end up killing his daughter.

kane and lynch 1 ending relationship

Had Kane and Lynch not tried to stay for the arms deal, Xiu might still be alive, and the three of them could have fled Shanghai and be safe from both Shanxi and the criminal organization. Had they not tried to hijack a plane, well What keeps them doing these things? What spurs them on to attempt increasingly violent acts even when the odds are stacked against them? Perhaps the most clear enumeration of why occurs midway through the game, after the pair have escaped the makeshift torture chamber where Xiu was killed and have been running for their life naked and scarred through the streets of Shanghai.

They take refuge in a TV store, and, as the ghostly blue lights of the televisions illuminate them, go over their motivations. Lynch, with his girlfriend dead, sees no reason for trying to meet with their criminal boss who may not yet know of their betrayal for the arms deal, but Kane tries to convince Lynch to help him by reiterating his own motivation: He's doing this for his daughter.

With the arms deal, he's trying to get money that he can send back to his daughter, to repair the damaged relationship between them.

How would you end Kane & Lynch after the cliffhanger in 2? (Open Spoilers)

But I need this deal. I need to do this for my daughter. And then no more--this is my last job! But Kane and Lynch, intentionally or not, turn a blind eye to it. Ultimately, for both of them it's the result of what so many other criminals use as justification for their crimes: Both of them dream of using the money they glean from the deal to settle down, Lynch living out a comfortable existence with his girlfriend Xiu, Kane fixing ties with his daughter.

They find Carlos, abandoned by The Brothers. Kane recruits Carlos, and Thapa, no longer trusting Kane, abandons the mission as a result. The Dead Men then fight their way through the Venezuelan jungle, and locate The Brothers at their compound.

Shelly demands the payment that Kane claimed Shelly, Rific and Thapa would get for helping him. Carlos tells Shelly and Rific that there is plenty of heroin in the village that they can take as a compensation. Carlos then volunteers to go on ahead and open the gates with an explosive, but vanishes once inside. This makes Lynch think that Carlos tricked them all into a trap. They discover in the compound courtyard Jenny unharmed and Carlos's corpse.

They suddenly get ambushed by The Brothers and their mercenaries. Kane shoots a land mine beside Carlos' corpse and the two then kill The Elder Brother.

The Younger Brother, however, manages to escape with Jenny and attempts to take off in an airplane. From left to right: Thapa, Lynch, Kane, Shelly, and Rific.

Kane and Lynch follow in a car and disable the plane's engines before killing the Younger Brother. Jenny then pulls a gun on Kane and blames him for her mother's death. Kane tells her that whether she hates him or not, he will get her to safety. Kane is then given the choice of rescuing Rific and Shelly from the village church, where they are pinned down by The 7's mercenaries, or escaping in a helicopter with Jenny and leaving them to die. If Kane boards the helicopter with Jenny and leaves Rific and Shelly to die, Jenny will resent her father for leaving his men and tell him that she hates him.

As they are escaping in the helicopter, Lynch, on the ground, says to himself, "I fucking knew it, from the first second I fucking knew it. Kane and Lynch are too late to save Rific, but Shelly is still alive.

He feels betrayed despite the rescue attempt. As they escape to the pier, Jenny is shot, and Kane carries her body along. Shelly loses his patience and attempts to escape on one of the boats alone but appears to be killed by an explosion, although his boat is seen leaving the pier. Lynch is shot as he escapes on an undamaged boat with Kane, while Jenny's status is still unknown.

The boat drifts slowly with the river, while Kane holds Jenny and whispers to her about the letter he tried to send her. Dead Men, Jesper Kyd was brought in to write the musical score for the game, having written scores for the Hitman series and Freedom Fighters.

The single player was originally going to have online co-op [2] but was dropped at the last minute and limited to offline, due to time restrictions and difficulty. The game was originally going to revolve around Kane, with Lynch acting as a sidekick.