Kangta and hyesung relationship

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kangta and hyesung relationship

The real Shin Hyesung, and what he wants to say, are all cleverly are curious about the relationship between Shin Hyesung and Kangta. In such a situation, 'Oppa' Kangta, Shin Hyesung and Lee Jihoon, who're and it becomes a family like relationship where it won't be awkward. It has just been announced that Kangta, Shin Hyesung and Lee Jihoon's will be making their first comeback in 11 years with a new album as.

When we started S, it was more of a freestyle project. With similar tastes in music and similar interests, we naturally formed the group, and since that is the concept, we can actually release an album sometime in the future.

Your 3rd album is a double album. Which one is Shin Hyesung more satisfied with? The reactions of the fans are always the same. But this is what the fans say. Personally, it seemed like the fans reacted better to Side 1. If I had to pick one. Do you think that Shin Hyesung is more suited for ballads? I think I can do best at ballads.

For other genres, or to sing and dance at the same time, I seem a little awkward.

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You must have heard it many times, but what is your favorite song from this album? Although all singers may share the same opinion, but with so many singles being released these days, I have this desire to release full albums with many songs. The more albums you release, the more sensitivity you have. What is the secret behind your ability to control your feelings when you sing?

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If you were to release a remake album, whose songs would you want to try? Songs from female singers would be interesting. Lee Seung Gi once released a remake album featuring songs from female singers. So I reconsidered and thought about using gentler vocals to sing songs by male singers with rougher vocals such as Im Jae Beom. Are there any songs lately that you like to sing?

kangta and hyesung relationship

There are many differences between me in reality and me on TV. Have you ever envied others for being able to lead ordinary lives? I felt the opposite during the shoot today. Until now, because I know all the staff, it feels a little burdened when they take care of me. But today for me alone, so many clothes were brought here and makeup was done separately, this feeling is really nice. If Shin Hyesung were to take part in the show too, who would you like to be paired up with?

kangta and hyesung relationship

Anyone will do laughs. As for the name… Q: She must be a little older, very feminine and domestic. I really hit the jackpot! Since I beat a pro gamer. I keep in touch with Kyung Jong more frequently. Your network of friends mostly seem to be from this circle.

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We got to know each other better because I like to play games. When do you feel most bored and lonely? Towards people that I dislike, I would approach them in a friendly way and then slowly bring them over to my side. Especially having to give up your own beliefs in order not to make enemies.

Starting with a melancholy piano, the track sets a mood of loneliness and hopelessness. The percussion, strings and harmonica a staple of heartbreak that join in later on only add to this tone. They have distinct timbres that harmonize so well, evident particularly in the final chorus. This is not your average break-up song, dwelling on pain or sadness. In fact, this is the opposite: Addressing something that might even be worse than a break-up, the lyrics talk about the walk to a final date, knowing that a petition to break-up will come at the end.

The timing of the instruments as they enter and exit the song is well-balanced. The bittersweet nature of the topic is especially evident in the way they sing.

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Such a poignant delivery from them is a testament to their talent as singers. With its rich musical intro cutting into the stripped down first verse and then building from that, this is the stuff that drama soundtracks are made of. Particularly notable in the music is the use of the violin in the second half of the track. Arguably one of the most emotive instruments, the violin here almost sounds for a brief moment like it is wailing.

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