Kuroshitsuji sebastian and ciel relationship with god

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kuroshitsuji sebastian and ciel relationship with god

You can help out Kuroshitsuji Wiki by re-organizing parts of the article, checking . He was then given the name "Sebastian" by Ciel, which used to be his dog's. With a brilliant “mise en abîme”, it's like watching Kuroshitsuji through the looking glass. With Halloween, the dream of Sebastian is complete, Ciel becomes a demon . As the heir of the Phantomhive's, he represents the faith in God, just like. Sebastian's and Ciel's voice actors also have important parts in Hetalia. In the Houndsworth arc in the anime, bear baiting, followed by dog baiting, or a system of social classes based of Hindu faith. In the manga, it is said.

Even the contrary is true. Whenever Ciel needs it, Sebastian is there for him. The thing is, Ciel is still a kid.

Ciel Phantomhive

It's only natural that sometimes, as every kid his age, he gets sick, or finds himself in trouble. That's when Sebastian, as a perfect butler of the Phantomhive, intervenes and fix everything back. As we said, it's a distorted version of a normal family, but still Ciel feels safe under Sebastian's guard.

kuroshitsuji sebastian and ciel relationship with god

Even though they're only bound together by a contract! Ciel Gives Orders, Sebastian Performs As we said, their bond is strong, even though it depends on the contract. Yet, Sebastian is willing to do anything Ciel orders, even when it's apparently impossible. Let's not forget one important matter though; Sebastian is a demon.

His nature is wicked by definition, and so even though he accomplishes every thing Ciel orders, there are moments where he takes the time to enjoy teasing Ciel.

5 reasons why Ciel x Sebastian have the best master-servant relationship

For example, he puts intentionally Ciel in a dangerous situation, just to be sure to save him at the last moment. Like for example when Ciel and Sebastian were investigating about the Circus, during the Book of Circus series, and Ciel asked him to free the snakes after the first-stringers. Can you guess what Sebastian did? He freed the snakes, yes, but when Ciel was still hidden in a tent trying to get a clue about Joker and the others. And yet, Ciel found himself face to face with a snake, and was saved by Doll.

kuroshitsuji sebastian and ciel relationship with god

Of course, when he asked Sebastian for explanation, he justified himself saying that he just followed Ciel's order to free the snakes after the first-stringers, and that he wouldn't have let him die, no matter what! Buy now Sebastian is a demon; he is tricky, wicked and without a single trace of human sentimentalism. He is cold, and act without really understanding human pain and struggles. That's a coherence to be expected. Ciel is just a kid, and he is still year-old. Looking at the picture, at a first glance we would expect a trembling little boy who doesn't actually know how to step forward after the big tragedy he had to face when he was only a little child, and since he was so lost, he just thought of forming a contract with a devil.

Well, that couldn't be more wrong. If Sebastian is evil by nature, Ciel is even nastier. Is it his past's fault? Just like water collides with fire, darkness shadowing lights, there are 2 Ciel judging and watching at each other. What does they think of each other? Two universes that slowly fade away and in the middle, this fragile line that seems impossible to cross. Ciel Phantomhive is stuck between two worlds, two worlds that are radically opposed.

kuroshitsuji sebastian and ciel relationship with god

Yes, there are two ciel. The one who made a pact and the innocent kid he was before the pact, the one that seems to haunt him since the beginning of the manga.

kuroshitsuji sebastian and ciel relationship with god

But, its not only that. This chapter clarifies the role of Sebastian Michaelis, the butler who gives too much responsibility to Ciel in order to make him forget about himself and his past. He reign onto a domain.

As a noble gentleman of the British aristocracy, he has duties and endorses the role model to the villagers of his territory.

kuroshitsuji sebastian and ciel relationship with god

In volume II, chapter 5, Sebastian Michaelis reminds his master about the manor receiving orphaned kids for a charity event. He has a land, a name but one thing that makes him a little bit different, he works at Funtom Company. In this sense, he is not really an authentic noble man as the definition of an Earl is an aristocrat who does not work.

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Just like Halloween regerenates the soil, Ciel is the guarantor of the secular traditions. I know it may hard to believe it but Ciel is a role model. The people of his land belong to him in a symbolic way, inherited from the Middle-Age when the noble family had the role to protect the people against barbarians and local enemies.

In Victorian times, people are still attached to Nobility of the United-Kingdom. If the country is, at this time, the leader of the world with a brilliant economy and leading the industrial revolution, it is still extremely attached to tradition symbolized by its Aristocracy. France did a revolution in removing all privileges to the French Aristocracy. A deformed role model One of the most interesting traits of Ciel Phantomhive is that he is all paradoxal and how he deals with it.

After that, Angelina arranged for a carriage to bring them to the ruins of Phantomhive Manor. While Ciel was mourning the deaths of his parents, Sebastian reconstructed the manor.

He taught Ciel the fundamentals of being an earl; Ciel, in turn, taught him how a butler fit for the Phantomhive household should act. Sebastian also learned how to properly cope with Ciel's spoiled behavior; from time to time, he had to discipline Ciel.

Sebastian Michaelis

Seeing Ciel's hesitation, he attempted to devour him. He stopped, however, when Ciel suddenly turned around and stated that he was determined to attain his revenge. He commanded Sebastian to be his sword and shield and bring him victory. Sebastian complied, as he was sure that the added pain that would come with the road to Ciel's revenge would make his soul "extremely delicious.

Ciel complained of a wobbly tooth that was preventing him from eating his food properly. After examining it, Sebastian decided to forcibly take it out, much to Ciel's chagrin. Ciel attempted to protest against the idea, but Sebastian proceeded regardless, under the impression that he was doing his young master a favor.

After the tooth removal, Ciel threw an angry fit at Sebastian. Ever since, he has been unwilling to allow Sebastian to check for cavities in his teeth when they start to wobble. The bumbling of the other servants almost causes catastrophe, but through Sebastian's quick thinking and even quicker reflexes, he is able to keep things running smoothly. When Ciel refuses to supply the information Azzurro is seeking, the dealer orders his snipers to kill Ciel's servants.

When a sniper misses hitting Sebastian, he is alerted to their presence. The snipers leave in a vehicle, but Sebastian stops them. After gathering information from them, he kills them by letting them fall off a cliff to their deaths. Furthermore, he informs Azzurro from a car phone that he intends to pick up Ciel. Sebastian then enters the room where Ciel is being held and moves to provide the requested ransom.

He eliminates all of Ciel's kidnappers, refusing Azzurro's offer of leaving Ciel in exchange for women and money, and returns Ciel home. He assigns BaldroyFinnianand Mey-Rin their daily tasks, and he then prepares breakfast and morning tea for Ciel.