Lana and rusev relationship problems

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Rusev And Lana’s Relationship

lana and rusev relationship problems

Stunning wrestling superstar appears to have a problem with her shoes as she Lana Perry filled up her car at a petrol station in Beverly Hills. There are relationships between wrestlers that did not make it into any scripted events. The Bulgarian Brute, Rusev, and his ravishing Russian wife, Lana, are the perfect . Yet he has had his share of issues of the heart. A Tearful Lana Confesses Her Marriage ''Fears'' to Rusev After . he tells her not to be and when she has a problem to run to him and he'll fix it.

However, I feel that the person that gets the most sympathy from me… is Rusev.

Update On Lana And Rusev WWE Break-Up

This lad was a cold-hearted destructive Russian power house. However, what this storyline has reduced Rusev to is a heart-broken, sensitive ex-boyfriend.

lana and rusev relationship problems

How do you not feel sympathetic for him in this situation? However, Lana was over his relationship with Rusev… in an hour. An hour after Rusev broke up with her, she kissed Dolph Ziggler!

Lana and Rusev have a personal talk about having kids: Total Divas Preview Clip, Dec. 6, 2017

How does Rusev get credibility back as this dominating monster? Considering that WWE has now exposed Rusev as a man with exploitable weaknesses and emotional feelings, it has taken away the fear of the mighty Rusev that made him such a force to be reckoned with in ! This is why I hate how monsters are used in WWE. As soon as you reveal an emotional aspect of these big, bad monsters, it complete ruins the fear factor that they hold.

I really wished this wrapped up at Summerslam. In the segments following that match, they made things even worse.

Who benefits from seeing this storyline? Why do we need to see this storyline? How badly do you need to cripple the careers of these two great workers until we see this tedious storyline meet its end? So when he brought Lana as his "social ambassador", the pairing of this monstrous, ruthless athlete with a beautiful woman like Lana was compared by the WWE to Ivan Drogo and his wife Ludmilla who were characters in the hit film, Rocky IV.

Ivan Drogo was an unrelenting boxer who killed Apollo Creed in a match, while his wife did the talking for him and the pair was exactly like that as WWE booked Rusev to be a ruthless monster and have Lana as his mouthpiece doing the talking for him.

That's what also came to the mind of WWE, as it was soon reported that Vince McMahon wanted to break up Rusev and Lana in real life in order for them to have a better feud on-screen. This disgusting ploy can be expected to come from Vince's mind, as the madman was trying very hard to get them to break it off with each other so that they could be better enemies on-screen, which could've helped make his product better even though the Rusev vs Lana feud was the worst feud in the WWE last year.

Thankfully for them, they soon publicly revealed their engagement and broke off all hopes of Vince McMahon for them to break up in real life. The two won the "Best Gimmick Award" by Wrestling Observer Newsletter which is one of the most trusted wrestling news website, as the legendary Dave Meltzer himself hailed their portrayal as Russian Nationalists at the time. Additionally, Rusev also won the Most Improved Wrestler award in the year as Lana is the only woman to win an award of this sort as of and the only manager to have won this award as their amazing work in was duly paid off and raised their stock in the company.

It seems that unlike Alexa and Buddy though, the duo seemingly have recently gone their separate ways. Carmella was able to break her silence when it comes to the split in a recent episode of Total Divas where she talked about the fact that Cass and her had a number of issues that not only stemmed from the pressure of them recently buying their new house, but also from Cass's recent knee injury which has been a source of negativity and that went on to cause the duo problems.

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Cass could be set to make his WWE return in The Royal Rumble next weekend, but he and Carmella would still be part of separate main roster brands. Finn Balor And Cathy Kelley via youtube. Over the past year, both stars have become tight-lipped about whether or not their relationship is real, but Cathy has begun dropping hints on Social Media about her boyfriend. Finn likes to keep his personal life as private as possible, but Cathy wants to be able to tell the world who she is dating, which could become something that ends up coming between the couple in the coming months.

This could be linked to the issues that RVD has been having in his personal life. It was revealed back in that the couple who had been together for more than 17 years and were known collectively as SVD, had filed for divorce.

lana and rusev relationship problems

The duo has still remained good friends, which is normal for a couple who have been together for more than two decades. Lana And Rusev via stillrealtous.