Lee krasner and jackson pollock relationship trust

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lee krasner and jackson pollock relationship trust

2 The key dates for the purposes of this paper are: Lee Krasner (called Lena . (Krasner had been in analysis over marriage problems with Pollock). .. trust him, because he did not change his opinion after he and Krasner bitterly fell out. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. NEW YORK -- Jackson Pollock left more than drip paintings to the art world when he died in a car crash in Thanks to his widow, the late painter Lee Krasner, he also left the . Keeping Pollock's Trust Lenore Krasner, it seems, was adamant As a result, they had a very close working relationship.".

He died less than a mile from his home; his mistress, who had been in the car with him, survived the accident. Years after his death, Krasner would bristle at being identified as his widow first and then as an artist in her own right. A masterful new biography attempts to rectify this. This rigorously researched, straightforward account attempts to set the record straight about Krasner, who died in at the age of Levin argues that previous biographical accounts are riddled with inaccurate and incomplete information.

Inat the age of 22, Levin met Krasner and came to regard her as a mentor and friend. This is not a hagiography by any means, yet the artist could not have found a more gifted biographer to retell her story and argue her case. Krasner, who studied with Hans Hofmann and was influenced by his work, did not owe her career to her more famous husband. She was no passive muse.

lee krasner and jackson pollock relationship trust

In fact, by the time she and Pollock met, inKrasner was the better-known and more accomplished artist and, with her avant-garde circle, already a key figure in the nascent Abstract Expressionist movement. Her pioneering style of painting and collage was cultivated before Pollock began to develop his signature drip-painting technique.

lee krasner and jackson pollock relationship trust

And it was she who introduced Pollock to such important art world figures as critic Clement Greenberg, and to such contemporaries as Willem de Kooning. She was born Lena Krassner injust weeks after her mother had immigrated to New York from a shtetl in what is now central Ukraine. Her father awaited them in Brooklyn. As Levin notes, virulent anti-Semitism was sweeping through Eastern Europe at the time — and, like many Russian-Jewish families, the Krassners longed to escape.

As a first-generation American with assimilation anxiety, Krasner was an outspoken, willful child rebelling against the traditions of her Old World parents. Her irascible nature was formed in childhood: Despite the fact that Lee Krasner was a staunch supporter of the integrity of modern art, being one of two painters in New York working in completely abstract styles prior to World War II, the artist organizers of the photograph did not invite her to participate.

lee krasner and jackson pollock relationship trust

After all, who was she but the wife of Jackson Pollock? Inhe sent passage for his family to join him.

lee krasner and jackson pollock relationship trust

Anna Krassner gave birth to her sixth child, Lee Krasner born Lenore Krassneron October 27,nine months after she arrived in New York and reunited with her husband.

The first Krassner born on American soil, Lee Krasner would go on to forge other family firsts, female firsts, and artistic firsts. They observed the laws of kashrut and spoke Yiddish among themselves.

The children attended Hebrew school as a supplement to public education. As often proved the case in families of Eastern European descent, both father and mother contributed to the family income. They operated a produce store at the Blake Street Market in Brooklyn. Anna Krassner stood at the helm of the family business, directing the daily operation of the store. In her mother, Lee Krasner observed a strong female role model as a child.

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Krasner proceeded definitely in another direction—art. Krasner possessed the most extensive training and education of any of the New York School of artists. She began her odyssey of education in At age fourteen, she applied to Washington Irving High School in Manhattan, the only high school in New York City that permitted girls to study studio art. Admitted to the program, Krasner traveled daily the short subway ride to Manhattan that made a world of difference.

Inshe graduated from Washington Irving, but not from Manhattan.

Lecture - Lee Krasner and Jackson Pollock, A Working Relationship by Ellen Landau

The training that Krasner received at Cooper Union, and later at the National Academy of Design, grounded her in technique from which she skillfully ascended into new artistic territory. Students attended classes tuition-free, but promotion depended on the unanimous support of a professorial committee.

Krasner explained her method. There, she nailed a mirror to a tree and painted what she saw. Krasner saw herself in nature. Surrounded by trees, she stands tall in her s self-portrait, with her red hair pushed behind her ears and paintbrushes held firmly in hand. She appears serious, determined.

Out of the Shadow of Pollock, Lee Krasner Defies the World

Art historian Barbara Rose comments on the self-portrait: She would submit to any discipline deemed necessary to achieve her goals of acquiring the techniques and skills necessary to produce great art, but she would do it in her own way and on her own terms. The project employed artists to teach art, illustrate textbooks, and create paintings, sculpture, mosaics, and stained glass decorations for public buildings.


Krasner held various positions for the project, from illustrating a marine biology textbook to executing murals for public buildings. Inwhile employed by the WPA, Krasner sought to continue her artistic training by enrolling in classes with the German expressionist Hans Hofmann.

lee krasner and jackson pollock relationship trust

Krasner held a passion for modern art, which she nourished through visits to galleries and museums. Hofmann taught her to feed herself. She embarked upon a string of group exhibitions in the early s with the American Abstract Artists group.

In addition, for the first time, Krasner met a sober Jackson Pollock.