Matt lewis and renato poliafito relationship

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matt lewis and renato poliafito relationship

“I have a love-hate relationship with my oven,” says cake whiz Renato Poliafito. Here, he and Baked partner Matt Lewis offer essential tips for. them into squares and serve. Tightly covered with plastic wrap, the brownies keep at room temperature for up to 3 days. Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito . Renato Poliafito is standing in his kitchen on the 14th floor of a modern apartment he and his business partner Matt Lewis were announced as James Beard Foundation journey are readily available to anyone with an Internet connection .

I like white cakes better than yellow cakes, because you can get a better flavor profile. The egg yolk in the yellow cake just tastes like a yellow cake, no matter what else you put in it.

I really do love dark chocolate cakes. He just described my lips. Why do cakes sometimes rise and fall? It can have to do with what kind of leaven you put in—you may have used baking powder when the recipe called for baking soda.

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It could be that you overmixed your egg whites—egg whites are a leavener, so if you beat them to death, the cake could rise and fall. And it could be based on fluctuations in oven temperature. How do you test a cake for doneness? I like to give the top of the cake a little push. I always second-guess myself. I have a love-hate relationship with my oven.

matt lewis and renato poliafito relationship

It sometimes lies to me. You just have to make sure you really grease or flour the pan well or bothbecause a hot cake will break up much easier than a cold cake.

There are a million frostings out there, some as simple as cream cheese mixed with powdered sugar. We also make a really funky buttercream icing, a mix of Swiss and Italian meringue thickened with a roux.

I do love a cream cheese frosting, and we use that for our carrot cake, and occasionally for our red velvet cakes and pumpkin whoopee pies. I also love the frosting we use for our Diner Double Dark cake—basically a ganache with butter beaten into it. Sugar plays a role, but it should never be the thing you taste.

Chocolate and banana are naturally sweet in their own ways, so why add on to it? The roux makes it a little thicker. Swiss meringue buttercream icing can feel very light on the tongue and not always in a good way. Our buttercream has a more substantial taste.

Any encouragement for newbie bakers? Obviously, baking is different from cooking—making a cake is different from making a pasta dish, where you can sample as you go along. America's Sweetheart Renato Poliafito is standing in his kitchen on the 14th floor of a modern apartment building in Gowanus.

He tells me that his dad was able to grow a full beard and that his brother is the same, but he cannot.

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The sentiment is dry, amusing and curiously telling. He moves about his kitchen with a smile. Renato trepidatiously offers me a cup of coffee he fancies me an expert- I am. We both laugh, but I laugh more. He has made fairly glamorous appearances alongside Martha Stewart, less glamorous ones deep inside O Magazine and countless interviews and web spots in between. Their product is truly one of the best and definitely deserves the media attention.

Before venturing into baking, Renato briefly worked in advertising, finding a strong footing as a digital designer. One gig found him as the online marketing designer for Playboy. I wanted to get a little deeper inside the man behind the brownie.

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Renato is incredibly gentle and smiley and accommodating. He is so sweet in fact, that any tinge of sexual innuendo I had hoped to retrieve from our conversation was immediately replaced with comical and endearing anecdotes on life and love.

matt lewis and renato poliafito relationship

When pressed about crude highlights from his romantic history, Renato tells me that he once slept with a celebrity.