Maya and lucas relationship on girl meets world

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maya and lucas relationship on girl meets world

Lucas and Riley went on their first date and shared their first kiss in the episode Girl Meets First Date. In Girl Meets the New World, their relationship is discussed, . Now that 'Girl Meets World' has made the Riley/Lucas/Maya love triangle official, where do we go from here? Which couples do you support?. Maya first noticed Lucas on the subway and had a "relationship" with him for less In Girl Meets Texas (Part 1), it is revealed that Maya has a crush on Lucas.

Feeny makes a cameo appearance in the pilot episode, his only appearance in the first season. Feeny was Cory, Shawn, and Topanga's teacher in junior high, their principal in high school, and their professor in college.

Throughout these years, Feeny was the Matthews' next-door neighbor and a close friend to the Matthews family as well as Shawn Hunter. He asks Riley and Maya how Cory has been to them as he receives some positive answers. He returned in the series finale. Although Cory and Shawn often bullied Minkus, the boys also looked to him for advice on girls and life, and Stuart was good friends with Topanga, later becoming a fierce rival, which carries over to this series.

He appears at Career Day at school, whereupon he instantly renews his rivalry with both Cory and Topanga, and is proud to mention his position as the CEO of Minkus International.

In Boy Meets World, Harley was much older than the rest of the students due to being held back. He mentions in "Girl Meets Flaws" that Cory helped him get the job. Reminiscent of the original series, Harley likes to address Cory by the nickname Johnny Baboon. Harley is regretful for his past behavior and looks to steer kids from going down the wrong path. However, it is mildly implied that Harley's aggressive side isn't entirely gone as he mentions that without music, he is prone to do things.

Alan has a close relationship with Cory and owns a wilderness store which he originally ran with his eldest son Eric in Boy Meets World. Amy has a close relationship with her children, especially Morgan, who is her only daughter. She would often disagree with Cory and Topanga as a couple when they made important decisions even though she is fond of them. She returned in the series finale. He was born premature, underweight, and almost died just hours after his birth.

He first appears with his parents in "Girl Meets Home for the Holidays", where he is 17 years old and is still living with them in Philadelphia. Maya has a major crush on him, although Joshua tries to make their three-year age difference clear to her. He visits his brother's home throughout the series, and enrolled at New York University prior to the end of season one. In the season three, two-part episode "Girl Meets Ski Lodge", he helps Cory chaperone his class's field trip.

  • Lucas and Maya

During the trip, he tells Maya that there could be a possibility for them in the future. Riley was upset when she saw Lucas and Missy together.

maya and lucas relationship on girl meets world

Riley disliked the fact that there were other girls who got to talk to Lucas. Riley was sad all during class. Through the classroom window, Riley kept watching Lucas and Missy. Lucas seemed to brush Missy off when she talked about scary movies.

Riley immediately ran into the classroom when Missy tapped Lucas's nose. Riley tried to "boop" Lucas's nose. Lucas kept smiling at Riley, even though she accidentally stuck her finger into his nose. Riley hid herself in a locker because of what she did to Lucas. Riley said that she lived in the locker, because Missy thinks that Lucas is into her. During lunch, Riley asked Maya if she thinks that Lucas will sit with them.

Lucas and Riley

When Lucas asked Riley, Maya and Lucas if he could sit with them, Riley said that there's always room for him. Lucas sat next to Riley. Lucas smiling at Riley Lucas seemed to be bothered by Missy when she pulled him away from Riley, Maya and Farkle's table.

maya and lucas relationship on girl meets world

Riley didn't want Lucas and Missy together. When Riley walked up to Lucas and Missy, Lucas immediately acknowledged her. When Riley told Lucas that she didn't want him to be alone with Missy Lucas smiled as if he wanted her to say that she liked him. Lucas was upset when he was put into detention with Missy. When Lucas saw Riley and Maya in detention, he looked as if relieved and happy that Riley didn't want him to be alone with Missy.

Lucas smiled at Riley as she greeted Missy. Lucas kept glancing at Riley. Lucas invited Riley, Maya and Farkle to come with them to the movies.

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Lucas kept most of his attention on Riley as he was talking. When Missy left Lucas and Riley were staring at one another. Riley told Lucas that the easiest thing about having friends is trusting them.

They stayed in the classroom with Maya and Farkle even after Cory left. Lucas greeted Riley and Maya. Riley walked up to Lucas and said, "Lucas, hello. Riley asked Lucas if he was going to the school dance. Lucas replied with, "thought I would, you? Maya told them that they were both going to be there. While Maya began to mock Lucas, the bell rang and Lucas turned to each other, both of them losing their attention on Maya dancing.

Lucas asked Riley if she was going to class.

maya and lucas relationship on girl meets world

After Lucas successfully rides the bull, Riley notices Maya watching from afar and realizes that Maya likes Lucas. Riley discovers that Maya makes fun of Lucas because she likes him. Farkle realizes that Maya likes Lucas. Riley tells Lucas that Maya likes him. Lucas tells Riley that he doesn't think they're brother and sister, and the camera switches to Maya, who looks down at her lap with a heart-broken look. When Lucas confronts her about her feelings for him, Maya initially tries to deny it by avoiding a direct answer and teasing him.

However, this backfires on her, as when she leans towards him to say "ha-hurr", Lucas places his hands on the sides of her face and almost kisses her.

maya and lucas relationship on girl meets world

There was a kiss filmed for this episode, but it was cut. Afterwards, Maya admits that she does like Lucas, and says he's a good guy, before adding that "If you got hurt, I don't know what I would've done.

Then when I found out that I was gonna have a chance with you, well As soon as Maya says "Hurr-hurr", he instantly stops her with the kiss. Maya pours her and Lucas' smoothie on his head when he starts to talk to her about helping delivering a baby horse, breaking the awkwardness.