Meet and greet one direction 2012 toronto

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meet and greet one direction 2012 toronto

The Take Me Home Tour was the second headlining concert tour by English-Irish boy band The North American leg was set to begin a city run in Sunrise, Florida, on 13 June and to stop in Toronto, Chicago, Denver, Montreal and Las In May , as One Direction added more dates to their World Tour, . One Direction North American Tour VIP info guide. March 21, at PM. VIP Packages are purchased through VIP Nation at One Direction VIP (click “BUY NOW” to find list of dates). NO PHONE ORDERS Toronto VIP · Detroit VIP. Two teen girls are offering to take a popular boy band on a private flight and tour of Toronto and Niagara Falls when they're in the area for a.

The One Direction VIP Concert Experience | Experienced Moments

Set for December and Januarythe tour would showcase their then- upcoming debut albumand would commence on 18 December in WatfordEngland and end on 26 January in BelfastNorthern Ireland. One Direction announced the solo tour shortly after releasing their first single, " What Makes You Beautiful ".

Shortly after, English singer-songwriter Olly Murs was confirmed to be the opening act for select dates on the tour. Empire wrote, "It's easy to sneer at boy bands, but always worth considering their appeal. It goes without saying that One Direction are slick, and often bland. With the exception of their persuasive No 1 single, "What Makes You Beautiful", their songs aren't wildly distinctive".

Take Me Home Tour (One Direction)

He states, "The room shook with hair raising, ear drum piercing and if there had been windows glass-shattering screams. Each took a turn walking forward to embrace the cries from the sold-out Hammersmith Apollo while singing the lame-named Na, Na, Na.

meet and greet one direction 2012 toronto

It was impossible to tell which one of the five boys had the biggest ovation but the loudest cheer came when Niall played acoustic guitar as they sang solo around an artificial camp fire". She says, "They came, they saw, they conquered.

meet and greet one direction 2012 toronto

Dreams came true for thousands of Irish female fans as their pop idols One Direction took to the stage at the O2. Swarms of screaming girls flocked to the sold-out venue last night as Zayn, Harry, Louis, Liam and Mullingar teen Niall Horan performed for 14, fans".

It came out of nowhere. All I remember is everyone screaming and raising their hands to be picked to ask the boys a question. I kind of just stood there with a unsure look on my face and my hand half raised with not as much enthusiam as most around me.

Then everyone sat down and I was left standing with the mic, so I pulled my 1 fan sister up beside me and whispered violently to her: LOL Google could have answered that. When we asked the question the boys looked right at us, and talked directly to us!

Then while the boys were leaving the stage I threw my second and last red t-shirt in hopes of one of boys not only catching it but keeping it! Could it really get any better? The answer is yes!

We were left speechless and in awe after sound check. I would have been happy to go home right then and there. But the entire concert itself was still waiting for us! This is the exclusive merchandise we got with our VIP package. We made some awesome friends along the way which helped to pass the hour or so we had to kill while stuck in the VIP waiting area. Once that time came we went through the pubic walkway and were greeted by an array of free stuff glow sticks, Wonka candy, magazines etc.

Finally reaching the end after moving through the slow tide of people, we went to search out our seats. We had tickets for sectionrow E, seats 11 and At first I was excited that we had the fifth row if going alphabeticallythen I was disappointed that we had section which was one of the side and not the middle. But then I was excited again when someone told me row E for that side section is actually the first row!

We were angled towards the middle of the stage with no one in front of us. But of course it had to get better, right? So right in front of us was a platform and two security guards beside it.

Yes Harry, Zayn, Liam, Louis and Niall were all centimeters away from me when I ran up to that platform and I was able to touch their hands! I could see every little detail of their faces and even made eye contact with the boys! It felt like my own private concert. What else could happen to make this already seemingly perfect experience even better?