Mikoto and anna relationship questions

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mikoto and anna relationship questions

For example, Anna's relationship with Mikoto. . I've basically finished my rants so that my views and the issues I had with the anime aren't tainted, but it's nice to . May 12, Anna had two options for baby on this day: Tatara or Mikoto. Anna had .. was black right now. It would probably be best to avoid too many questions. LadyCassie: I'm glad you liked their relationship development. oscar!. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships.

It wanted to see the girl who took take of him all this time in that state. She adds that it believes it is no longer needed here, because it is a strain. After hearing what Basashi had to say, Mikoto roughly lifts Anna up and asks if she is satisfied. When Awashima appears and tells the group she will have to deal with Basashi, Anna tries to stop her, although there was no need.

Back at the bar, Totsuka video tapes Anna's miserable look which he claimed was cute. Angrily, she probably punched Totsuka and grabbed his camera, pointing it as his face. The man then started to apologize, saying he wasn't used to being filmed. Anna smiled happily at the clip and says "I've found Tatara", while Kusanagi pats her on the head.

Anna listening to Totsuka sing. Sometime during the month of September, Anna was drinking from a small glass provided by Kusanagi. She blew a bubble in her drink after he made a joke about Totsuka. Anna denied that she was laughing. Once she finished her drink, she went up to Totsuka and asked if he was going to sing his song. Flattered that Anna would ask, Totsuka began to play a song with the whole Clan as his audience.

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When Mikoto asks what was wrong, Anna answered it was not a good time to go downstairs right now, and seemed rather happy as she passed the King. On December 7th around night, Anna goes to Mikoto's room and quietly wishes him a good night and he notes how she is in a good mood. Smiling cheerfully, Anna answered that she wondered, and said tomorrow was rare, because she would get to be with everybody and goes to sleep in her room, leaving Mikoto smiling.

That same night, one of Anna's marbles suddenly shatters and she sits up in shock, noticing what happened and quietly said Totsuka's name with worry. Anna goes to see Mikoto and he grimly tells her that Totsuka had died while his Aura began to flame up as his face remained without expression. She ran towards Mikoto and hugged him, wearing a sad expression and calling out Mikoto's name. He sits quietly while the clock ticks A year and a half later, Anna joined her Clansmen as they watch old footage recorded by Totsuka.

Once they were all done watching the videos, most of the male members left to carry out a mission. Anna is left alone with Mikoto and Kusanagi, though she distanced herself from either by staying next to Totsuka's camera.

She eventually found a tape titled Basashi Commotion and showed it to Kusanagi. Anna accompanies her group, HOMRAon their "interrogation" of one of the city's gang leaders, who happens to reside in a hotel suite.

She is paired up with Mikoto, holding on to his coat as they walk towards the hotel. She looks through one of her marbles at one point, presumably to see all of the colors instead of only red. They arrive at the hotel suite not long after the others finish the preparations; afterwards, Anna begins to do her mind-reading on the gang leader, using her red marble as a sort of "link". However, she is unable to find any sort of valued information from the man, disappointing the others; with that, they leave.

The group head to the building's lobby, where they are confronted by Scepter 4quickly initiating in battle with them. Anna is the only one who does not participate. This is the same for their next pursuit of a male teenagerwho closely resembles the man who murdered Totsuka. Atop one of their vans, Anna uses a map and four of her marbles to locate Yashiro Isanaallowing Kusanagi to send a call out to the others in their group to go look in the specified area.

She is quiet when Yata and Kamamoto start fighting, as well as when Kusanagi explains to them why Mikoto turned himself in. Anna does comment that Kusanagi was lying when he said that he trusted Yata. She pinpoints him at Ashinaka High School. Several days later, while playing with her marbles, one of them suddenly floats in the air and emits a fiery glow from the inside.

As she stares at it, Anna whispers Mikoto's name. She joins her Clansmen when they head over to the Scepter 4 headquarters to check up on Mikoto. It is there that they discover that he has recently broken out of his prison cell.

Upon seeing Mikoto, Anna runs over to him and quickly grasps onto his hand. She then walks together with him as the Clan itself makes way to their new destination: While she is walking, Anna pulls out a marble and it begins floating in the sky, though it shatters after emitting another glow. The shards end up cutting her hand causing blood to drip. Her blood forms a sphere-like object and Anna suddenly sees Mikoto in a desolate, ruined city.

Surprised, she asks whether he still intends to go but does not receive an answer. A silenced Anna continues onward as her blood ball splatters on the ground behind her. Anna, along with the rest of her Clan, eventually arrives at Ashinaka High School where they succeed in taking it over through force. She tells an unsure Eric that he is indeed on the campus.

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However, she is still worried that she cannot find him even so. Night soon falls and it also begins to snow. Anna notices that Mikoto's Aura is being covered up by the snow falling over him and decides to remove it.

She finds him within the rubble of the destroyed clock tower on the school's courtyards, something that Mikoto is responsible for, and tries climbing through it. Anna nearly ends up falling but is caught by Mikoto. He pulls her up next to him and she explains that she cannot have his "red" not showing.

When Mikoto uses his Aura to melt the snow, Anna then states that his "red" is the prettiest, before she then curls up next to him. Anna adds that he is warm and that wherever he is, that is the only warm place to her.

She then begins to fall asleep, surrounded by a sphere of Mikito's Aura, which he created to keep her warm. Kusanagi tells Anna to come with him and she obliges. He helps her get down from the rubble. Before they head back, Anna and Kusanagi turn to look at Mikoto again.

It is eventually morning.

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Anna and Mikoto wait alongside each other in the student council's office with other Red Clansmen. They respected each other. There was perhaps a bit of rivalry between them because neither would like to be bested by the other in anything. While Mikoto focused his dislike toward the Blue King, Izumo frowned at the woman who had come in as well.

She was the beautiful Seri Awashima. The blonde sighed when she saw Izumo's expression. I am in formal attire today because my King and I have come to make a formal request to the Red King. Seri sat beside Munakata, and therefore the Blue King was in the middle.

We are only here out of concern for the little girl who is always with you," Munakata replied. Izumo, who had been in the process of picking up a bottle of scotch that Munakata had pointed to, stiffened in surprised. Mikoto ignored him for a moment to light a cigarette.

When it was stuck between his lips, he raised an eyebrow at Munakata. He offered one to Munakata who took it and allowed Mikoto to flick his finger at the tip to light it using his power. Mikoto glanced at him while Izumo served Munakata a scotch on the rocks. Perhaps she should interact with members of her same gender. For her own sake, she should blend in with other people.

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It is enough," Mikoto stated and blew out a puff of smoke. He was clearly irritated. Not many could notice that the Red King was, but Izumo knew him long enough to realize.

The bartender proceeded to dump some red bean paste to the drink he was making for Seri. He suppressed a shudder at the thought of actually drinking anko. It was not high on the list of things he wanted to try although Seri refused to consume alcohol without it. Mikoto and Izumo glared at her.

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Folding her arms, she stated, "I highly doubt you uncouth individuals told that child what's going to happen to her when she hits puberty! Izumo poured himself a drink and Mikoto finished his cigarette and started another one before any response was given to the Scepter 4 members.

Anna is very attached to the King and rarely ever leaves his side. To have her leave-" "So who's going to have the sex talk with her? Once more, the other two men stiffened.

mikoto and anna relationship questions

She will become curious about her sexual being, and will want to experiment. There will be many available options for her to experiment with considering the fact that she is growing up only among males who will more than likely become attracted to her. He shot them both looks that would make a ferocious bear cower in fright. She cannot continue to cling to you. You must agree that she needs to grow on her own to blossom to her full potential, instead of using you as something to hold onto and shield her from the world.

mikoto and anna relationship questions

He also held out a card to Mikoto. Munakata sighed, but smiled as he tucked away his card in his blue uniform. I think it's time we took our leave," He motioned for Seri to come.

She shrugged, a slight blush on her cheeks, "She's cute and very feminine, and I cannot bear to see her loose her female qualities because she lives with a bunch of barbarians.

mikoto and anna relationship questions

She is delicate and should be allowed to flourish evolve like the pretty little butterfly that she is. Mikoto simply glared when Munakata smiled in goodbye to him before going.

The bastard was obviously reeling with laughter over the idea of Mikoto explaining periods and sex to a pre-adolescent girl. He had only come to see Mikoto's reactions to Seri's words, not because she had actually asked him to go with him to do any convincing. I had no idea that that cold hearted woman liked cute things," Mikoto turned to Izumo and scoffed, "Don't all women?

He was obviously at a loss because there were things that he, as mighty a king as he was, simply could not do. Especially when it came to children-female children. Had Anna been a normal child, he would never have been able to get along with her. However, she had the maturity of someone decades older and therefore he managed well with her.

It was like having a mini-adult around. But Anna was getting older. She was getting taller. Soon she would develop curves and- "Bras," Izumo suddenly said. His mouth was open and he was frightened at the thoughts he was suddenly having. Mikoto looked up at him sharply. He rubbed his hands over his face in frustration. For a moment he wished he could see Totsuka to smack him on the back of his head for dying.

These were things they could have counted on him for.