Miles and tristan relationship quotes

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miles and tristan relationship quotes

Miles's and Tristan's final appearance in Degrassi: Next Class. Sarah (:Miles and .. "He's the one." - When your obsession with a quote grows too big. Khloe and Tristan have been through a lot in their relationship. of cheating scandals, dramatic Instagram story quotes, and lots of baby pics. Tristan go out to see an afternoon movie together at a theater a few miles outside of Cleveland. A page for describing Quotes: Degrassi. Tristan: Let me tell you how this "plan" of yours is gonna go. Tristan: Yeah, and then Miles will slug Zig. with bullying , drugs, alcohol, sex, teen pregnancy, teen marriage, violence, STDs, infidelity.

The episode opens on Saad, walking to school and trying to memorize a presentation. Now you stay in texting Fadi. She explains about the Muslim Students Association that she just started at Degrassi. Abra takes a shirt, but Saad avoids taking one. He arrives in class, sitting near Vijay and Hunter far away from Zig. Saad turns down the shirt because terrorist attacks happen every day— what makes the one in Belgium so special? Hunter lightly accuses Saad of being pro-terrorist and Saad storms out, angrily speaking Arabic.

In a different class, Saad sits next to Lola and ends up giving her his presentation notes when she realizes she left hers at home. When she leaves, Abra calls him over to the computer to show him a video of him that someone had taken when he had angrily shared his views in Arabic. At school, Saad approaches Goldi to ask for help from the Muslim Student Association, and she says that the MSA thinks he should apologize at the rally.

Lola later approaches Saad, who sees his side of things. It feels wrong to pick-and-choose who gets help. Not in Paris, not in Belgium, not in America. At the rally, Saad stumbles over his words after Baaz and Vijay turn them against him.

The mic is turned off and he leaves the stage, telling Lola she was wrong to think that people would listen.

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When Frankie learns about the bake sale fundraiser for Belgium, she immediately wants to be a part of it and cancels her plans with Esme for that night. Later, Frankie makes a huge mess as she tries to bake, and Esme and Zig show up to help. The trio ices the cupcakes with Belgian flag colours. Frankie accidentally hits Zig in the face with frosting and it starts a frosting war that ends with Frankie and Esme on top of Zig.

She dumps the cupcakes because of the threesome connotation. Esme manipulates her into thinking that her and Zig are her only true friends because they helped her through her breakup with Jonah. Samira is in Belgium and Rasha wanted to check up on her.

A jealous Zoe later lurks Samira online, feeling insecure. Zoe approaches Rasha to start smooching, and ends up trying to give her a painful neck massage.

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When that fails, she tries to move next to Rasha, and ends up hitting her in the lip. When she tries to help, she hits Rasha in the head. Rasha leaves to get ice, frustrated. Later, Zoe tries to break up with Rasha so she can being with Samira. Goldi is doing so much so well. How much did those t-shirts cost to make? What kind of budget does student council have, and how did they get the shirts so quickly?

For such open-minded students, no one is really listening to anything he has to say. Their C-plot was, well… very much a C-plot. Also, Abra is officially the cutest and I hope she leads the hoard of newbies that Degrassi we be receiving in season 5!

Yael feels like an identity overhaul is needed and turns to Lola for help. Maya auditions for Zoe, Goldi, and a special celebrity judge for the charity talent show. The episode opens with Yael, Hunter, Baaz, and Vijay trying to figure out what to do for the charity talent show.

The boys have the great idea of lighting their farts on fire to music, and Yael finds that gross. The boys chalk it up to her being a girl and Vijay asks Lola how she feels about farts in hopes of proving the guys right. Not wanting to leave the conversation unfinished, she claims her right to go into the bathroom because the sign indicates people wearing pants rather than boys only.

Later, she finds Hunter between classes, and he barely says a word to her before leaving to go to a class they have together. She says it calls for a makeover. What does that make me? Yael stammers in return: I mean, I like girls. She asks if Yael wants to change but the answer is no.

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Not for him, not for anyone. He walks off, upset. Frankie finds Zig later and comforts him, offering up her pathetic moments to make him feel better. Zig tries to explain to Esme that there was nothing happening with Frankie just then, but Esme seems to be encouraging him to make a move on Frankie.

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She brings up the threesome rumours again: We get a bad rep around school and none of the actual fun. Tiny later asks Zig if Esme dumped him, and Zig says he thinks he kind of has two girlfriends now. He walks away to join Esme and Frankie. So much happened in this episode that I feel like my brain exploded trying to even think about what went down. For starters, Yael is non-binary!

Degrassi handled the gender identity very well and in a very Degrassi-esque way. My biggest problem with is is that the actress who plays Yael, the incredible Jamie Bloch, is cisgender. The threesome is REAL.

In the first episode that we saw the trio together, Esme was holding hands with Frankie and calling a picture of Frankie and Zig cute.

miles and tristan

The episode opens on Zig, Frankie, and Esme, cuddled up at school. Esme immediately gets defensive and invites herself and a hapless Frankie along. Shay is invited along by Tiny, and Lola tells Shay that on the camping trip, Shay and Tiny are definitely going to have sex.

Meanwhile, Maya is stressed about writing perfect songs for Craig Manning and acing her finals. Esme tries to convince her, but Frankie tells her to make her own history with Zig and friends, and leaves to go meet Shay and Lola. Shay calls her mom to get permission for camping, and it surprisingly works. At the campsite, post-getting set up, the group hangs out and reminisces, and Esme is the clear outlier.

She brings weed brownies for dessert, which everyone in the group turns down for various reasons. Frustrated, Esme claims a headache and goes to sulk in her tent. Later, Maya stresses out about her song-writing and Frankie, Shay, and Lola shows up. Esme plots for them to go swimming with their new bikinis and eventually skinny-dipping to lure Zig in.

Jonah and Grace tell Maya to relax about her song-writing, but take the brownies away from her when she tries to use those to help her relax. Frankie and Esme walk alone in the dark, Frankie trying to get them to turn back.

Esme is freaking out and paranoid that Zig will abandon her, and she lashes out at Frankie, who was a pawn the entire time to keep Zig with her. Back at the campsite, Zig goes to check on Esme, and Maya emerges from her tent, claiming she wrote the best song ever in record time. She starts to play and sing, stumbling over chords and interesting lyrics: Shay is reluctant to go inside the tent with Tiny but eventually does, zipping her sweater all the way up as he takes his shirt off.

She admits feels generally ready. He asks why she would do that to herself and she responds with: He tries to convince her to prioritize her health over her dream.

Jonah grabs her Epi-pen and Esme administers it to herself, but she fakes it. Jonah and Shay call her out on her faking it. Frankie makes an entrance from the woods: In the morning, Tiny and Shay wake up side by side, in domestic bliss. They decide to let Frankie burn breakfast and have some fun. She takes off her sweater to try and seduce him into not breaking up with her.

The gang packs up the minivan and Maya says she learned she has to go easier on herself and let things happen instead of trying to control everything. This episode was the episode that was going to try to mimic the iconic Hollingshouse sleepover episode in season 3 episode 5 and it honestly was just as good. The lack of a clear A-plot, B-plot, and C-plot worked so well in this episode and honestly, it was nice to catch a break from the vlogger kids.

In other news, Richard Hoyos is killing it as Zig and has gone beyond being that one tough guy in sleeveless shirts. It was strange for the grad trip to initially be for the original friend group without Miles or Zoe being there— they caused their fair amount of drama, but the Esme dramatics would have outshone their appearance there anyways. Also, that part where Lola straight-up told Frankie and Shay that she lost her virginity to Miles and aborted his child?

If that moment had been in one of the earlier episodes of the season, it would have been the best part of the episode by far. Tristan and others wonder if his turbo-mode recovery is a good idea. He struggles to put his pants on, rushing as his roommate, Oli, helps him.

Miles walks in and surprises Tristan with a backpacking trip to Europe. The next day, Tristan can barely move to shut off his alarm. Oli is out, so Tristan grabs a bedpan and stumbles on his own. Miles walks in and Tristan asks if he can wait in the hall, but Miles insists on helping— and Tristan pees on Miles. Tristan finally gets Miles to leave as Oli walks in. He suggests they break up because Tristan kept pushing himself for Miles.

Shay is bombarded by Frankie and Lola at school as they gush about her post-sex glow. The girls discuss how they think Tiny will prompose to Shay.

Shay agrees to spending the night in and watching a movie instead of going to prom, upset. Shay and Frankie talk about Shay not going to prom and Baaz cuts in.

Shay confronts Tiny in the hallway, almost-shouting at him, and some girls turn up the music. She accepts it and everything is okay as they jam to the music.

Lola asks Frankie if she minds if she partners with him for a science project, and Frankie teases her: Back at it again with those problematic crushes. Vijay points out that one of the Brussels attackers was a scared high school kid too until the radicals got to him. Saad sees her and kicks her out. Saad asks for her help because he was talking to someone online who he thinks is a radical. Yael freezes after seeing some of the things Saad said, but Lola talks Yael into doing it. Like no one understand?

These tickle monsters have me pinned! Maybe my brain is just fried from the binge-watching. I was shocked at their breaking up, but it makes sense.

miles and tristan relationship quotes

Oli is my new favourite character. She deserves a good relationship, and Saad deserves to be happy. The moment where Saad went for the high five and Lola went for the hug was the best moment. Also, Yael showed up again— still no update on pronouns. Overall, this episode was better than the early episodes of the season, but my friend remarked that it fell flat after the amazing seventh episode. The senior prom is delayed due to a code red emergency.

Everyone leaves but Zig stays with Maya to cram for the exam. Maya walks up and asks Zig if he wants to go to from together and he agrees. Feeling bad for her, he says he still loves her but needs space. Katie Matlin takes pictures of Zig and Maya pre-prom.

He asks Maya not to post anything on socials because of Esme. Zig discovers from a text message that prom is on hold because of a bomb threat. At prom, Zig is still texting Esme, who is guilt-tripping him into talking to her. He finally puts his phone away, blocking her, and goes to dance with Maya. Make you all happy! He tries to leave and she starts hitting him until he tumbles down a steep slope in the forest.

Hunter tries to make plans to celebrate end of exams with Baaz and Vijay, who are volunteering at prom. He tries to hop on that, but Baaz shuts him down.

When Hunter tries to rant, Vijay interjects with the proper pronouns. At the Hollingsworth house, Hunter is still freaking out about Yael and Frankie tells him he has to decide how he feels before Yael goes after anyone else.

miles and tristan relationship quotes

They go to get a volunteer uniform for Hunter. They return, and police sirens are heard. Police cars pull up, as does a bomb unit truck. Lola tries to get them to stop, but they go talk to an officer, and soon Saad is stopped by the officer who wants to ask him questions. Yael calls him the problem and leaves. Later, Miles approaches his dad about the London Writers Academy. He tells him to go to the writing school but not to miss prom.

At prom, Miles surprises Winston and invites him to backpack in Europe with him. Goldi walks up to Winston, who apologizes to her, and she forgives him. Miles shows up to see Tristan to ask him to come to prom. Finally, we have some pronouns for Yael, but we have more of Hunter being Hunter. The best exchange of the whole night came from the volunteers plotline: Welcome to the club.

So what does that make you? Is that like pan? As for Zig and Maya, their chemistry is off-the-charts. She looked much more awake than Zig did, and started moving when he started to. The best moment was when they were slow-dancing and Grace told them to kiss. She sees Esme, sobbing and pacing, who points Maya to Zig at the bottom of the slope.

Frankie realizes that Esme said she tried to stop prom. At school, in graduation gowns, Maya, Miles, Tristan, and Grace reminisce before Zig hobbles in on crutches.

Frankie sees Esme outside on a motorcycle that she bought for Zig. Y'know, all these rappers glamorizing gang culture? I was shot in the back by a trivia nerd covered in yellow paint and feathers It's called Degrassi Community School.

Well, for some of us the emphasis is on "community". Jenna, exactly when did my life become a soap opera? Oh, honey, that was a while ago. Brightside 1 " High School sucks.

Spend time here with people who don't. Let me tell you how this "plan" of yours is gonna go. Miles is gonna be all " Maya. And Zig will be all broody like "Maya. Yeah, and then Miles will slug Zig. And Zig will probably have a knife and, like, stab Miles! And Grace will go all crazy and she'll spike the punch with LSD! And that weirdo Tiny will, like, burn the gym down!

And then the semi-formal will end with everyone dying in a fiery inferno!

miles and tristan relationship quotes

I think you guys are being a bit dramatic. This is what will happen if we come. Everyone will sit around eating tiny sandwiches and caviar. And drinking tea - pinkies up. This one [Zig] will get under moneybags' skin.

By being a little too lippy.