Oberyn and ellaria relationship quotes

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oberyn and ellaria relationship quotes

let's loos XD". Taste my valyrian steel - 9GAG Game Of Thrones Quotes, Game Of Thrones Funny, .. kinda is xD #got". Oberyn Martell and Ellaria Sand <3 < 3 Sand Game, Pedro Pascal I like their weird "father-daughter" relationship. [Oberyn smiles and steps forward as Ellaria watches.] Oberyn Martell: Do you know why all the world hates a Lannister? You think your Samwell Tarly: The interesting thing is our vows never specifically forbid intimate relations with women. 4 Quotes by Oberyn; 5 Quotes about Oberyn; 6 Family; 7 Behind the Scenes four of his eight daughters are Dornish, born to his long-time paramour, Ellaria Sand. Princess Elia Martell, and met multiple potential marriage candidates for his.

She bore his children. Swaddled them, rocked them, fed them at her own breast, Elia wouldn't let the wet nurse touch them. And beautiful, noble Rhaegar Targaryen That started a war and the war ended right here when your father's army took the city. I wasn't actually present- Oberyn Martell: They butchered those children.

My nephew and niece. Carved them up and wrapped them in Lannister cloaks. And my sister, you know what they did to her? The one I keep hearing is that Ser Gregor Clegane, the Mountain, raped Elia and split her in half with his greatsword.

I don't know what happened. If the Mountain killed my sister, your father gave the order. Tell your father I'm here.

The Bisexual Prince: Oberyn Martell and Teaching Sexuality

And tell him the Lannisters aren't the only ones who pay their debts. There's one on every mile-marker between here and Meereen. How many miles are there between here and Meereen? One hundred and sixty-three, Your Grace. I'll tell our men to ride ahead and bury them.

You don't need to see this. You will do no such thing. I will see each and every one of their faces. Remove her collar, before you bury her. So you admit you murdered Qhorin Halfhand? I didn't murder him. You put your sword through a brother of the Night's Watch. What do you call that? He wanted me to kill him. A bastard son of a traitor. What would you expect? The Halfhand believed our only chance to stop Mance was to get a man inside his army. Don't talk about the Halfhand as if you knew him.

He was my brother. Then you'd know he'd do anything to defend the Wall. The free folk would have boiled him alive, but letting me kill him He even talks like a wildling now. Aye, I talk like a wildling.

I ate with the wildlings. I climbed the Wall with the wildlings. I laid with a wildling girl. You admit to breaking your vows, then? The law is the law. The boy must die. If we beheaded every ranger who lay with a girl, the Wall would be manned by headless men. There's a difference between sneaking off to the Mole's Town brothel and sleeping with the enemy.

While we sit here, debating which rules I broke, Mance Rayder marches on the Wall with an army of a hundred thousand. You can't get fifty wildlings together before they start killing each other. He's united the Thenns, the Hornfoots, the ice-river clans, there's giants'fighting for him. Have you ever been beyond the Wall, ser? I commanded the City Watch of King's Landing, boy. And now you're here. You must not have been very good at your job.

There's a band of wildlings south of the Wall already, led by Tormund Giantsbane. I killed their warg and three others. They shot me full of arrows.

Their orders are to attack Castle Black from the south when Mance hits it from the north. The signal for the attack will be a bonfire. Mance said it would be the greatest fire the North has ever seen.

Do you intend to execute me or am I free to go? None of us are free. We are men of the Night's Watch. But we won't be taking your head today, Jon Snow. Hey, I know you. Pour our new friend some ale! What brings you so far north? I could ask the same of you. What're you doing up here? Just keepin' the King's peace. No need, war's over. Stuck with your brother. He's good, the Mountain is. Best at what he does. But torture, torture, torture, torture. You spend enough time puttin' a hammer to people, and you start to feel like a carpenter making chairs.

Drains the fun right out of it! And what's life without a little fun? Well, I don't need to tell you that, eh? You should come with us. His kind, they've always got something hidden away, gold, silver, more daughters. Always something, if you know how to make em talk and there's plenty of 'em between here and King's Landing. You could do well for yourself.

We certainly have been! I'm not going to King's Landing. But think about it. We can do whatever we like, wherever we go! These are the King's colors. No one's standing in his way now When I heard that Joffrey's dog had turned tail and run at the Battle of the Blackwater, I didn't believe it.

But, here you are. Bring me one of those chickens. You got money to pay for it? You paid for it? No, but we're the King's men. So, you got money? I'll still take that chicken. One of our little chickens for one of yours. Give us a go at your friend.

Lowell there likes them a bit broken in.

House Martell

Think I'll take two chickens. You don't seem to understand the situation. I understand, that if any more words come pouring out your cunt mouth I'm gonna have to eat every fucking chicken in this room. You lived your life for the King. You gonna die for some chickens?

oberyn and ellaria relationship quotes

My brother tells me you keep your mouth shut. Unusual talent, for a sellsword. He tells me you shit gold, just like your father. Is this place safe? There's this knight, er, Laygood. Got thunderbolts on his shield? She's a screamer, that one. If they don't hear her, they won't hear us. Problem is, if you fight with an edged blade, I'll have to. And if I fight with an edged blade, I'll have no one left to pay me. I haven't used a sparring sword since I was nine. Best time to attack a man.

If I still had my right hand Plan on growin' it back? What did you do to him? He was a slow learner, but he learned. Peeled a few bits. Removed a few others. These ideas are linked to the bisexual theory discussed above, but have a life of their own.

Educators or their students may wish to make reference to how these tropes exist within Game of Thrones and with reference to Oberyn Martell.

oberyn and ellaria relationship quotes

For instance, in broader media trends, often the word bisexual is never used. With its medievalist setting and the complete lack of sexual identity words within Game of Thrones, this is easily explained in the context of Oberyn.

Nonetheless, educators need to be prepared for students to bring forward their contextual knowledge. Though this is a show where anyone can die, it is worth noting that the male characters who have shown same-gender attraction, Renly Baratheon, Loras Tyrell, and Oberyn Martell, have all been killed. Pedro Pascal, the actor who plays Oberyn, is a Chilean Latino actor. To quote Stephanie Vasqueza bisexual Latina activist: But what about the Middle Ages?

How can educators talk about pre-modern sexuality? Certainly the cultural differences can create shock and discomfort in students. Using a familiar medievalist character such as Oberyn may ease students into this unfamiliar territory.

As a character who is not given a sexual identity label, yet openly rejects normative sexual modes, the Prince of Dorne can act as a bridge between medieval and modern, as well as heteronormative and queer understandings of the Middle Ages.

For instance, upper-class men in Italian city-states would often remain unmarried until their thirties, at which point their family and the family of a younger woman would negotiate the logistic and financial requirements of a marriage between them.

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Likely few to none of your students will have similar expectations of their own future, making even normative medieval sexuality a strange and foreign concept. How, then, did medieval people conceive of non-normative sexuality?

In this case, how did they conceive of sexual activity between men? Michael Rocke, in Forbidden Friendships, lays out a case for the quasi-normalization of sodomitical behaviour in Renaissance Florence. Oberyn suggests that he may do similar while speaking with Varys, noting that he has young male retainers available to him.

Rocke suggests it was not uncommon for married men to also have young men as sexual partners, though it was more frowned upon since a married man should be producing children with his wife. This fluidity of sexuality, where involvement with both men and women was tolerated so long as it was kept relatively private, is reflected in the portrayal of Oberyn. Of course, Oberyn is far less private about his preferences than medieval expectations would dictate.

In her studies, she found that writers of the period were far more interested in the acts themselves and the reasons men would desire them, rather than being concerned with partner preference. Some writers referenced men who had sex with both men and women, and others felt men who have sex with men should also have sex with women, but it was generally not the most important question in the writing. In this, the shame and sin was in the action rather than the desire, and identity terms related to sexuality did not yet exist.

The Dornish Prince thus stands in both worlds, modern and medieval. He walks the line between medieval reality and modern understanding, a space that can only be described as medievalist. By bringing into the classroom both the current theory and the historical legacy of multi-gender attractions, the floor can be opened to complex discussions. What has changed in the past millennium? How do we navigate the differences between our world and the medieval world?

oberyn and ellaria relationship quotes

Why are medievalist portrayals created in the way they are? What is being said about certain narratives, actions, and identities? What responsibilities do we have in moving the conversation forward? Final thoughts Finally, a note on how to discuss bi sexuality within the classroom, particularly for cisgender heterosexual educators. To Tyrion Lannister as noted by him in his first appearance. Both of them are second sons of their family who have a notorious reputation for being different from the norms of Westerosi society.

Tyrion is unable to take his lower-class lovers as wives, is forced into a political marriage against his will, and remains despised by his family. Oberyn is accepted in Dorne, and by his brother and sister, and enjoys a lifelong romance out of wedlock with a bastard, Ellaria Sand, and has several children. All this without even putting in a token effort to fit in. Like Tyrion, he's highly intelligent, sophisticated, and more culturally attuned and sensitive to the world than most nobles.

To Ser Loras Tyrell. They share a lot in common: However, Oberyn is more passionate, with barely restrained Tranquil Fury and quite clear about his true feelings and sexuality. Loras is calm and restrained for the most part, more attentive to decorum and his responsibilities to his family at a Deadly Decadent Courtso he tries his best to conceal his true feelings and orientation beneath a genteel facade, becoming a Stepford Smiler with a lot of Suppressed Rage.

He's also one for Ned Stark. A man who comes from an isolated region of Westeros into the capital and dislikes most customs of Middle Westeros and especially the Lannisters. He's a warrior and family man who has a strong sense of justice and invited to serve in the King's Small Council. Also like Ned, he's mourning the loss of his sister whose death was partially, the result of Rhaegar Targaryen's dubious judgment.

And despite disliking the Lannisters for their atrocities and the impunity and entitlement with which they walk around, he does not extend it to the younger children and he states that he Would Not Hurt A Child.

His sudden death is just as tragic and shocking as Ned's even if it is under vastly different circumstances. He uses a combination of superior speed, movementangles, and a ranged weapon to keep and close distance when necessary to utterly dominate the fight.

Unfortunately for him, the Mountain's freakish strength and endurance and his own Suicidal Overconfidence make it his own downfall as well as the Mountain's. But in the next episode, it turns out that he placed the manticore poison on the blade which Pycelle found out while tending on the comatose Ser Gregor Clegane. In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, when the guests at the Sept of Baelor are clapping for Joffrey and Margaery, Oberyn turns his head slightly to the left so that he can catch a glimpse of Loras.

Oberyn swings both ways, and Margaery is a gorgeous woman, yet he clearly thinks that her brother is more attractive. This doubles as a Mythology Gagas some of the characters in the novels consider the Adonis-like Loras to be prettier than his classically beautiful sister. It works when he pursues Loras, whose orientation is the worst kept secret in the Seven Kingdoms, but it gives out a wrong signal when he probes Varys who is asexual.

Oberyn dearly loved his big sister Elia as well as his little niece and nephew, and is still heartbroken and utterly filled with rage over the circumstances of their horrifying deaths 20 years later.

Oberyn's attitude to life can be described as such: Helmets Are Hardly Heroic: Oberyn doesn't wear a helmet for his fight against Gregor, despite Tyrion's advice.

oberyn and ellaria relationship quotes

In the books, he did wear a helmet, it didn't help him one bit against the Mountain when he gets his one hit at him Hot-Blooded: Famous for his temper. Upon learning that Oberyn is in the capital, Tyrion Lannister remarks that they must find the good Prince before he kills somebody, or several somebodies.

Fittingly, Oberyn gets a dark, enigmatic Spanish guitar track. Years of rage over his sister's brutal death come to the surface when he faces off against the Mountain as he repeats the same line over and over again. Being known as "The Red Viper", he's very knowledgeable about poisons which Tywin initially suspects that he might have a hand for poisoning Joffrey. And despite being brutally killed by the Mountain, he managed to inflict Manticore poison on him from his poisoned spear, giving him a slow and painful death.

Most Westerosi knights considered poisoned weapons as a form of cheating and a cowardly act. Crosses this with Madness Mantra during his duel with the Mountain. It gets him killed. Judging by how quickly her character turned to the worse after his death, he was this to Ellaria. Just look at that guy and his open-chested shirt. Witness him smiling and twirling around after Gregor Clegane breaks his first spear. This man has balls the size of Harrenhal.

No Sense of Personal Space: He raises Tyrion's chin with his index finger in "Two Swords" to make the shorter man look him in the eye when he speaks of Elia's grisly fate. Oberyn may be hot-blooded, short-tempered, and single-mindedly driven by vengeance, but he has his softer moments. In spite of his unremitting hatred of her family, Oberyn assures Cersei of her daughter's safety and happiness in Dorne in "The First of His Name", and promises to send Myrcella a gift from her mother — a ship — along with Cersei's regards.

Oberyn Martell. Casting y trifulca en el burdel (sub.)

He admitted to Tyrion that he knew Cersei was putting on an act to get his sympathy but felt that she was semi-sincere anyway. In Tyrion's literal hour of need he recounts the moment that he met him as a child. Oberyn and his sister Elia were expecting nothing short of a hideous monster due to the tall tales they'd heard travelling to Casterly Rock.