On and off relationship marriage tarot

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on and off relationship marriage tarot

With this card, expect to feel isolated and 'shut out' of a relationship, Reversed, this marriage may be coming to an end and now you are. Relationship Tarot readings make up the bulk of the work of a Tarot professional. our marriage would undergo a major transformation but we would come out. Tags: tarot, tarot cards, lovers, marriage, tarot reading, tarot spreads, love, relationships We did a Celtic Cross spread for the relationship, and The Lovers card turned up in I have done many readings where this turned out to be the case.

And Simone came for a reading to heal from a break-up. She was confused—if this was her soulmate, why did the relationship end? All the Tarot cards have multiple meanings depending on the situation in which they appear.

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This is especially true for the Major Arcana. The Lovers is a perfect example of a traditional or popular meaning that most people know—and that, indeed, the name suggests. But this card is complex and much more than just a significator of marriage. The Lovers as a Marriage Card Traditional decks typically show the image of a man and a woman surrounded by angels and standing in an idyllic environment.

Love—and a blessed one at that—is an obvious theme. I have done many readings where this turned out to be the case. But The Lovers, like all the Major Arcana, contains more than meets the eye.

My Top Ten Relationship Card Spreads

I have a deck that shows The Lovers as couples engaged in a dance, both in fancy dress and wearing masks. Colored bands of energy swirl around the dancing couples.

In many ways, I think this image more accurately sums up the dynamic energy of the card. The Lovers as a Card of Wholeness In my deck with the dancing couples, we see that the figures are masked. We can open to embodying both yin and yang and being both active and receptive.

The Lovers in the Tarot: What the Card Really Has to Tell You

While this is a more abstract concept, I think you can boil it down to the idea of falling in love with yourself so that you are whole within no matter what energies come swirling about in your life. Her work would allow her to cultivate both sides of her nature and lead her forward to a greater version of herself. Gemini is the sign of the twins—and this duality relates to the wholeness concept discussed above—and also the sign of mental stimulation, movement, communication, and choice.

If you get the Devil tarot cardthen you need to look out for the red flags in the relationship and not be so starry-eyed at your potential spouse. Card Position Five Strengths — What are the factors that will work out in your favour? What is the glue of the relationship, the elements that will hold the two of you together in your union?

This tarot card position will allow you to understand what will work for the two of you. By knowing your strength as a couple, you are able to handle challenges in a more dignified manner. Card Position Six Outcome — How will the marriage turn out?

on and off relationship marriage tarot

What will be the outcome of the union? Receiving the Six of Wands is indicating success and victory. Whereas, the Tower tarot card is not a good signal for the marriage.

It can mean that things will fall apart suddenly. So in other words, the relationship will take a turn for the worst and may end in a separation or divorce. It is a simple tarot spread that will allow you to know the core qualities that your spouse will have in their character.

This will allow you to narrow down potential suitors. It can also be helpful for individuals that are trying to figure out whether to pick option one or two. Sometimes, a few lucky ladies will have more than one choice. Card Position One Appearance — The answer will come from the court cards.

Although it is not set in stone, in my experience court cards show the general appearance of the person. Look out for the court cards, the King of Cupsthis can mean that your future spouse will be light in complexion. Whereas the King of Pentacles can mean that your future spouse might have a beautiful tan complexion. If you are not interested in the appearance of the individual, you can swap out appearance for traits. The core cards can also show the general character of the individual.

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The Queen of Wands indicates a fiery and passionate individual. Whereas the Queen of Pentacles is a loving and enjoys domestic life. Many individuals will want to know if their future spouse will have the means to support them. Therefore, the placement of this tarot card position is a necessary feature of this tarot spread. The Ten of Pentacles will indicate wealth and abundance. Whereas the Five of Pentacles will showcase struggles and financial troubles. What happens when you receive the Two of Pentacles instead?

It can mean that they are juggling two jobs or pinching pennies to make ends meet, in this case it would be recommended that you pick a clarifying tarot card. It focuses on the psychology of the individual.

on and off relationship marriage tarot

The Devil Tarot card indicates a stubborn individual that might indulge in alcohol and toxic behaviours. Should you receive the Knight of Cups instead, then it means that he is open to finding love and offering you a romantic experience that can lead to marriage. Card Position Four Positive Qualities — It is important to establish the positive qualities of your future spouse, and the tarot cards can do that for you.

If you receive the Sun Tarot Cardit means that they look on the bright side and they are optimistic in nature. Sometimes, you may receive a tarot card such as the Death Tarot Cardif that is the case then it can be interpreted as someone that adaptable in situations that require them to change at a rapid pace.

The Six of Pentacles in this card position will indicate a free-loader, someone that is looking for a hand-out in every corner.