Onew and key relationship manager

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onew and key relationship manager

Key Relationship Manager jobs available on Apply to Partnership Manager, Account Manager, Reservations Manager and more!. The Eternal Leader of SHINee, Lee Jin Ki a.k.a Onew! This is what Key sometimes calls Onew. School of Industrial Technology Management, Department of Applied Music – Master's Program (청운대학교 산업기술경영 대학원 실용음악과) . Here Are the Details About His Relationship and Love Life . Onew was happy to listen and just share light hearted conversations again with his difference was his new Father/Son relationship with their Manager. . Key's relationship with him had been the hardest to fix because it had.

I want you to sing like you sing when you're in the car, with what's here," he said, tapping his chest. He watched quietly as they let the women fuss over them one last time as they were shooed out the door. Just before it closed, he saw them turn back and look at him.

He tried to smile. He wanted to throw up. The boys had two songs and a dance performance. The company had been so pleased with their debut stars. The boys were already so well known, winning hearts and fans everywhere. He was so worried.

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Taemin just had another growth spurt and Minho had a terrible breakout of blemishes. He walked into the dressing room. Jonghyun and Key were wearing a path in the ground as they paced back and forth. Onew sat on the couch, singing as Taemin and Minho ran through the dance routine in the front of the mirror. He sighed and sat down in one of the chairs, facing the boys. I know you know these songs backwards and forwards. I even remembering Jonghyun gargling his part of Real once," he pointed out, making said boy blush.

It didn't seem to help much though as they still looked as tense as when he had entered. He sighed and threw his head back. If all else fails, smile at the girls in the crowd. As long as they're screaming, you'll be fine.

Just don't wink at any of them. I don't think we could get emergency care to the fainters in time.

onew and key relationship manager

He didn't know when it had become less and less of a job. Maybe he was too used to the older managers who just stood at the back of a room and smoked their cigarettes, those who couldn't care less about their clients. He pushed the stagehand out of his way and pulled out his cell, jabbing keys. He waited for someone to pick and then immediately ordered enough food for an army. When it came, he forced that same stagehand from before to carry all of it into the dressing room before paying for it.

The boys looked up at him in surprise as he slammed the door shut behind the cowering man. He sighed, taking in a deep breath before facing the boys. Jonghyun was balanced on the couch's armrest, while Onew, Taemin, and Minho were sprawled out on it.

onew and key relationship manager

Key was sitting on the ground, using Onew's legs as a backrest. Why don't you guys start? They looked at each other before moving. Key reached for the plates and napkins, always the responsible one, handing them out.

Onew reached for the chicken, while Taemin and Minho started pouring drinks for everyone. Jonghyun came over and sat down next to him quietly. His head was aching, but it wasn't enough for him to not give the woman before him an incredulous look. The woman rolled her eyes. She had been hired as the new costumer for the new video shoot, Juliette. Honestly, you old perverts! He snorted as he walked away. He entered the dressing room to see a hairdresser messing with Key's hair.

He nearly cringed as he took in the tawny-gold shade. He hadn't been at the salon when they had changed his hair, but now he was regretting not telling his boss to reschedule their meeting. Had he been there, maybe he could've saved the boy's hair. Key was a good sport about it, smiling and running his hands through it without reservation. Frankly, it was only one of the tragedies the design team had inflicted on the boys.

Key's bottle blonde hair, Jonghyun's lack of hair he still couldn't stop cringing of how short it wasthe brightly colored tie-dye shirts. Hell, he was just glad that Onew, Taemin, and Minho looked somewhat recognizable. Well, Minho a little less since he had grown his hair out.

onew and key relationship manager

But he thought it worked for the tall boy, even if the costumers didn't agree. He had managed to win that argument. Sighing, he sat down next to Taemin. The boy smiled at him and he couldn't help but notice how gangly the boy looked.

Can we have pizza? He opened one eye to look at the boy again.

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Just promise me you'll eat as much as Jonghyun and Minho combined," he declared. If he was lucky, the boys would be starving and maybe, just maybe, they'd have an eating contest, which he could then charge to that bossy costumer. That'd make his day, almost as much as if Taemin would gain some weight. Maybe he should also order ice cream. Taemin liked chocolate, right? He couldn't help himself. Jonghyun was sitting on the stool perfectly straight with his lips pressed completely flat.

He took in a deep breath, studying the boy's face. The damn design team had struck again. This time, Jonghyun was the victim. His hair, once upon a time a wonderful healthy black, was a gradient of brown at the crown of his head to bleached blonde bangs surrounding his face. But one look at the nerves on the boy's face made him smile reassuringly.

The boy smiled, relaxing. He patted him on the shoulder before turning around to look at the rest of the boys. He almost wished he didn't. The boys were in thick layers of black shirt, vests, jackets, and scarves along with vinyl pants and heavy combat boots.

He clenched and unclenched his fists repeatedly for a minute. Key looked at him carefully. I'm just going ask her if she wants you to collapse from heat exhaustion," he replied, patting the boy on the head.

He waved his hand. Minho, make sure he eats as much as you," he ordered before leaving. He was going to give those damn women a kick up the ass today for sure. Those fools wouldn't know what hit them. He spat out his water, coughing. His boss sat in front of him, frowning as he mopped the water off of his head with a handkerchief.

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The show was hugely popular with the girls of SNSD. They enjoyed it and look at how their popularity bloomed. Especially without any guidance. After all, they're the same age as Onew. But all of them were Onew's age. Here, Onew is alone as the eldest and he is also an only child.

He has never had any experience with small children," he tried to reason again. Shooting starts in a week. As he entered an empty hallway, he roared and punched the solid wall, too filled with rage. Oh yes, absolutely brilliant. Let's stick a bunch of boys with no real life experience and have them raise a toddler.

He wanted to hit the producers of the show. Fixing his jacket, he turned and started down the hall.

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Well, if that's how the company wanted to play the game. He grabbed out his cell and began to scroll through his contacts. There were quite a few directors and script writers who had been in a pinch when he had helped them out. He was going to call in all the favors he had. After all, if he couldn't help them, then at least he was going to find someone who could. He thought he had seen it all. In the two years he had been with the boys, he thought that there wasn't anything else that the design team or the writers could throw at him that would make him cringe.

Well, half-bald if one had to be technical. But it was bad enough. The stories also often include other bands from S. Entertainment like Exo or Super Junior as well as Idols from different labels. Ontae Onew x Taemin was famous in Japan while international fans were rooting for Jongkey Jonghyun x Key; the most popular, determined by votingbut Jongtae Jonghyun x Taemin and Onkey Onew x Key are also appreciated ships. Of course, some are liked better than others, but SHINee are no strangers to skinship and showing each other their dedication which led to huge variety.

Taemin is sometimes also paired with Kai from Exo Taekai because of their close and intense friendship. According to Taemin even his manager once asked him if he and Kai were dating [3]. However, their friendship is well known and loved by fans. Interactions With Fandom Hence the band members really treasure their fans they did a lot of cute things to show them.

Another time Key came across a fan of his on Instagram who was cutting. Since this had also been a bad habit of him he encouraged the fan to stop it by responding with a text [5]. She managed to improve while he actually remembered her and congratulated her a year later by liking her new photos keeping his promise to look after his fans. Once the members came without bodyguards to chat with their fans and Onew often has cute interactions with the audience. Because of such actions the bond between the band and their fans is really strong despite the strict management of S.