Rangiku and gin relationship goals

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and today Toshiro have his ouw problems, Gin is bad and rangiku is . Yet i must admit, that Ichimaru probably got his own goals, that he wan't. During one such incident, Rangiku found Gin draped in a Shinigami's .. betray Soul Society simply for this one goal, and would have succeeded were it not for. Gin Ichimaru (市丸 ギン, Ichimaru Gin) is a fictional character in the anime and manga series Gin saved Rangiku Matsumoto from death at the hands of some of Sōsuke . Once extended, Gin can maintain the blade's length and swing Shinsō in wide arcs, simultaneously attacking multiple targets with speed and ease.

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However, if Gin is the protagonist, there won't be any surprises because you are literally just following his footstep to get in touch with Aizen and kill him. The last con I would like to point out is that Bleach would be very short. If you ever watch any espionage movie or undercover cop movie, it doesn't really drag on.

So if Gin was the protagonist, to make a really good undercover protagonist, the plot shouldn't drag on too long. So no filler episodes like you would see in the anime or your typical Naruto filler episode.

So if you don't like Bleach to end fast, you will not like the idea of Gin as the protagonist. It would explore the personal life of Gin Ichimaru and his desire to kill Aizen. It would also explore his relationship with Rangiku, how their childhood friendship develops. It must have hurt him to betray her like that and we get to see that human side of Gin which we would never see in the anime. It would also be interesting to see what was he doing the whole time in Hueco Mundo.

Again, I'm not hating Kubo by making this post because I dislike Ichigo or anything.

Gin Ichimaru

I just want to explore how would Gin fit as the protagonist. Kubo did a wonderful job of creating a wonderful world of the Shinigami. Why the fall of Bleach was a tragedy, his world he created would not be forgotten. As a fan of Bleach, I just want to see things from a different perspective who is not a Shonen jump character, but a ruthless and cunning fox who has become a badass character in the series: Now what do I think if Gin was the protagonist?

Do I like the idea or not? If Gin was the protagonist, would he ruin the Bleach series as a whole? Would it be something different? Or would it stay the same? It's alright to be skeptical because all of this are opinion based, not concrete facts.

To start, I have no problems with Ichigo. Ichigo is quite a popular character, he has a great personality for a lead protagonist role. In a way, he is quite inseparable just like the big three, Naruto or Luffy. I really like Ichigo as a character, how his determination to save his friends Rukia and Orihime.

However, as much as I like Ichigo, I don't think he is perfect. There is some issue I have with his character, such as the insane power up that he received: For example, he is a Shinigami, half Quincy and a Visored, that is quite overpowered if you think about it.

But he also follows the same trope as most Shonen protagonist follow, which makes it a very predictable character, you can see a mile away how is he going to be present in the story. This is not really a con for a Shonen anime, however if a character like Aizen or Gin replace Ichigo, I think it is going to be interestingly unpredictable.

I like the idea of Gin as the protagonist. He is definitely an unpredictable character since he doesn't follow the tradition norm of most characters. Gin is cunning, sarcastic and an absolute troll legend.

rangiku and gin relationship goals

It definitely would make the series hilarious to laugh at because of his personality as a whole. He definitely would not be so serious as Ichigo and of course would troll the shit out of everyone in Soul Society: But, Gin can be serious as well. If Gin was the protagonist, it would be interesting to see how Gin would fit as an undercover agent. Would Aizen get suspicious of Gin? How would Gin cover his track and avoid getting caught by Aizen?

How far would he goes to stay undercover? I like the idea of an espionage anime if Bleach was one xD. A life of a spy is very difficult, definitely not like James Bond. It can be very frightening, keeping yourself cover. It would be unpredictable on how would Gin go, when he is going to kill him, etc.

It would also be interesting to see how Gin interacts with the Arrancar, does he form any personal relationship with them or does he just not care about them. All of this is a lot of speculation but is definitely would be interesting to see. Would Gin become close to any of the Arrancar like Ulquiorra or Tia? We would never know for sure but is very fun to speculate and debate about.

Another factor I would like to see as Gin as the protagonist, is his relationship with Rangiku.

What do you think is her relationship w/ Gin?

This is an opportunity to hit a homerun for character building. There is definitely a hint of romance between the two characters. In the canon series, when Gin dies, Rangiku was crying her eyes out. This evidence, showing that she does very much care about him. Gin was her childhood friend who have helped her so many times. I would like to explore these two relationship a bit deeper if Gin was the protagonist.

It must be a very hard internal debate for Gin when he betrays Rangiku to go with Aizen. It must have hurt him very much to see the look of betrayal in her face when he betrayed soul society. It certainly would be a very deep and development for a romance relationship if Gin was the protagonist. I can see fans going nuts of Gin x Rangiku. Let just hope it's not as bad as the Orihime x Ichigo cannon incident, especially Rukia fans: Overall to sum it up, in my honest opinion, I really like the idea of Gin Ichimaru as the protagonist.

His use of sarcasm only further encourages this, especially in those who have known him for a long time. Rukia comments on how she felt like snakes were wrapping around her neck whenever Gin spoke, despite the fact that he was speaking to her brother at the time.

In both manga and anime, Gin speaks with a distinct Kyoto dialectwhich is indirect and polite. His English dubbed voice is also formal and polite, but with a rather mocking and facetious undertone. Another aspect is his habit of talking with Byakuya Kuchikiwhich Rukia believes he did specifically to unsettle her since she was afraid of him.

rangiku and gin relationship goals

He now wears a long, white robe over his normal Soul Reaper hakama. Later, Ichimaru is seen wearing a white hakama like the arrancar, instead of the black one he first appears in. Gin wears his robe open in a narrow 'V' down to his waist, closed to below the hips, then open again to the hem, which falls about mid-calf.

His robe has long bell sleeves where he hides his hands as is done with kimono sleeves. The lining of the robe and edges or layers of the under-robe s appear black. From other examples, it is likely he is also wearing black tabi with white waraji. Furthermore, his outfit appears to be similar to Ichigo's while in Bankai. Though it's later shown his constant departures were all a part of his patient plan to get revenge against Aizen for ever causing her harm.

He also never tells her where he's going without leaving her anything for her to remember him by, something that Rangiku's hated. Though, she also says after his death if he'd left anything for her, she'd probably never to be able to move on and he must've known she cared for him too much to do so if he had left anything. Rangiku then says, she loves that about him. Near the end of the Soul Society arc Gin, who allowed himself to be restrained by Rangiku but manages to get free before leaving with Aizen and Tosen, tells her "Well that's a bit of a let down, I was enjoying that being in her grip ; I wouldn't have minded being your captive a little bit longer.

Goodbye, Rangiku, I'm sorry. All of the other times, being in Rangiku's presence, usually when feeling regret or sadness. After saving Rangiku, Gin secretly swore revenge on Aizen. His unsettling appearance, apparent ruthlessness in battle, and apparent betrayal of the Soul Society were necessary to facilitate this.

The first step in his revenge was joining one of the 13 Guardian Divisions.

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Gin was considered a child prodigy since he graduated from the academy within a year and was assigned to a seated position in the 5th Division. Synopsis[ edit ] Gin's very first appearance is alongside Captain Kenpachi Zaraki when the two catch and converse with Captain Byakuya Kuchiki after the latter delivers Rukia Kuchiki 's sentence. The other captains question his failure to kill opponents whom he should have had no trouble killing, but a second intrusion by Ichigo's group, followed by the supposed death of Aizen, leaves them with bigger concerns.

Aizen, having faked his death, has Gin deliberately cast suspicion on himself, thereby drawing attention away from Aizen's activities. After Aizen's plot is revealed and they retreat to Hueco Mundo, Gin bids Rangiku farewell while apologizing to her. In Hueco Mundo, Gin jokingly chides Aizen over his habit of playing around with his subordinates. When Ichigo's group breaks into Las Noches, he observes them, even altering the position of the halls when no one is around.

When Ulquiorra Cifer catches him in the act, Gin denies changing anything, saying that he wouldn't do that to "those kids" and that he does not like "sad stories".