Rin and yukio relationship trust

A Demon and Human Relationship Chapter 1: Gangbang, a blue exorcist/青の祓魔師 fanfic | FanFiction

rin and yukio relationship trust

"From from now on I will protect my brother in Father's stead." — Yukio Okumura to Mephisto Pheles in Big Brother, Little Brother. Yukio Okumura (奥村 雪男 Okumura Yukio) is Rin's younger, fraternal twin brother. Mephisto divides a plan to get everyone in Yukio's class to get along with Rin. Yukio relationship with Rin had become really sour when Yukio wouldn't really. --THIS STORY IS ALSO ON Archive of our Own!-- Rin Okumura is a thirsty boi. Will Yukio give . There relationship through exorcism & demonic love can over come anything. Who will accept? I'm focusing on the storyline, but trust me, th.

So that was what made Okumura-kun unlock his powers in desperation? Shiratori Reiji offered a totally insincere smile. We weren't thinking straight, you see. So…could you lend us a moment of your time?

Memories and Trust Chapter 1, a blue exorcist/青の祓魔師 fanfic | FanFiction

The first question out of Shiratori's mouth was, "How much do you want? My parents have quite the rank in society, and I'm going to be starting at True Cross Academy soon.

So it'd be pretty bad if weird rumors about me started spreading, eh? I think I get what you mean. Nobody would really want to deal with a bunch of idiots who think it's fun to chop the legs off pigeons. How could they do that? No wonder Rin had to step in to help them. All of a sudden, Rin was looking like a hero to her.

I'll pay up, so let's just keep it between you and me. I've got somewhere I need to be. Are you trying to act all tough and cool? No need to hide it! You guys are so poor that you can't even afford a proper education, don't you?

I mean, your brother, Okumura Yukio…" From the look on Rin's face, Izumo knew that this was heading into dangerous territory fast. You're like, in debt! Poor guys…just consider this charity and put it towards your fees, yeah?

Izumo sighed as Shiemi gasped. The Kyoto trio was straight-backed and alert. Don't get cocky, you filthy little beggar! Be careful with him! He's a monster and a demon, after all…hmm? Oh, so that's what the fancy suit's for?

rin and yukio relationship trust

You really are a miserable little thing, aren't you? When it comes down to it, you're just the scum of society! Ehehehehehe…" Konekomaru gasped when he saw the knife. Well, I'll just help you out! Even his two goons were starting to have doubts.

I…I mean, this is a real crime. We don't have to go that far, do we? He yanked Rin's head up by the hair. People make mistakes, and after all, I'm just an amateur!

Hey, maybe your brains will end up spilling out too…now wouldn't that be a sight to behold? After all, I had no idea that you even had brains! Shiemi had already covered her eyes, shaking her head, trying to block off the sounds.

Ao no Exorcist S2E9 - EPIC MOMENT (Rin Draws Kurikara)

Rin was going to get cut, Rin was going to bleed, Rin was going to- Rin burst into flames. What the-" The three boys-or rather, two boys and demon jumped back. Rin stared at his burning fingers in shock.

Shima silently approved of their choice. Bon's fist clenched as Shiratori approached Rin with a greedy smile on his face. Despite knowing that the Demon King couldn't harm him, that this was a memory and Rin was perfectly fine now, the sense of danger was still there as he watched the scene unfold.

Rin knelt on the ground, panting and terrified. The famed 'Flames of Satan'! Ohh, I've been waiting so long for this day!

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I have been searching…searching…searching…so long, for you, Young Prince. O, Lord, let each be judged according to his deeds. Let sinful conduct beget retribution. Let each pay for that which he has taken. Bring thy justice down upon them.

Smite them that they shall never rise again. Astaroth noticed him the moment he began chanting. His face twisted in fury. Shiemi dared to peek through for a moment, but another glimpse at Astaroth's maddened face as he charged towards Shiro, roaring was enough to make her cover her eyes again.

The Lord is my helper…" Shiro ducked a swing from Astaroth. It has been a long time since Rin allowed plain, naked fear to show on his face.

Izumo tugged lightly on Shiemi's hands. At least I think it's over. The Coal Tars were still swarming around Shiratori, though in lesser numbers than before. Shiro gently laid Shiratori down. I've exorcised the demon from him. It appears that he has only recently become possessed. However, demons tend to possess those similar to themselves. If this boy does not change, he might become possessed again.

Rin flinched away from them immediately. A sixty seconds lesson before they had to run. Bon understood now that what seemed like every day stuff to them was all new to Rin. So that was why he was lagging behind in classes. The terms the teachers expected them to know automatically was never explained to him. How they expected him to pass the Exorcist Exam in six months was a mystery.

Maybe Bon could help…but was it the right thing to do? Rin looked as human as any of them, but Bon still had doubts. As for Izumo, seeing Rin as a kid had only strengthened her resolve to help him. Rin had a childhood too, an innocent and mostly carefree one. He'd been raised to be a strong, kind and gentle person. And they should treat him like that. The scene that did Shima in was how Rin kept feeling inferior to Yukio. The son of Satan is jealous of his brother. Shima had to suppress a laugh at that.

Immense power, the ability to burn worlds to ash and draw everyone's attention…and all Rin wanted was to not make his father worry. Shima had never harbored any ill feelings towards the son of Satan, albeit a little shock, but Rin never acted any differently from before. He didn't 'show his true colors and murder everyone in sight'. Rin was the son of Satan, true. He's the son of Satan when he ran off to defeat a Naberius on his own to keep his classmates safe.

He's the son of Satan when he saved Bon from that Leaper. He's the son of Satan when they joked together and formed a friendship.

Konekomaru was starting to relax a little. That was before his demon blood fully awakened, and who knew what transformations Rin would have gone through then. All kinds of humans and demons will come after you with different purposes.

You must be hidden before they find you. What the hell are you talking about? Hell…what the…what the hell am I? Shiro couldn't face Rin as he answered the boy.

Born of a human impregnated by a demon. Not just any demon either…" The truth was about to crash down onto Rin's head. The scene darkened and turned into that obnoxious pink again. This time Bon was the first to break the silence, by slamming a fist down onto the floor. The examiners are going to hate him, I'm sure, and they'll make the exam as hard as possible!

Okumura doesn't know shit about the Exorcist world and he isn't that bright in the first place either! I'm going to personally wring their necks for that! This is a pathetic excuse for humanity! Badmouthing them isn't going to do anything right now.

We need power and friends in high places at our disposal. Who do we know? I can tutor Okumura, if Okumura-sensei isn't doing so already. I'm pretty sure that controlling his flames is going to be like controlling a familiar too, so I can help there too. And very involved in politics? So if we can get him to help…" "What can we offer him? They could request a hearing, they could sue the Vatican, but in the end the results would only be the same. The all powerful Vatican would get their way as usual, and Okumura Rin will die.

The cuckoo clock chirped. Clothes were hurriedly stuffed into a bag. Shiro zipped it up when it was full and flung it at Rin. Time was running out, and there were so many things to tell him.

He took off one of the many chains around his neck. This particular one had a key dangling from it. Shiro slotted it into a nearby keyhole in a chest of drawers.

It can be used to hide anything in a given location. Shiro took it out and gave it to Rin. This blade has been passed down since Time Immemorial. Your powers are sealed in this sword, and kept there by the scabbard. If you draw it, you will return to your demon form, and most likely, never be able to live a human life.

Never let it leave your side! When you must, use this key to hide it. There's only one number stored in its memory. It's the number of one of my friends. I doubt you will be able to live like you have done until today, but my friend can at least protect you. He'd been through a strange few hours, and confusion didn't even begin to describe it. Demons, demons, you're actually telling me that they exist? This has to be some kind of joke! Rin looked so frightened that it broke Shiemi's heart.

Questions swam around in his head, and he didn't know which one to ask. Finally, he settled on the most painful one. As long as you remain human, that is. Every doubt about himself, every single shred of self-doubt, surfaced at that moment.

Don't give me that crap! After all…I'm just some random kid…I'm not like Yukio! All I do is cause trouble for you! I've been a burden on you my whole life! You just don't want to play at being father anymore! He could take this. People had said far more hurtful things to him before. Rin had every right to yell at him. Shiro shouldn't feel that hurt…there are worse things Rin could tell him. This wasn't the first time Shiro got yelled at. He could take this…but then…why did his heart hurt so much?

Shiemi was starting to cry. Then Rin hurled out the fateful words. Cut short in his rant, Rin couldn't move. Shiro had never laid a hand on him before. Friendly cuffs on the head, dishes flung at him, maybe. But not like this. It pained Shiro to do this, but there was no time. If Rin wanted to survive, he had to go. Just do as you're told! Then everything really went wrong.

Shiro collapsed to the floor right after Rin turned away. To think that I could…" "Seriously, what is it? The Exwires were just as confused as Rin, except for Izumo. She had an excellent study subject when she was younger. Her own mother had been possessed by the Nine-Tailed Fox too. His expression was cold, hard, twisted. Ice crept into Rin's heart in abrupt realization. The demon addressed Rin as the half-demon scrambled backwards, his back hitting the wall.

That's right, your old man himself has come all the way out here just to see his cute little boy! So at least look happy for your dearest daddy, eh?

rin and yukio relationship trust

Rin had encountered Satan himself…and survived. The very being whose existence he had denied that very morning. You can call me 'Papa' if you like! Shima wondered, cringing as blue flames licked around them but didn't harm them, reminding them that it was only a memory. Seriously, that dude can stop laughing once in a while…would do wonders for his sanity. Rin screamed a wordless scream. Heads floated in it. Satan started to chant something. Rin watched on, his ability to scream seemingly already torn away from him.

I'll release you from that curse! Shiemi hadn't stopped crying yet, and Izumo was tentatively prodding the Gehenna Gate to make sure that this was only a memory. Bon was the only one remaining in his position as blue flames raged around them.

Shima and Konekomaru had retreated to a corner of the room, where the blue flames hadn't touched yet. Satan laughed at his son's pathetic flames. What do you call that? Did you piss your pants or something? It's time for you to regain your true powers as a Prince of Gehenna! Satan was oblivious to Rin's horror at seeing his demon self, instead continuing his self absorbed rant.

But there's one thing, just one little thing that I do not possess. Do you know what that is? Anything I touch in this world is doomed to destruction. Just like this body. After her grandmother died, Rin and Yukio exorcise the demon that was leeching her life force and she decides to become an Exorcist. Initially, Shiemi scored poorly in tests despite her upbringing, but it was soon discovered that she was using the names that she has created herself. After learning to use official names, Shiemi grades went up.

At first while at the academy, Shiemi only talked with Rin and Yukio, but she eventually comes to amicable terms with Ryuji, Konekomaru, and Renzo. She also earns Izumo's friendship despite being initially used and mistreated by her. Shiemi becomes devastated upon learning Rin's secret, feeling she is not trustworthy enough to them to have initially included her with this knowledge.

However, on the Kyoto mission, she reconciles with Rin when seeing how much he is suffering as a result of his nature. Shiemi is shown to have great inner strength as she can keep her Greenman around for extended periods without tiring. Her Greenman is able to understand her way of naming plants and is able to produce the correct one when asked. Shiemi admits that she doesn't really understand the difference between romantic love and friendship due to her isolated childhood and still considers herself too young for love.

Despite his delinquent appearance and attitude, he is very hardworking and the best student in class. Ryuji is the heir to the Cursed Temple in Kyoto. Because of the destruction of the temple in the Blue Night and his anger towards his father Tatsuma Suguro, he swears he will defeat Satan and rebuild his Temple. He later asks Lightning to teach him, as at this point Bon had lost his direction in life and needed a new path to follow.

He is very loyal to Bon and Konekomaru, since they both grew up with him at the Cursed Temple in Kyoto. Renzo is the second of the cast who accepts Rin after discovering his identity, finding ignoring Rin to be troublesome. He is obsessed with women, and particularly infatuated with Izumo. In elementary school, he was referred to as the "Erotic Demon". Now that he is in high-school, he is trying to be more refined. His hair is naturally black, but he dyed it pink to the chagrin of his father.

Renzo carries a K'rik Khakkhara staff to fight like his two brothers and plans to achieve the Meister in Aria. Later in the manga, it is revealed that Renzo has all this time hidden his true abilities as he is capable of summoning high level demons to do his bidding. However, using said summoning really drains him. Revealing himself as an spy for Illuminatti, Renzo abandons the Academy and returns to the organization, but later his brother confides to Rin and the others that he is in fact a double agent recruited by Mephisto, eventually returning to his friends' side.

rin and yukio relationship trust

Despite he claims that he was on the True Cross' side all along, there is lingering doubts among the members of the order regarding his true loyalty. He is very loyal to Ryuji and Renzo, as they had grown up together at the same Temple in Kyoto. He is kind to everyone, but it takes a long time for him to reconcile with Rin after discovering his secret, despite seeing his true character. He plans to achieve the Meister in Aria. In the anime, a crow demon took advantage of Konekomaru's fear of Rin and possessed him, before Rin is able to save Konekomaru.

She has a tsundere attitude and is offensive towards everyone except her childhood friend Noriko Paku, who was the only one in her elementary school who would talk to her.

Izumo attempts to achieve a Meister in Tamer, and can summon two Kitsune foxes to fight for her. It is implied through the manga and anime that she has developed romantic feelings for Rin, but it hasn't been proven. During the school festival, Izumo is captured by Renzo after he reveals himself as an spy from Iluminatti. Izumo's past is also revealed; the kitsune she summons actually lived with her family for generations.

Her mother loved Izumo and her sister dearly, but accidentally caused herself to become possessed by the nine-tailed fox when her boyfriend rejected her. Izumo called the Illuminati for help and they took over her shrine for their own nefarious purposes. Originally established as a military orderthe organization's centuries-long campaign against demons has allowed it to discover and develop new exorcism techniques from all around the globe.

As of today, the Order is the largest and most powerful exorcist organization in the world. Given that they have defended mankind from demons for roughly years, the Order trains exorcists. In addition, the Order takes it upon itself to heal humans who have been harmed by demons, as well as to proactively investigate possible demonic activity. An additional mission of the True Cross Order is to find and destroy human organizations that support demons and demonic activity, such as Demon Eaters or the Illuminati.

He is portrayed as a man with more money than sense but is very cheap when it comes to spending on others. After Shiro Fujimoto's death, he is ordered to kill Rin but instead accepts Rin's proposal of becoming an Exorcist and enrolled him into True Cross Academy. Despite having served the True Cross for at least two centuries, elements of the Order still consider him suspicious. Their mistrust has its reasons as during the series it is hinted that indeed Mephisto has some secret agenda which involves Rin, working behind the scenes regarding the events around him since he joined the order.

Mephisto says Assiah is the best playground for him; he fully enjoys Japanese culture, and proudly admits to Rin that he is an otaku. This is confirmed by how, numerous times in the series, he can be heard chanting "Eins, zwei, drei", which is German for "One, two, three".

Mephisto is suggested to know what will happen, likely due to being King of Time, and has made more than one comment about how he is manipulating the other characters behind the scenes. In a fourth wall break, he tells the readers he believes humans have three desires, which are lust procreationgreed financies and knowledge curiosity.

Ironically, the demon originally appeared in literature as "Faust". Shiro is a man dedicated to his duties and was considered the strongest exorcist. Stealing the demon-slaying sword Kurikara,[ ch. Shiro then adopted Yuri Egin's children, Yukio who did not inherit Satan's power, and Rin, full inheritor of Satan's powers. Shiro is thought to be the only man in the world able to sustain possession by Satan himself and thus Satan was constantly after his body.

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He fights off Satan's attempts at possessing his body through sheer willpower, but after receiving a mental shock from Rin accusing him of "playing father" and not caring, Satan takes over his body. Because of this, Rin decides to avenge Fujimoto by killing Satan with his own hands; he also considers him to be the coolest person he knows.

She trained under the guidance of Shiro Fujimoto to obtain the title "Meister" in Knight and can draw a demon sword from a symbol above her chest when she states, "Devour the Eight Princesses, slay the Serpent". She dresses revealingly, with bikini tops and shorts. Her sword skills allow her to fight on par with upper level demons like Amaimon.

Yukio shivered at the touches he received. Night pushed in his member while distracting his boyfriend. The latter bucked his stomach against the demon's and gasped, only to have a tongue enter his mouth immediately. Yukio is the one to move now in his position.

Once Satan's child was comfortable, he started rocking his hips slowly, still kissing Night. The brunette grabbed the boy's hips and started to help him to move. Yukio screamed as his sweet spot was touched again. Night nipped at the exorcist's jawline. He wanted to leave more marks since his brother hadn't left any. Rin looked at the scene in front of him and started to get hard again. It was a very erotic site. Yukio's arms wrapped around Night's neck, his face was still flushed a beautiful scarlet, tears rimming his water line, his lower body was bare and exposed to both Night and him, his moans were so beautiful to the half-breed's ears, he needed more of his little brother…but Night had him now, so he'd have to suffer with it and deal with his little issue later.

Night let Yukio rock his hips as he undid Rin's pants again with one hand as the other one held his brother. Satan's spawn gasped as his erection was let loose from the clothed prison. Yukio looked over at his brother's length and blushed even more than he already was if that were possible. He leaned into his boyfriend's ear and whispered with a different tone of voice that Night adored.

Yukio licked and nibbled on the soft, milky skin and hummed happily. Night looked at Rin and pointed in front of his brother, telling him to go in front of him. Rin stood up and pulled his boxers up.

The half-breed walked in front of Yukio and saw Night point down telling him to sit. The smaller teen did as told and felt his boxers being pulled on.

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Night gripped Yukio's hips and gave a hard thrust, now that he was able to fit all of him in his boyfriend's tight heat, into his prostate. The brunette let go of his brother's member and screamed until it was cut off by their lips smashing together.

Rin's stomach felt like lava was coiling in him. All three teenagers were close to their limits now. Night slipped out and grabbed Rin's wrist so he was behind Yukio now. Satan's child screamed as both organs entered. Yukio was stretched over his limits now. Rin was about to slip out when Night glared him, saying no. Rin just looked at his brother's back side and saw him trembling.

The other brunette's kept thrusting until they both came.

Yukio Okumura

Rin immediately slipped out his brother and looked at him. Blood and semen mixed together as they both spilled out of Yukio's hole and down his inner thighs. Guilt completely washed over the two as Yukio got off of Night and stood up to grab his clothes.

rin and yukio relationship trust

As soon as the brunette reached for his exorcist coat to at least cover the rest of his body, he fell unconscious from being worn out. Yukio screamed at his brother and is now in the position he is now, cornered in his bed with his brother directly in front of him. The exorcist just wanted to be left alone and cry in peace. Rin wouldn't accept it however; he cupped his brother's cheeks and forced him to look up at him. The brunette saw that his brother was crying as well as he was, but for how long?

He didn't need to be reminded about that night. Night and I both, Yukio! Satan's spawn rubbed his eyes and heaved a heavy sigh. He wanted me to tell you that he was sorry and never plans on doing it again, didn't honestly plan on doing it now, but something came over him…" Yukio nodded and lied back down in his sheets.

The brunette reached for his phone and went through his contacts until he found his lover's name. He clicked the options button and hit 'Send text message. And…I love you…] The brunette waited at least two and a half hours and received no reply. It was almost ten o'clock and Yukio was getting really tired. He decided he'd text Night tomorrow and ask if he could stay another night. It had only been a few times since the two slept in the same bed together since their intercourse in the training room, and Yukio finally got the courage to ask his boyfriend to stay a night for once instead of just dropping him off.

Night accepted it and they both really enjoyed the warms they both gave each other. And to be honest, Yukio wanted his warmth right now. It was the least he could do for fucking him senseless that he bled.

The exorcist finally got under his sheets and sniffed the sheets. The still had the demons' scent wrapped in them, which the teenager thought it was enough to get him to sleep. Of course the boy genius was right and soon he was in a deep sleep, huddled in a ball like he would do when Night wasn't with him.