Ryder and marley relationship marketing

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ryder and marley relationship marketing

Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Ryder, Marley R. monthly numbers are looking great, but we need to focus on expanding our market. He never had a real relationship because he didn't believe in love. The Jake-Marley Relationship (commonly known as Jarley or less commonly as Puckerose) is the relationship between Jake Puckerman and Marley Rose, two. But will Ryder and Marley's friendship become something more or fall apart I can't just give up on our relationship every time we hit a rough patch. on the market by being the clingy ex-girlfriend with obvious daddy issues.

He approached the door. He opened the door. He stood there shocked. Never did he think this day would come. He couldn't stand to see her face. Please give me a chance! I need this money! I have nowhere to go! He was crying looking up at the cruel man hoping he could change his mind. I'll find someone else. Just leave," he replied coldly. My house, my money. I need this job.

ryder and marley relationship marketing

I promise I'll do anything. I won't disappoint you," she begged hopefully. Those same blue eyes he fell in love with over ten years ago. No matter how heartless he was, he couldn't leave her like this.

It still killed him to see her crying, just like it did when he was sixteen. She was telling the truth. No matter how much he tried to deny it, he still had a soft spot for her. And he needed a nanny too and she was willing to accept the demanding job. I already have all my stuff with me," she answered surprised to hear he was willing to her hire her.

She walked in to the grand house behind Ryder. She looked around in awe. The house was gorgeous, but so empty.

ryder and marley relationship marketing

If you can convince him to come downstairs and eat dinner, then the job is yours. You will live here. As the nanny, I would expect you to take care of Liam full time and also be responsible for cooking at least one meal a day. In return, I will pay you a decent salary, you eat here, and you live here. He's upstairs in the second room on the left. If he eats dinner, then the job is yours. If he doesn't, then you leave," Ryder explained his terms. She nodded and made her way upstairs.

She needed this job more than anything. If she didn't get Liam to eat dinner, she would be on the streets worrying if she would have another meal to eat. She looked at the boy who seemed to have been crying and upset. Nellie's sister had filled her in on the details and Marley knew that Liam had just lost his mother.

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He walked closer to Liam and bent down to his level. Liam looked up at Marley slowly. He looked confused to see new face. He didn't speak though. He turned and tried to ignore her. I just want my mommy! Marley's heart broke for the little boy. She knew what it was like to lose her mother. Her mom passed away a few years after her high graduation.

I miss my mommy too. I lost her too. But you know what? Your mommy would be very sad to see that you aren't taking care of yourself. You wouldn't want to make your mommy sad, now would you? He nodded his head "no" as a few more tears spilled from his eyes. Ryder was waiting downstairs. So many thoughts were crowding his head.

What was she doing here? Wasn't she married to Jake? Then why doesn't she have anywhere to go? Ryder tried to tell himself to stop thinking about her. Now she was just a potential nanny. It didn't matter what had happened to her. His thoughts were interrupted with Marley walking down the stairs hand-in-hand with Liam. He couldn't believe it. She actually convinced him to come downstairs.

She made eye contact with Ryder waiting for him to give her a sign. Marley smiled slightly taking this as a sign that she got the job.

ryder and marley relationship marketing

Ryder motioned for them to take a seat at the dining table. Marley sat next to Liam and fed him before touching her own food. She was clearly good with children.

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He glad to see Liam finally eating. At least had one less thing to worry about. Ryder finished his food and left to go upstairs. The maid, Lana, took care of the dishes and cleaning up. Marley took Liam upstairs. She managed to get him ready for bed.

Before putting him to sleep, she thought she would take Liam to say goodnight to his uncle. She knocked on the half-open door of the study. Ryder was on the phone, clearly engrossed in an important conversation. I'm going to put him to bed," hesitated Marley. Seeing her face enhanced his anger.

It took him back to all pining, all the hopeless love he had for her. It made him feel weak. She wondered what had made Ryder into this cold man he was now. What happened to the sweet Ryder she shared her very first kiss with?

She left the study. All she wanted was for Liam to feel a little better. She put Liam to sleep with a soft lullaby that her mother used to sing to her. He fell asleep almost instantly. Marley made her way to her new room. It was right next to Liam's.

She saw her things were already organizes and settled in. She decided she would take a shower before heading off to bed. After her warm shower, he slipped on a long white nightgown. She needed to talk to Ryder. She wanted to know why he behaved so rudely earlier. She stood outside of his study waiting for him to be done. Finally he put the phone down and left the study only to see Marley waiting for him outside in the hallway. I need to talk to you," she said with more confidence.

Why are you behaving like this Ryder? You can't act like that! He's just a kid and he just lost his mother.

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Right now, he needs love. He doesn't need you yelling," she questioned him boldly. I gave you this job and you should be grateful," he said. But I'm just worried about you. Prologue-4 years ago "Marley! Come on, you'll get over him. But you can't let him win by sitting here in your dorm and watching "The Time Traveler's Wife" for the millionth time and eating your way through your entire mini-fridge. I know he will," Marley argued. In fact, he's probably sleeping around even more now that he doesn't have to worry about hurting you.

Why do you even want him back? And this always happens, he'll come to his senses.

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And it's just a little difficult now that we're in two different places. I can't just give up on our relationship every time we hit a rough patch.

ryder and marley relationship marketing

You can't stop living your life waiting for him to realize what he wants. And fine, I guess I can go out for maybe just a little bit. There was no one like him. He's my soul mate and one day, he'll come here and we'll forgive each other and we'll be happy again.

You need to forget about Jake. New city and a new life means a brand new guy. You may not meet "the one" tonight, but he'll come along. But for the love of god, don't scare every available guy on the market by being the clingy ex-girlfriend with obvious daddy issues. Oh well, this one will do. You're not exactly in the right state of mind for a one-night stand, so I guess we try and stuff it to make it look like you actually have boobs?

A little while later, the two girls were on their way to one of the downtown bars. Marley was a little worried because she didn't have a fake I. He just stamped their hands but Marley mentally forced herself to just drink water.

And she wasn't going to give anyone the opportunity to drug it. She didn't want anything bad to happen the first night she goes out with her friends. Marley had expected at least one of their friends to stay with her at the bar, but all of them had hit the dance floor.

Marley just pulled out her phone and turned on the book app. She knew this wasn't what she was supposed to be doing when going out, but Kitty couldn't expect her to change in one night. He looked vaguely familiar. He had light brown hair and a very muscular build. He was in a couple of classes with her, but all the other girls threw themselves at him, so she never exactly concerned herself with introducing herself to him.

She was waiting for him to be a total douche bag. That was actually really awful. I guess it's time to stick my foot in my mouth. I'm just not good at this.

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It's just not a good time for me to get hit on at a bar by a stranger. I just got out of a relationship with this girl I had been dating since high school. My friend told me to just sleep with someone else and I'd be over her.

And I think I might've overshared. I just got out of a relationship myself. Look, you seem like a really nice guy…" Marley started, hoping he would get the hint. Marley felt sorry for the poor guy. Just play it cool. Just stay here, and we'll act like we know each other and I'll introduce you to someone if you seem interested.