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sanji and nami relationship

So -san means Sanji respect Nami so much and treat her on the top of women. But, Japanese people can feel about their deep relationship insight between. Unlike Nami and Robin and other attractive women, Sanji will not lend his chivalrous assistance to his fellow male crewmates when they ask for it on the ship. Nami also claimed she wouldn't forgive Sanji for all worry and pain he put her through in Whole Cake .. Nami has a very interesting relationship with Usopp.

She at first held a lot of tension with herself and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates before she officially joined. After the Arlong Park ArcNami finally began to loosen up and started wearing more stylish and revealing clothing instead of the simple and modest clothes and boots that she used as a burglar. She began to favor open-toed shoes, as sandals were the norm in her homeland, the Conomi Islandsand started using sleeveless shirts, since she no longer had to hide her Arlong Pirates tattoo and now had a new one that she could display on her arm with pride.

After the timeskip, she began to wear Criminal brand clothing as well due to it being a popular and particularly stylish brand created by Pappagone of her friends.

However, her clothing has sometimes gained unwanted attention, as Sanji has shown delight at seeing her in more provocative outfits, and throughout the Water 7 SagaPaulie consistently scolded Nami in a prudish manner, going as far as calling her a harlot.

Nami also liked the beautiful wedding dress that was put on her in Thriller Barkdespite being opposed to the idea of marriage, especially with her "would-be" groom Absalom. Nami has shown dismay at clothes she is particularly fond of being ruined, angrily striking Luffy when she saw her jacket torn up when she lent it to him in the Drum Island Arc.

Likewise, she will even tear apart someone else's clothes if she has to, not hesitating to shred an unconscious Kalifa 's clothes after their battle to find a potential key to Robin's seastone cuffs in the Enies Lobby Arc. In Whole Cake Island Arcwhen her clothes were burned off by JinbeNami wasted no time stripping a nearby prisoner of his clothes.

Nami is also willing to politely borrow other peoples clothes, such as borrowing Sanji's jacket to wear at the end of the Little Garden Arc after Usopp's plan to save her, Vivi, and Zoro had burned her shirt, leaving her with a black bra on, until she could get a replacement shirt after returning to the Going Merry. Nami even expressed shock at a talking, clothed crocodile, despite traveling around with Chopper and Carrot from the Mink Tribe as Luffy pointed out and said she should be used to things by now.

Nami is greedy and will do anything for money and treasureaccepting any challenge that comes along. Her love of money stems from her childhood, where she lived a poor life and was often upset at having little wealth despite the love of her adopted mother. While she will send in Luffy and the rest of the crew to meet the demand, the one thing she will not do is sell out a comrade, no matter what the sum. She has several times put her own crewmates in debt over trivial matters like Luffy for tearing her coat and Zoro for borrowingonly not to spend it and return it later.

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She takes control of the amount of money the crew spends, ever aware of the crew's spending habits such as Luffy's desire to spend all they have on meat and tries her hardest to avoid it getting spent all at once.

To this end, she is in complete horror whenever the rest of the crew wastes money or passes up an opportunity to get it. Bravery Edit She has been known to stand her ground against anyone hurting her comrades, abandoning her otherwise normal routine of trying to stay out of harm's way. In the Thriller Bark Arconce again Nami refused to run away, and stood her ground when Absalom attacked Lola, [27] then again when Kuma confronted the crew. She agreed to board his ship and go to his promised land out of fear after seeing all the strong fighters lose the game, but later after hearing his plans that would forsake the sky islandshe soon turns on him.

She is easily one of the Straw Hat's most emotional members, showing much understanding of and insight into feelings. However, it is to be noted that while she suffered under the guise of being part of Arlong's crew, her sister said that she has never seen Nami cry since Bellmere's death.

sanji and nami relationship

The first time she did was when she thought her village was going to be annihilated and she asks Luffy for help. Nami is also capable of great forgiveness, even back when she blamed Luffy for the destruction of Chouchou 's owner's shop, she soon cooled her anger when saw that Luffy had salvaged food for the dog. Due to her deep compassion and empathy, Nami is willing to help people in dire needs even when there is absolutely no monetary benefits in doing so. As shown in Punk Hazard, Nami is strongly determined to rescue the gigantified children after learning from Chopper that they were abducted and tricked into becoming test subjects in Caesar's experiments, declaring that she will not leave until she has assured their safety.

When she and the Curly Hat Pirates first arrived at Zou, she joined her crewmates in treating the injuries of Wanda and the Mink Tribe after they were brutally devastated by the Beast Pirates.

She even cried when she learnt that the Mink Tribe actually endangered their lives in protecting Raizo. During the Punk Hazard ArcNami is shown to have a soft side for children.

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When she and the others are fleeing through the Biscuits Room, the giant children plead with her to save them. After which she stops, and declares that she cannot turn her back on crying children asking to be saved. Interestingly enough, Oda has stated that Nami would be a child-care worker if she weren't already a pirate. It is because of her care for children that Nami downright refused to forgive Caesar Clowndespite his efforts in aiding her and her allies at Big Mom's Tea Party.

After he got his heart back, Nami still claimed that he was trash and reminded him of the children he experimented on back at Punk Hazard. Fashion Sense Edit Nami also has an obsession with fashion, as she is never seen wearing the same clothes.

To the point they shouldn't. Nami's first victim in her money schemes is Zoro who needed to borrow some money in other to buy swords. However, he definitely lowered his guard around her as he totally didn't catch her talking about interest - while Nami is very happy he fell for it what a sly move Nami-san! Zoro is however the first and only victim who Nami happilly lended her money to without the past debts as he by that point didn't do anything he has to repay her for.

A Reverse Mountain arc is a very important arc where it is clearly shown how much a navigator is needed. Zoro pays attention to Nami as she tries to explain why is Calm Belt dangerous, but before she can get to the crucial point, the whole crew experiences it. It's not like he didn't respect her or something, he just found hard to believe a storm is safer than Calm Belt who wouldn't and it's not like he totally dissmissed what she said, as he still asks for her point.

In the first place, Zoro asked why didn't they just head south to Grand Line instead of using a mountain entrance, he couldn't know Calm Belts were dangerous before he experienced it.

Later, he admits that Nami was right and they have to use the entrance although he still finds it hard to believe. Later, they succesfully enter Grand Line and also get two new passengers onboard - Ms. The crew then sails to their next destination but along the way, they have to overcome many weather changes.

All crewmembers had their hands full of work, but Zoro alone was able to sleep through all of it. When he wakes up, he doesn't have much time before Nami mercilessly punches him for his idiocy.

Although Zoro shows he wanted to go back at her It's not like he is really afraid of her or anything, but rather, he didn't even have a chance after she beat him real good.

Zoro borrowed some money from Nami.

sanji and nami relationship

In Whiskey Peak, it is shown Nami can make Zoro do what she wants despite the fact he is very strongly against it and he even goes to such lenghts as to argue with her about it. Most interestingly though, it's Nami's sentence about the promise that actually makes Zoro do what she wants. Nami wasn't there when Zoro made the biggest promises in his life to Kuina and later to Luffy.

She wasn't there, and yet she knew what he deems as important, the fact promises are things he would never want to break. With that said, Zoro has to go even though he doesn't want. Their debt is this way wiped out and it is not mentioned anymore at least in manga. When Zoro for example gets lost, he is very happy to see "Nami" because he knows she can help him. This is already a moment that shows he trusts her completely when it comes to navigation.

That is to say, Zoro seems to sometimes still let his guard down when Nami is concerned aside from danger - he admited it himself in Baratie arc and now, he didn't really consider it might be someone else than Nami too. And knowing him, he should have been able to kind of fight back or something and he could have probably been able to get from the enemy, IF he suspected "Nami" here, just a little.

Later, Zoro, Nami and Vivi who were all captured by Mr.

sanji and nami relationship

There are a lot of things going on here, but I will mention only two most important things. When Zoro declares he will cut off his feet to fight the opponents, Nami and Vivi are both extremely shocked by it.

However, Nami can't exactly say what else can he do, so in the end, he attemps to do it.

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Thanks to Luffy's intrusion, Zoro didn't succesfully do it, but when he is asked about whether they have problems, Zoro just casually says nothing at all. Nami however finds his bleeding legs to be a problem and it is clear she doesn't like it in the slightest. This moment shows how much Nami can be worried about him a lot even though Zoro doesn't need it and he doesn't consider that a problem in the slightest. It is still nice to see Nami would worry about him and care about him even when he deems it as necessary.

Knowing the guy being a fighter and if he doesn't want to seriously look for his own wounds, then someone else has to do it right? After Nami has calmed down, she and Zoro have an extremely relaxed conversation going on and both Vivi and their enemies were taken aback by it. These two somehow already reached the point where they can even talk about these kind of things as they have already gotten used to it now.

They are shown to be interacting the most despite being in such a condition, it's hard to explain, but I find it like they understand each other so well they know what awaits them. As if it wasn't enough, Oda also gave them a small moment of their interaction in the battle Straw Hats vs. Barouque Works on Little Garden even though they themselves weren't that significant at that moment. When Vivi tells the crew about Nami's condition worsen, Zoro and Luffy are the only ones drawn to notice it.

There is a big possibility he carried her inside, because later when Nami comes out, Zoro tells her he told her to rest while he take care of the rest.

sanji and nami relationship

In the manga, there was no moment he ever told that to her directly, nor was there a moment someone carrying Nami inside - interestingly too, it seems like Zoro voluntarily chose to navigate because he is doing it and seriously, who in their right minds would put him in this position?

The only time Zoro could have said he is gonna take care of the rest navigating while she should rest is while he carries her. If anyone right minded heard him saying he will take care of the rest aka things Nami does - navigatingthere is no way they would just let him do it.

These whole moments show that he cares about her a lot and despite his sense of direction, he is willing to take her position until she gets better.

The Deep Meaning of Sanji-kun and Nami-san

He also trusts her now when it comes to navigation and he doesn't question her orders on the sea anymore. After they managed to run from the storm, there is a small snippet that could indicate Zoro took Nami inside her room after she collapsed - he is seen to be the only one rushing on the deck where Nami collapsed in Vivi's arms.

What even fuels this is simply the fact he chose to sleep in her room with other crewmembers instead of guarding the ship - which Sanji was doing. The last moment that shows he cares is also when he stayed in Nami's room and told Luffy to go outside. This again I found to be a small moment where he shows he is worried about her too. There are so many moments here, I seriously don't know where to start.

I think I will start with these little moments that center around Sanji, Zoro and Nami. There were already times Zoro got in a fight with Sanji because of Nami - the first time in Cocoyashi Village.

However, in Alabasta Zoro very often retorts back whenever Sanji says anything that has to do with Nami - whether he is jealous or not, it's sure he doesn't really like it as it is shown that Nami is the only girl Sanji swoons over Zoro is more concerned about. He can easily detect her money-like thoughts and he is also very well aware whenever she uses her flirtarious side. However, he never falls for it because he knows she doesn't do it because she means it seriously but rather in other to achieve something.

Nami usually says nothing when he practices, but she somehow must have felt his tension after they left Luffy with Crocodile back in Rainbase.

She tells him to not waste his strenght on something like that but Zoro probably finds her annoying and he just tells her to shut up. It was kinda harsh from Zoro, but that still displays he isn't afraid to say something like that to her when he finds her annoying him. Again, she can be worried about him even though he doesn't truly care about it. She didn't even comment on other crewmembers at all. She runs from them and Zoro has no choice but to worry about her and try to find her.

Nami on the other hand was questioning where the swordsman go, because she knows Zoro would be able to take care of them if he was there with her. He saves her from the certain death and seriously, this isn't the only moment he saved Nami despite being lost - earlier, he took care of some bandits that were ready to attack Nami and Usopp too.

Could this possibly mean that somewhere in his heart, he has a compass to where Nami is? I really like this headcannon, whoever it was. Doublefinger wouldn't come after her and when he tries to warn her, she is already gone.

Just a thought that Nami has to really fight when she is mostly scared of it makes him uneasy and worried. During their fights and after it, I find it very interesting that Nami and Zoro both learnt the things they will use later on from the crew the most - Nami learnt how to use Clima tact, while Zoro learnt how to cut iron; there is also a possibility he also awakened Kenbunshoku Haki here, which would be even more significant.

After Zoro's fight, he is injured but still worried about others He probably shouldn't underestimate her that much, but I can understand him though. By that time, Nami has shown to be brave and all, but Zoro knows she isn't one of the strongest and seriously, she is supposed to face a professional assassin?

He didn't know anything about Nami's staff, that's why he couldn't have possibly thought about her being able to fight and she would probably choose to run instead. An ultimate moment between Zoro and Nami, a moment that every ZoNa shipper should remember. A very small moment but still a moment, where Zoro carries Nami despite his injuries! He knows full well she is lying through her teeth, but he still copes with it.

She was seen running before she even found him. Then why is it that after she saw him, she requested something like that?

I think that by ordering him something like that, she can make sure he is absolutely fine, because let's face it - his wound wouldn't seem like nothing at all. She knew if he colapsed, it was a very serious wound, whereas if he does carry her, Zoro will prove her he is alright.

sanji and nami relationship

There is also a pssibility of her being spoiled hahah Her leg might have truly hurt her, but it wasn't that bad to incapable her - before she found him and after he carried her, she is seen to stand and running fine too. What is also nice to see is that although their debt was already cleared, Nami can still order Zoro around despite he doesn't really like it. It is also nice to see the original trio again. Most of the time, it shows how Zoro and Nami are both more mature and don't recklessly jump into every single thing but leaving them have to deal with their a lot more reckless captain.

I think this is also an appropriate time to show Nami doesn't always just recklessly beat everyone, Zoro including. Like here, Zoro is seen sleeping close to the rest, and yet, Nami later beats only Usopp and Luffy for their lack of common sense haha Zoro doesn't find a need to go, but I find it to be very nice Nami is taking her eye on him. Because knowing herself, she would want to beat the shit out of them. Zoro tries to tell her the reason why he didn't go, but Nami can't exactly get it.

In a way, I think Zoro was happy for that gesture Nami showed - that it was okay for him to go with Luffy too - but he found it to be a trouble to explain it to her again after she accused him of being an idiot. I've got some business to do with your stomach" This arc is like, some people might say extremely ZoRobin, but I dare to very strongly disagree on that fact.

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There are a lot of ZoNa moments too. The first moment is somewhat small, but I like how Zoro took care of a monster that scared both Chopper and Nami. Please note that Nami is someone who knows Zoro is strong, and she is by far the only person who alluded his actions were definitely not swordsman-like. She knows he prides himself a lot as a swordsman and seeing him punch a shark to defeat it sure surprised her.

And this is yet another Zoro-Nami-Chopper little moment as Chopper is commenting his strenght too. What is the best though is that moments after that, Nami throws him a new shirt for him to wear - a shirt we never saw before, and something Nami picked herself.

Earlier, Nami told how scary a place she stumbled upon was - and of all people, she was telling these things to Zoro.

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Nami is really trying her best to probably get him on her side or convince him not to go there, but Zoro doesn't seem to even care at all.

Eventually, he even tells her to do what she wants. However, no matter how much he doesn't care about her complains or how much he finds her to be a pain, whenever she is in danger, he can't help but worry about her, right?

So what happened to his "Whatever you say" to her "You want me to get killed by those pursuers!!? His actions scream ha cares and doesn't want her to get killed at all. More interestingly though is when Zoro witnesses what Enel did to Lucky - someone Wiper is close to.