Scandal 4x02 olivia and fitz relationship

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scandal 4x02 olivia and fitz relationship

Scandal 4x02 "The State of the Union" Promo I hope that the Olitz relationship reunion takes some time to build back up (since we know it's going to happen.). White Hat's Off · The Other Woman · Hunting Season · Beltway Unbuckled · All Roads Lead to Fitz · Spies Like Us · Defiance Huck and Quinn is the relationship Huck and Quinn Perkins On Quinn's first day at Olivia Pope & Associates Huck finds her crying in the ladies room after Olivia . Scandal 4x02 - Quinn and Huck. Again it was parallel to her & Fitz relationship & the current state of it. In episode 2x02 “The Other Woman”, Olivia's talk with Anna(Pastor.

Cyrus had one line that I fucked with which was Thank you, Cyrus!

Scandal 3x17 Olivia admits she feels something for Jake

I guess it was the fact that he was this old republican man, who was an indoor person but the other facts still remain the same. Besides the one line, the writers got Cyrus out looking crazy in his Donald Trump cover up wig.

I get it, Olivia is supposed to be the best to ever do it but she been lacking for a long while. It just makes no sense to me. There was this couple—the guy was a war vet, the girl had saved some kids in a school shooting before taking a bullet—the couple hates each other they were once in love but her being paralyzed took its toll on them. This little case had so much potential but was still lacking greatly. Yeah, I think you get the point. Although I felt like this case had potential, it was lacking in the parallel department or just in making a connection.

It fell flat to me. I am still so here for Abby in the white house! I hate that they are treating her like an Olivia 2. The level of disrespect is ridiculous. Yeah did it, turn up! She did that, did that. He tells her that he is available for booty calls. Me… Followed by a… I have seen the different comments regarding these two well mostly Olivia.

I have seen comments defending her from the people who are here for her. Someone said she is flawed. Let me take this time to make my side in the debate known. Me not being here for or feeling Olivia at the moment does not equal Olivia hate.

Me not being here for or feeling Olivia at the moment does not make me less of a shipper or a supporter of Olitz. With all of that said, let me say is: Olivia is NOT now nor has she ever been a whore. I refuse to ever look at her in that light. I will not put that title on her no matter how the writers decide to write her. I refuse to do it. I refuse because I am against Mellie calling Olivia a whore, so why would I call her one?

Olivia is a single woman who is free to do whatever she pleases with her body.

Scandal 4x02 | Olivia & Fitz "Can Ms. Pope and I have the room?"

The writers are not writing Olivia like a whore or a flawed woman. To be completely honest with you, the last time I saw Olivia Carolyn Pope was in episode 2x Olivia has never chased after dick she has went months, if not years without it but now she wants to chase the unemployed, abusive, slut shaming dick? She wants to chase after a man who she has admitted to him that she does not love.

How does that work?

Scandal 4.01 “Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia”

What do you do when everything around you says this is wrong. But everything in you feels its so right? But why does she keep having these dreams of him?

Why is she doing things she never even thought she Walking Dead - Rated: Richonne Shorts by love. Feel free to message requests for any Richonne and Grimes 2. Olivia is alone in a new city, needing a friend to spend Christmas with. M - English - Romance - Chapters: This my first attempt at writing an AU of TWD, there will be original characters from the show as well as some of my own from "Termites Ruin This story takes place shortly before the outbreak takes hold of world.

scandal 4x02 olivia and fitz relationship

And of course you already know the principle characters involved. Enjoy and thanks for reading. Lanie-Love Walking Dead - Rated: She had always been fiercely dedicated to her academics and nothing else. Never in a million years would she have imagined that taking a certain Political Science class would change her life forever. She licks me clean! As usual, if you don't like it just don't read it ; Walking Dead - Rated: M - English - Chapters: She has three number one hit singles and she's getting ready to drop her very first album.

She's slowly becoming the biggest pop star on the planet and is getting everything she has worked so hard for. But when she meets bad boy actor Fitzgerald Grant the Third and others in the business, she learns the downside of fame.

Scandal 3x17 Olivia admits she feels something for Jake - Televis - VideoTarts

The EW photoshoot takes a smutty, thrilling, emotional turn. Two colleagues at different low points at Christmas somehow manage to find each other.

But are they able to weather the storm together? I do not own these characters. She's looking to be alone, but her neighbor Rick's sole purpose seems to be making sure that she never is. And eventually, she finds that she may not want him around, but she just might need him.

Based on the short story, North Country, by Roxane Gay. Their lives are about to come together much like the companies they work for. Will they be able to keep things strictly business? Or will pleasure overlap somewhere? Merry Mix Up by thematsaidwelcome reviews Michonne just wants to send a picture and forget about him, but he sent a reply.

Everyday he writes a letter home, but doesn't send it, as he searches for a way out of his new found hell. Written as short drabble diary entries. Michonne and Rick are dating in college. However, things go wrong as soon as the new house maid Mercedes Cabral arrives. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor http: I was browsing the web the other day and I stumbled upon my video on this lovely person's tumblr page - which was potentially the coolest thing ever.

Whoever you are, I'm pretty sure I have you to thank for all the attention it has gotten since then! Also, to any of you Olake fans actually reading this, you should check out that tumblr page!

It's pretty awesome says the Olitz fan. To read stories of ex porn stars still alive, please visit www. Jake Ballard steps up beside her. They have about 15 minutes before the supply boat arrives. They make the most of that time. Inside the mystery envelope is a newspaper clipping. She lets Jake know that her former co-gladiator, Harrison Wright, is dead. Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture. Meanwhile, Fitz and Mellie visit their deceased son's grave.

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scandal 4x02 olivia and fitz relationship

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