Sean king and michelle maxwell relationship

Book review: King and Maxwell by David Baldacci

sean king and michelle maxwell relationship

BOOK REVIEW: King and Maxwell by David Baldacci investigators Sean King and Michelle Maxwell nearly run over Tyler, and although it hardly dominates, I look forward to their relationship progressing in future books. David Baldacci brings back Sean King and Michelle Maxwell–former Secret Service agents turned private investigators–in their most surprising, personal, and. Sean King & Michelle Maxwell Created by David Baldacci. Michelle: "We need a better class of clients." Sean: "We'd have to move out of D.C.". A pair of former.

It might have been more helpful and less intrusive to dedicate a paragraph or two to a summary of Sean's and Michelle's past so readers could appreciate the history of the relationship.

The smaller but seemingly constant reminders throughout the book were effective at demonstrating their dedication, but failed to explain its origin.

sean king and michelle maxwell relationship

In King and Maxwell, the antagonist is haunted by the death of his parents, which he blamed on a government scandal decades earlier. When he learned of an opportunity to avenge those deaths, he took it.

Although I don't know if it was Baldacci's intent, the story could be a warning about the far reaching implications of the actions of those in power.

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Decisions made on a large scale, considering only the bigger picture, have consequences on individuals, too. Recklessly making decisions with without consideration of those viewed as inconsequential, especially if those decisions are more about preserving political power at the expense of others, could create problems that are far reaching and unpredictable. No other compensation was received in exchange for this review or its content.

sean king and michelle maxwell relationship

I had to do all of those things during Wish You Well. We were filming at a farm, so I was sitting there with my laptop with roosters and chickens all around me re-writing a scene with an Oscar-winning actress standing in front of the camera waiting for me to deliver her lines. For me as a writer I am the King, the Queen, the whole thing put together.

sean king and michelle maxwell relationship

But on a film set? Are you good at letting go?

Sean King & Michelle Maxwell

I think that I am. Your work tends to have a political edge. How did you develop this?

sean king and michelle maxwell relationship

I was a writer since a young kid — I wrote short stories for 10, 15 years. So I sort of backed into Absolute Power because geographically I was in the right place. It sounds as though the city really inspired you… DB: Hundreds of incredibly motivated, bright people who, if he goes down, they all go down.

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Then the secret service… we look at them at being all brave and willing to sacrifice their lives. But it turns their lives upside down.

sean king and michelle maxwell relationship

Sam Wingos name is restored, but several of Grant's co-conspirators including Dana's husband are identified and arrested. Best part of story, including ending: While the conspiracy seemed to be a bit over-complicated, the idea of using a government satellite to control the President's limo and cause it to crash was a unique idea. It has a scary logic to it that rings very true.

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Best scene in story: My favorite scene occurs late in the book, when Dana Brown, ex-wife of Sean King, admits that she made a mistake when she divorced him. There was a bittersweet feel to the revelation that was quite tender and moving. Opinion about the main character: The chemistry between King and Maxwell is quite good.