Shiroe and akatsuki relationship problems

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shiroe and akatsuki relationship problems

This whole relationship part is just not what I expected from LH I think that, were it not for Akatsuki, Minori would probably be His advice to Minori was Oscar Nomination worthy, and he should be eternally praised for it. "Log Horizon 2's" story becomes more suspenseful in the latest I was shocked that the Genius of Marriage from the previous episode transformed into a serpent monster. Shiroe and Akatsuki's conversation about the Geniuses and the the ultimate problem: Adventurers who cannot or refuse to adapt. Here is the last quote from Volume 5. This is right after Akatsuki overhears Minori's conversation with Shiroe. Now right after this she goes into.

The other characters in the group — Isuzu, Rudy, Tohya, and Serara — also have their moments but Minori is clearly the standout in this group. Then Minori falls in love with Shiroe during the festival arc as Log Horizon veers towards a harem anime. I do see the reasons for why this was done.

Fair enough, and Tohya gets a really nice moment as the understanding brother towards the end of this. But why did it have to be Shiroe? The Log Horizon script writers have a demonstrated ability to effectively handle Loads and Loads of Characters. That would have preserved the platonic, respect based, master-apprentice relationship between Shiroe and Minori.

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I think that would have been much better storytelling, and far more interesting to watch than the creepy age difference. Not that Shiroe noticed. More on that later. Crusty and Lenessia These two are hilarious to watch. To be fair though Lenessia does have her moments of reading Crusty far more perceptively than I think anyone realises.

As for Crusty in a real fight?

shiroe and akatsuki relationship problems

D is a combat guild, and Crusty does love his work. Lenessia also gets some decent character development from the spoiled, lazy girl, into someone definitely worthy of respect.

However, it's those very feelings that further drive her insecurities, as she feels inadequate compared to his other companions and discovers that one of her romantic rivals is an actual middle-school girl. She constantly questions her self-worth and her value to Shiroe and desperately wants him not to think of her as a child.

Although they both love Shiroe, Akatsuki can't bring herself to hate Minori, as she can't help but praise the girl for being such a fantastic girl that any man would be lucky to have. Akatsuki berates herself for failing to meet her own expectations and wonders if she's even worthy of trying to get Shiroe's attention.

Despite her limited social skills, Akatsuki is shown to be disgusted by perverts; a running gag in the series has her kneeing Naotsugu in the face when he's about to say something perverted, and then asking Shiroe for permission to do what she just did, usually followed by Naotsugu telling her to ask before she does it. In spite of this, as well as the fact that Naotsugu tends to call her short names despite knowing it irritates her, the two are shown to be good friends and frequently watch each other's backs in combat.

Isuzu also states that Akatsuki has a hidden sense of humor, and enjoys washing and cleaning. After Shiroe leaves to the raid in the Depths of PalmShiroe leaves Akatsuki behind to protect the princess.

shiroe and akatsuki relationship problems

It's during this time that her insecurities deepen even further; having never been in a raiding party, she felt lonely and unwanted, believing Shiroe left her behind because he thought she'd just be a burden. However, after taking part in the Akiba Raid Partyduring which she learned an Overskill and defeated Enbart NellesAkatsuki regains her confidence back, and starts to view her short stature as an asset rather than a hindrance.

Synopsis Prior to the Catastrophe Akatsuki in the real world. Akatsuki was always smaller than normal and often mistaken for being much younger than she really was. She was so short that her younger sister, Hibikireferred to her as the younger sister.

At one point, a middle school boy in her neighborhood thought that she was his age she was in college and confessed to her, an incident that left her bedridden for several days out of despair, and it is implied that pedophiles have also targeted her in the past. To make up for her height, Akatsuki took up kendo to gain more self-confidence. She also raised a dog named Myojo. When Akatsuki was entering college, Hibiki's advice was to become a pet groomer, since she's bad at talking and works better with her hands.

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She was usually a solo player who would only party up for specific quests. It was during these times that she became acquainted with Shiroe, who never suspected that she was a girl. The Catastrophe arc Akatsuki's appearance after using the potion After being trapped in the world of Theldesia, she quickly realizes that her male avatar was only going to be a hindrance.

However, unwilling to expose herself as a female player out of fear of harassment, she instead bode her time in an abandoned building while trying to figure out what to do. Around five days after the Catastropheshe sees Shiroe pass by and remembers that he owned an Appearance Reset Potion.

After hailing him and Naotsugu down, she finally musters the courage to ask for the potion, shocking both of the men. After she takes the potion, the three of them discuss the situation after the Catastrophe. For the convenience of all three of them, Shiroe proposes that Akatsuki join them, which she agrees to—on the basis that she treats him as her Lord. To steel themselves for fighting, the trio regularly visit the Archive Tower Foresta map filled with monsters that attack on sight.

Although fighting the monsters face-to-face was difficult at first, they are able to adjust to it. While Naotsugu and Shiroe took on the four members that confronted them, Akatsuki went into the depths of the forest to scout for any hidden members.

She finds two Mages and kills them both, preventing them from backing up the main group when her companions end up victorious. Naotsugu, who already killed their Samuraikills their second Swashbucklerand Akatsuki kills the leader. After fighting through the Depths of Palmthey arrive in the city and quickly take note of the city's atmosphere.

While Shiroe went to the designated meeting spot with Naotsugu guarding the entrance, Akatsuki is ordered to keep an eye on the city. She reports that Brigandia's men were on the lookout for them, causing Shiroe and Serara's guardian, Nyantato decide to face the guild in a one-on-one match.

  • Log Horizon (2013-2014): Final Thoughts with Minor Spoilers

During this time, Akatsuki remains hidden, biding her time until the enemy dropped their guard so she could take out their healers. However, witnessing Nyanta, Shiroe, and Naotsugu's cohesive teamwork, without even having to speak to each other, causes Akatsuki to doubt her own abilities.

shiroe and akatsuki relationship problems

Round Table Alliance arc Upon the group's return to Akiba, Shiroe finds the resolve to throw away his history with guilds so that he could start his own, which he calls Log Horizon. Akatsuki, Naotsugu, and Nyanta are its first three members, and they launch their "campaign" to revitalize Akiba in conjunction with the Crescent Moon Alliance.

For the most part, Akatsuki spends her time in reconnaissance, keeping tabs on the Hamelin members and capturing their names so that Shiroe could later blacklist them on the day of the Round Table Conference.

On the day of the conference itself, Akatsuki is kept on guard to make sure that the kids in Hamelin were successfully retrieved. However, she misses Shredderso he is able to access the main guild hall while the rest of his compatriots could not. When Minori and Tohya are attacked by the furious man, Akatsuki comes to their rescue, gracefully kneeing the man and freeing Tohya.

When he grabs her by the collar and demands to know where she is, she simply calls Shiroe and asks him to blacklist him, adding insult to injury by saying that Shredder's face matched his name.

Screengrab from episode 2 of "Log Horizon 2. Roe-2's letter also revealed that she is known as a Navigator and that had me curious, too.

shiroe and akatsuki relationship problems

I was shocked that the Genius of Marriage from the previous episode transformed into a serpent monster. It is apparent that the Genius of Marriage didn't learn his lesson after asking Shiro to be his bride.

I laughed when Akatsuki joined the conversation.

Akatsuki & Shiroe Relations – Comparing anime and light novels

Isaac obviously has his hands full training the knights of Maihama. He obviously enjoys the job, but hates the formalities. I think he is rough around the edges because he doesn't know how to handle compliments from the ladies.

The Geniuses prove to be a formidable threat, but are pushovers when Adventurers work together.