Superboy and wondergirl relationship

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superboy and wondergirl relationship

@COBRAMORPH: its wonder girl and superboy forever that i want, I am really looking forward to see how their relationship blossoms. superboy and wonder girl | ENTIRE CONNER KENT AND CASSIE SANDSMARK'S DINNER UNDER THE MOON. God dammit, I hate this kiss. I hate it so much. Superboy and Wonder Girl is a horribly boring relationship. The one thing I actually liked about.

Cassie was trained by the Amazon Artemis and is extremely well trained in the use of various weapons and in various martial arts. She is also a very capable leader and strategist.

After the New 52 reboot, Cassie's powers have changed yet again. Her powers are now derived from the "Silent Armor" that she wears, which was forged in the heart of a sun and is apparently related to the demon known as Trigon. The armor is invisible unless she summons it or is in a combat situation, but she is always able to use its powers.

The armor usually appears as a glittering red bodysuit, golden gauntlets and, occasionally, a hood. The armor grants her powers similar to those of her pre-reboot counterpart such as superhuman strength sufficient enough for her to fight against Superboy for a short timedurability though she is still vulnerable to piercing weaponssuperhuman reflexes, and the power to fly at high speeds.

The armor also grants her a glowing red lasso that appears similar to barbed wire. The lasso is infinite in length, is virtually indestructible, and can drain the life force out of those wrapped in its confines. Cassie's armor also appears to have a mind of its own and has taken over her mind and body on a few occasions.

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It was later revealed that Cassie has divine heritage as well, as her father was revealed to be Wonder Woman's elder brother Lennox. She was the head of her high school's Wonder Woman fan club and had repeatedly tried to get the superhero to visit her school.

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Her obsession led her to steal two mystical artifacts that granted her superpowers, after which she barged into an athletic tournament on Paradise Island. This event was set up by Donna Troy to see which of the world's young female heroes might be able to replace her as Wonder Woman's partner. Cassie initially planned to defeat Donna one-on-one, but wound up saving her from an invasion by the undersea villain Trident instead. At the issue's end, Donna offered Cassie a chance to join the Titans' worldwide training program, once her mother was through punishing her for stealing the artifacts.

She made a brief appearance in issue 55, sucker-punching Cyborg in his dreams. In the first issue, she is ridiculed by her cousin Donna TroyDick GraysonCyborg comicsand Kid Flash for wearing a T-Shirt and jeans instead of a skirt with stars.

However, when she returns, wearing a skirt with stars and a helmet, she finds the boys all wearing T-shirts and jeans. Her response to this is, "What? I did it first, y'know! Her attire is similar to that of Wonder Woman's in the game. She is sent to spy on Conner after he is devastated by Superman's actions to see what he's up to, and finds him at the Fortress of Solitude trying to find the Phantom Zone Projector. She and the other Titans try to help Conner stop Superman, but Superman mortally wounds him.

She and the Titans are sent to the Phantom Zone by Superman to save Conner's life and to stop them from interfering with Superman's plans. In the prequel to Injustice 2, they are freed from the Phantom Zone thanks to the Insurgency. As evidenced during their fight with Amazo, her relationship to her mentor, Wonder Woman, is strained due to the latter afllying with the Regime Though Diana is still concerned for Cassie's well-being and had no idea about Superman sending the Titans to the Phantom Zone.

superboy and wondergirl relationship

In other media[ edit ] Television[ edit ] In the episode "Paradise Lost" from the first season of the Justice League animated series, Wonder Woman saves a young blonde girl from a tree. When Wonder Woman returns the girl to her mother, the mother calls the girl "Cassie".

This is an obvious reference to Wonder Girl from the comics. Wonder Girl appears in the Young Justice: Secretary General Tseng who was actually an alien in disguise.

superboy and wondergirl relationship

They both took out multiple Mechs. When they learned the base was set to explode, she and the team retreated to the Bio-Ship.

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As he overpowered and easily defeated the team one by one, Cassie contacted the other heroes for help. Black Beetle pinned her against the door, and mercilessly slammed her into it repeatedly until she was down. Blue Beetle, Beast Boy and Impulse arrived. Wonder Girl and Tim Drake became a couple shortly after the Reach invasion concluded. Superboy clearly has a one-track mind, but that totally works for his character.

Teenagers are hormonal, and for once, the comic is addressing those hormones. Because of course they do Because why do anything different in the reboot, huh? God dammit, I hate this kiss. I hate it so much. Superboy and Wonder Girl is a horribly boring relationship. It was something Lobdell actually seemed to have some skill in telling.

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Red Robin sits Raven down and gives her an exhaustive description of each member of the Teen Titans and what they bring to the team.

Because we all needed that, apparently. Just click to enlarge. Soak it in, these are your Teen Titans for the foreseeable future Thanks for that, I guess?

We all needed Lobdell to explain the paper thin characterization of his team. But it has so much potential to be good! These are still good characters. He could at least tell Raven that she needs to change her costume. First, Red Robin tells Raven — the daughter of Trigon, who only joined the team yesterday — that if something happens to him, the team is going to look to her for leadership. Yes, he really says that.


Why the hell would anyone on the Teen Titans look to Raven for leadership? None of the Titans would look to Raven for leadership. There is not a whole lot of trust — or any trust, whatsoever — between Raven and the other Titans. Has Lobdell already forgotten how little effort he put into inducting Raven to the team?

He pretty much just said that she and Beast Boy joined. Oh, also, remember how Raven is a double agent? So yeah, Red Robin continues to be a total idiot. Plus he lost Wonder Girl, apparently.

Tim Drake has fallen so far. Elsewhere, Kid Flash and Solstice make up and kiss too. The cute characters all just hook up.

Then we get to the ending. And if this ending is to be believed, it kind of makes me furious. What he hell, DC? Do you really suck this much?

I can live with that and move on. But it just feels so final, and it pisses me off. So Bunker gathers the Titans together and explains the text message from earlier. His boyfriend Gabriel has woken up from his coma and has asked for Bunker. The dramatic walking away pose. However, Miss Martian was shown to be annoyed by his protectiveness on one occasion, but they soon worked out the issue. Later, during a supposed invasion of Earth in the episode Failsafe, M'gann had confessed to Connor that she loves him and became devastated when he was "killed" by the aliens that she fell to her knees.

Lex Luthor had tempted Superboy with special patches that allowed him to have all the powers of Superman temporarily, but would also cause his anger to increase, leading to some clashes with his teammates.

Queen Bee had blackmailed Miss Martian, threatening to reveal her true appearance as a White Martian which would possibly lead her friends and Conner to abandon and hate her. Eventually in the episode, Usual Suspectsthey both revealed their secrets. Superboy was the first to reveal the patches, including the discovery of Lex Luthor being his human father and Artemis had revealed to the team the truth about her family.

superboy and wondergirl relationship

Miss Martian gathered her courage and faced her fears and finally revealed Queen Bee blackmailing her and finally showed them her true form. However, Superboy's feelings for her don't change, revealing he already knew when she restored his memories in Bereft and decided to wait until she was ready to tell him herself, showing he truly loved her and thus their relationship became even more closer and serious.

Later, when they and the rest of the team had saved the Justice League and it was time to celebrate New Year's, Miss Martian and Superboy shared a romantic kiss along with several members of the Team such as Kid Flash and Artemis and Robin and Zatanna. Superboy and Miss Martian's strained relationship since their break up.

In the second season, taking place five years after the first season, Superboy and Miss Martian are revealed to have recently ended their relationship and Miss Martian has started dating Lagoon Boy, another member of the team. Superboy is soon revealed to be upset about her relationship with Lagoon Boy, showing obvious signs of jealously and anger, but admits that while Lagoon Boy can be a jerk, he does treat Miss Martian well.

However, it's later revealed that Superboy broke up with Miss Martian, partially because he didn't outwardly age, but mainly because he was upset on how she abusing her telepathic abilities as whenever she probed the minds of their enemies, she would leave them in a catatonic state. Aside from Miss Martian misusing her powers, Superboy ended their relationship as she attempted to erase his memory of their argument on how she was using her powers.

Due to this, Superboy was greatly hurt and devastated while feeling immensely betrayed by her actions, leaving him no choice but to officially end their relationship. However, despite their issues, Superboy and Miss Martian still harbour strong feelings for each other, showing that they obviously still in love, but don't want to admit it.

Miss Martian was also revealed to still feel great remorse and guilt for her actions toward Superboy and continuously apologized whenever the subject was brought up. Superboy also revealed his beliefs that Miss Martian didn't truly have any real feelings for Lagoon Boy, believing he was only her rebound boyfriend, despite Miss Martian's protests.

It's also shown that several people, mainly Beast Boy and alien girl, Alanna supported the two reconciling as Beast Boy attempted to remind the pair of the happier times they shared when they still together and Alanna pointed out that Miss Martian obviously still loves him after learning about their romance. However, their relationship still continued to be strained for quite sometime, but both showed to still care and worry for one another such as when Miss Martian felt guilty for not throwing a party for Superboy on his birthday or when Conner tried to comfort M'gann after the death of Artemis.

Later, during a mission to rescue several teammates who were captured, Miss Martian confronted Aqualad and used her powers and telepathically attacked him as revenge for killing Artemis, leaving him catatonic. However, she soon realized her grave mistake as she realized the truth that Aqualad and Artemis were on a deep undercover mission to infiltrate the Light and Reach.

Due to the event, Miss Martian felt an immense guilt for what she had done and became afraid to even use her powers, coming to realize that Superboy was right along on how she was wrongly using them.