Supriya pathak and shahid kapoor relationship quotes

I am in a happy space, wish Kareena all the best: Shahid Kapoor | bollywood | Hindustan Times

supriya pathak and shahid kapoor relationship quotes

Pankaj Kapur, Supriya Pathak and Shahid Kapoor share an extremely close bond with each other. In an interview with a tabloid, Supriya spoke about her loving relationship with daughter-in-law Mira Rajput as well as granddaughter Misha shizutetsu.infoa said how Mira is just like her. The audience of Khichdi adores Supriya Pathak aka Hansa, and her antics, Supriya Pathak has always come across as a supporting mother to Shahid Kapoor, her spend much time together, they both shared a beautiful relationship. Happy New Year Wishes · Happy New Year Quotes. But Shahid Kapoor is back now, and hopefully with a bang. including Supriya aunty (Shahid's stepmother Supriya Pathak), and my kid There's so much happening in my life now that a relationship could be a . Lebanon, New Jersey Drivers Are Stunned By This New RuleEverQuote Insurance Quotes.

Search I am in a happy space, wish Kareena all the best: Shahid Kapoor He came, we saw, he conquered. And then he went under the radar. But Shahid Kapoor is back now, and hopefully with a bang. In an exclusive interview, the reticent actor opens up about his long absence, Kareena Dec 02, Where did you disappear after Mausam?

So I need to recover that lost time now. And I guess everything has a reason. Technically, I lost two years. Everybody knew or presumed that I would not take up any work till Mausam was finished.

The only film I signed in between was Teri Meri Kahani. A series of events unfortunately followed that and caused further delays. Maneesh and I parted amicably. People still consider that as your best shot… I know.

This period is looked upon as the weakest and worst time to release a film. And two big movies, Om Shanti Om and Saawariya bothwere releasing around that time.

Fortunately, our film was widely appreciated. I guess every film has its own destiny. The fact that we had just about two months to edit the film which was made over a period of two years, and the fact that the film itself got hugely delayed impacted the product. Had there been a little more time, we would have got more perspective and made corrections.

It was a lot of pressure on dad who was making his first film. Everyone was deeply involved in the film. I was with the family throughout and I had to be their mental strength. Do you regret that phase a little? So yes, I will be working round the clock. I have taken it on myself to make sure that I have the most of myself and just keep working. How did you spend the last nine months?

I was reading scripts, meeting and interacting with people. I have already heard about six scripts and the three films I am doing now are a result of this.

Fortunately, I am working with people I wanted to work with. With these movies, I am moving into a different space too. Thankfully I had the time to line up my priorities. I have decided one thing, though.

supriya pathak and shahid kapoor relationship quotes

You and Kareena became a hit pair after Jab We Metand then the two of you split up. But have you ever had an offer of a film with Kareena since then? Nobody in the last five years has come to me with an offer to work with Kareena.

I had never said no to working with her ever before, and why should it be any different now? People still remember her as Geet. Was it after Jab We Met that you fell into a slow phase?

supriya pathak and shahid kapoor relationship quotes

Did the break up with Kareena affect you? But I did very few films by choice. I had put all my eggs in one basket. I have to be pragmatic and honest. Certain people in the industry believe you exude a kind of arrogance.

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I used to be in my own world and keep to myself all the time, so there may have been a perception about my reserved demeanour that was misconstrued as arrogance. Julia Roberts Favourite movie: Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro Favourite directors: Hindi music, Justin Timberlake"s new-age music Favourite male singer: Rahman Favourite female singer: Shreya Ghoshal Favourite colour: Paco Rabanne Favourite book: The Great Gatsby Favourite car: Sabina Khan Favourite female co-star: Sonakshi Sinha Favourite Bollywood real-life couple: His parents Favourite style icon: He became a vegetarian after reading a book on life and its many facets.

He also influenced Kareena Kapoor turn to vegetarian, while they dated. His great great grandfather was the film director, screenwriter, Urdu novelist and journalist Khwaja Ahmad Abbas more popularly known as K.

Supriya Pathak: I have a lovely daughter-in-law Mira

It was Shahid's decision to break off. I have great respect for her. She is a wonderful girl. He doesn't like people to touch his hair. Industry, non industry… God knows! When I fall head over heels in love with a girl, I will tie her to my side and never let her go. I was an average to above average student.

Supriya Pathak – Shahid Kapoor

I was neither a brat nor a teacher's pet. I was a bit of both. My two friends and I were called the pillars of the class because we were always standing in the class as punishment. Life is about creating yourself. You cannot find peace by avoiding life.

Sometimes love blinds us, other times it let us see. One has to believe in love. In its true form, I think that love is eternal and always should be like that. There are other factors which come in the middle sometimes.

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