Sydney bristow and michael vaughn relationship quiz

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sydney bristow and michael vaughn relationship quiz

15 Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan dated briefly during the series' run However, unfortunately for these excited fans, their relationship. Played by Michael Vartan, Vaughn is one of Sydney Bristow's co-workers and her ongoing love His relationship with Sydney was included in TV Guide's list of the best TV couples of all time. .. Revolvy's Greatest TV Shows Quiz: # - . Take the Quiz: Aliass Vaughn and Sydney. This quiz is all about Sydney Bristow and Michael Vaughn and their relationship!.

But in order to find the antidote, Sydney must make a deal with Sark that could endanger Sloane's life. Meanwhile, Will continues his research for Vaughn and discovers some disturbing inconsistencies involving year-old standardized IQ tests.

Teaser Scenes from previous episodes, culminating with Vaughn discovering that he is infected with the mysterious virus after all. Nicholas, who tells him to come in immediately. Vaughn makes a stop first, however, to see Irina.

She says she knows he had a hand in proving her innocence in the Madagascar incident. She wants to know if he is in love with Sydney. He says if she helps him, he'll tell her.

sydney bristow and michael vaughn relationship quiz

Will and Sydney talk at Francie's. He says that all of the standardized tests from the year seem to be missing. Sydney gives him the background info on Project Christmas. Kendall summons Sydney to operations and tells her about Vaughn.

He tells her that Vaughn visited Irina, but collapsed as he was leaving. Sydney goes to Irina, who tells her the antidote is located at a former nuclear testing facility in Paldiski. Kendall arranges for Sydney to go get the serum generator, which must use Vaughn's blood to create the antidote. The doctors say she only has three days.

Jack says he'll cover for her with Sloane. Sydney goes to see Vaughn, who is in an oxygen tent and barely strong enough to turn his head to see Sydney. Sydney tells him she'll get the antidote and takes a sample of his blood. Vaughn whispers, "Be careful. Suddenly an alarm goes off -- Vaughn is bleeding internally. He is rushed to surgery. As Sydney is standing outside the OR, she is approached by an attractive blonde, who introduces herself as "Alice, Michael's girlfriend.

Sloane says that Emily's coffin was empty when he opened it. He believes that Emily is alive. He says that he told Christophe that someone is trying to make it look like he failed to fulfill his obligation to the Alliance.

He is to meet Christophe in Tokyo. He says SD-6 needs a success to solidify his position. Jack suggests using Richter.

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Sloane visits Richter, who is suffering from the virus but is still able to feel pain. Sloane asks where Derevko's base of operations is located. Richter doesn't answer, so they torture him.

He finally sobs out one word: She says the strange spatial relationship questions don't appear on the '82 test that she found. Sydney enters the facility in Paldiski dressed in a haz-mat suit. She sees Sark and ducks out of sight. She gets to the computer room and hooks up a sat link. The CIA operative on the other end of the link tells her to abort, that there is a security system in place, and she will be detected if she continues.

Sydney refuses and continues the download. Then she runs to escape, but Sark has locked down the compound, and Sydney cannot leave the area. Sark appears behind bulletproof glass and tells Sydney that the sprinkler system is rigged with a compound that will eat through her suit -- and her skin -- in a matter of minutes. He says they are destined to work together. He wants to kill Sloane, and she can help him. He turns on the sprinklers and Sydney's suit begins to disintegrate.

She says she will help him get to Sloane if she can keep the antidote. Act II Sydney tells Kendall about the deal she made. She is to render Sloane unconscious and deliver him to Sark. Kendall refuses to okay the operation. Jack tells Sydney privately that they need to do this without Kendall's knowledge.

Francie sees Will examining the test Abigail gave him. She looks at the test and says that a question is wrong because it asks about the Grenada invasion, which didn't happen until Sloane asks Jack to find out more details from Richter because agents have been to Smila and can't locate the base.

Richter is tortured some more and finally reveals that Smila is his wife's name. Sloane says to kill him. Will visits the author of the tests and asks about the test. The author provides a master copy, and upon close examination, is surprised to see that certain questions on the test -- the spatial reasoning questions -- were not written by him.

He says around 5 million children took the test in Jack gives Sydney the info on Sloane's itinerary in Tokyo. He says he had hoped she would never face this moment -- deliberately causing someone's premeditated murder.

sydney bristow and michael vaughn relationship quiz

She fights and defeats two guards as she approaches the ginza where Sloane is getting a massage. She relieves the geisha masseuse and speaks to Sloane in Japanese. Sloane mumbles something about watching a man die and how he had loved his wife, too, but had to take action. Sydney stabs him in the neck with a needle. Sloane collapses, and Sydney rushes out calling for help.

Sark's men come in an ambulance and load Sloane into it. Sark calls his agent with the code that will release the antidote. He tells Sydney that it was nice working with her and drives off in the ambulance. Sydney stands watching them leave with a pensive look on her face. Jack tells him that Sydney got the antidote by having Sloane killed. Sydney walks into SD-6 and looks for a long time at Sloane's office. She opens the door and is stunned to see Sloane and Sark standing there.

Sloane says that Sark is now their ally, and Sydney is to debrief him. When Sloane leaves, Sydney wants to know what Sark is doing. Sark says he revived Sloane and told him he had foiled an assassination attempt so that he and Sloane could work together to solve the Rambaldi mystery.

He gave Sloane a paper that supposedly proved his sincerity but wouldn't tell Sydney what it said. Vaughn goes to see Irina. He says he's there to answer her questions, since she kept her end of the bargain. She wants to know why he hasn't spoken to Sydney about his feelings. He says there are rules he has to follow. When he leaves, he runs into Sydney. They hug, and Sydney cries a little.

She tells him that Sloane presented Sark to the Alliance as their newest ally. Ironically -- thanks to Sydney -- Sloane's standing with them has never been higher. Vaughn says he heard that Sydney met Alice.

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He starts to explain that they had broken up, but then Kendall approaches and tells Vaughn he's glad things worked out. Vaughn excuses himself and goes after Sydney, but she is gone when he reaches the hallway. This commentary is by Adriane Saunders. Is Syd in love with Vaughan? Will she kill Sloane to save Vaughan's life?

Is Vaughan going to die? But, these questions are "through the motions" only. These questions could all be predicted and answered without even following the plot. The only REAL question in this episode is NOT whether Syd will participate in murder, trading Sloane's life for Vaughan's, but whether she will admit to her own responsibility and free choice.

Or, is morality only a rationalization for Syd? All else is predictable and without suspense. Vaughan contracts a deadly virus from exposure to Rimbaldi's gigantic ball of red liquid. That was the liquid tidal wave that nearly drowned Vaughan in a Taipai hallway at the end of Season One.

Now Vaughan has three days to live, and Syd jets to Russia for an antedote. Her mother Irina, happily returned to viewers and plot alike, provides Syd the lead. In Russia Syd is trapped by Sark remember Khasinau's "representative"? Sark offers Syd a choice: Sloane's life for Vaughan's. He will allow Syd to keep the antedote only if she delivers Sloane unconscious, so Sark can kill him. The rest is about choices and responsibility. Ultimately a cooperation is formed between Sloane and Sark, to Syd's consternation but to welcome by "The Alliance", Sloane's partners in crime.

From start to finish, a presumed romantic connection is played up between Vaughan and Syd. Is the issue Syd's first kill, her first deliberate, calculated murder? Or is "responsibility" the issue, and Syd's unwillingness to take that, or to accept that she always has choices regardless of circumstances? Syd blames her father, in an earlier episode, for programming away her choices with Operation Christmas when she was a child.

Now the threat of death to Vaughan provides Syd a seeming abolition of choice for killing Sloane. Rationalization rules for Syd. But, Jack denies that, saying, "Of course we have a choice. Jack tells Syd murder is "something you never came to considering before getting to know your mother. For starters, if anyone is to "blame", that could in this instance only be Vaughan. Syd is contemplating murder to save Vaughan, not her mother. That is the first reason Jack's argument is flawed.

The second is that responsiblity and blame are polar opposites. Blaming is always a way to avoid responsibility, a refusal to make a choice and accept the consequences. We always have choices. No one else can be credited or blamed for our choices.

That is precisely what "taking responsibility" means. No real suspense or cohesiveness or tension or even fast forward motion to the plot describes this episode. Add to that my puzzlement. Maybe the contrast between last week's brilliance and this week's "anything but" is too great a gap to bridge.

The editing and direction seem loose, compounded by redundancy and heavy-handed lyrical background music--in words--explaining the actor's emotions or would-be-emotions. Overdone, or compared to the brilliance of the last episode, underdone.

Even the script is flat, the dialogue dull and predictable. And this is astonishing from John Eisendrath, who is usually first rate with his scripts.

Derevko's return to the plot almost saves the episode, and is probably the only reason I sat through it all. The intensity with which she listens is remarkable.

sydney bristow and michael vaughn relationship quiz

How often do people listen to one another with such attentiveness or perception? Every word from Irina, soft spoken though she is, is a challenge of power. Derevko's in jail and under guard, but characters come to her for "an audience" as if to a queen. Interesting character, this Irina Derevko.

Add to Irina's earrings as "likely of importance in a future episode" a fact noted by tech expert Marshall, "Polar bear fur cannot be detected by infrared photography.

The fur emits no heat. See what happens next. This commentary is by Zero and E. Do you know that? The essay we should have written We deeply admire the masterful timing and skill with which this show just picks up speed, blows past us, and leaves us peering from the tall grass. This was an episode of new beginnings. Like so many episodes before it, it completely reconstructed the premise of the show.

Any other program would spend seasons dissecting the themes and dynamics of each episode. Alias just nails it and moves on. We know only enough to speculate, to dress her up in fabricated motives. After all, we see her only when someone is searching for her aid.

Contained behind glass, she can initiate no interaction. More importantly, when her assistance is demanded, she relinquishes only the scraps of knowledge necessary to appease. By withholding what she knows, she maintains leverage over her captors, but to what end does she desire this sway?

From the pieces of herself that she seems to reveal, we weave our own explanations, construct our own context for her decisions. But do our rationalizations seek to unearth some fundamental truth about Irina, or are we simply playing into her hands?

Having vindicated his father's murderer of an attempt on Sydney's life, Vaughn stands inches from the glass, tormented by unwelcome gratitude. And at that moment when Irina has lured his eyes to her face, she turns and fastens her gaze to his. What truth resides in her piercing sincerity? From both sides of the glass, a loyalty is declared. And though it is the same declaration, can their allegiances truly overlap?

sydney bristow and michael vaughn relationship quiz

Vaughn is that to the one person who matters This may not be something you can understand or appreciate, but we have rules, very clear and important rules, that govern the relationship between a handler and his asset. What prompts this insight? Is Irina toying with Vaughn, manipulating his weakness?

Is she simply a mother trying to guarantee her daughter's happiness? Or do her words bear the weight of an untold regret? Did she violate the most crucial rule of all? Did she fall in love with Jack? And as Jack tells him of Sydney's sacrifice, Vaughn comes to the realization that this game must end. He cannot hold his breath each time he opens his eyes, hoping that she will be waiting beside him. And he cannot let Sydney surrender her integrity in his name.

It is not fair to either of them. They cannot go all the way and going halfway will kill them. Someone has to back off and redraw the line of propriety. That someone is Vaughn. But before he goes to Sydney, he goes to her mother. This time we cannot see the glass that separates them. He is taking off the leads and doing everything as fast as he can to get her off that table.

Brezzell is trying to get them to stay, saying that the drug cocktail needs to be corrected and is asking Vaughn to stop touching the leads for the monitors.

He even lifts her off the table and to the ground. Sydney finally gets out what she has been trying to say, she tells them that Will knows something. Jack then tells her that he will contact the witness protection division. He sees her move and he even adjusts his grip around her a little tighter. Even though she was only moving to tell Jack to wait, he was there holding her up. I almost see it as a rescue. He really does care about her and still love her.

I think it truly pains him to not be able to be with her. But he also loves Lauren, although he is beginning to question it more and more. As well as on St. Aiden and what she saw in her dream. As I said in the second season, Vaughn liked Will; however, he knew that if he ever screwed up. Will would be there waiting to take care of Sydney. There was an extreme amount of jealousy towards Will. So the fact that he has to send Sydney off to go see Will, especially knowing that she is vulnerable, is scary to Vaughn.

Even though he is married, he still wants Sydney for himself. The jealousy is still very much there and present. Seeing Vaughn change the subject off of Will is not surprising, especially when he turns it to a point that he was concerned about.

But once again, he looks at Jack to see his response and to seek help on how to help Sydney, but Jack is doing the same to Vaughn. This experience, not even being over yet, has really brought the two of them closer. Jack then tells Sydney that Dr. Brezzell had commented that based off of the data that he saw, he believes that the memory of the missing time has been removed.

Also that however the memories were removed, the precision with how they were removed indicates that she was a willing participant. Since the next scene only has Jack and Vaughn, and they tell Sloane that she is pursuing another lead, I have to believe that the plane dropped her off where Will is and they headed back to LA to work on their cover story for why they have been gone.

But they do meet with Sloane and Sloane asks if the doctor was helpful. Also now she is off to be alone with Will. She can tell him pretty much everything, he can be the listening board for her, the position that Vaughn held for so long, and longs to be again.

Jack and Sloane go over more of the details of their plan including the fact that Jack has instructed Sydney to contact Sloane when she is ready to return. Jack then turns and goes back to the car; Vaughn nods at him, but stays behind.

Vaughn then takes a step closer to Sloane and he does not look happy, in fact he looks as if he could kill if he needed to. If you betray her, I swear to you, no matter what it costs me, I will kill you. You can see how much he hates this part of the plan, but he does trust Jack as far as what is best for Sydney and that is why he is willing to go along with it. I love her too. He has always regarded Sydney very highly, even saying on multiple occasions that he views her as his own child.

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So I am skipping over most of it. What I will say is that St. Sydney and Will go to meet with St. Immediately after Sark shows up and shots Lazarey with a tranquillizer and shots at Will with a real gun. So here is my one question, who told Sark about Dr.