The magician and eight of wands relationship

Eight of Wands Tarot and its Meaning for Love, Money & Happiness

the magician and eight of wands relationship

Magician - taking action, carrying out plans; Wheel of Fortune - rapid pace, quick In readings, the Eight of Wands is often a sign that now is the time to declare. When your Tarot reading includes the Ace of Wands, a moment of bold Three cards from the Major Arcana go well with the Ace of Wands: The Magician, . are in the reading and where they are in relationship to this card. Swiftness is the major characteristic of Eight of Wands. Eight of Wands is sometimes represented as arrows of love or Cupid's arrows.

You work hard so that you will have money to spend on yourself and everything else that you may want. Take this opportunity to do just that. This card wants to assure you that great things are coming and you know just the way how to make them happen.

Stay positive and keep your energy up! Be open to gifts and blessings that are headed your way. Work and persevere, and the universe will reward you most generously.

Ultimately, if the card was then seen as being a sign of bad luck, then this would not exactly be the kind of predicament that you would be wanting to find yourself in.

The card itself shows eight wands effectively pointing you in the direction in which you should head. It can also be seen as representing a period of delays or problems having come to an end, and that is hardly going to then be representative of bad luck.

the magician and eight of wands relationship

Also, it is often drawn when you have entered into a part of your life where you have perhaps come through a bad time and are able to now move onto something that is more productive and better for you. This is not the kind of card that then promotes the idea of bad luck. In fact, to further counter the idea that the Eight of Wands is a sign of bad luck, you should know that the card is also aligned with Jupiter.

This is key as this planet is viewed in line with luck but only in the positive sense.

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So, if it aligns with this, then it makes a lot of sense that the card is not going to be a sign of bad luck in any way. But then, we can take the next step and say that the Eight of Wands is directly related to a period of good fortune and luck being on your side.

It represents a path being effectively cleared for you that you may have previously believed to have been blocked. However, that is no longer the case if you have the confidence and desire to just step forward.

magician vs 8 of wands

Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card and its Meaning It should also be pointed out that there is still no sense of obstacles being in your way or anything to really impede you. The concept of this being a bad luck card is still not exactly true even though it does not claim that everything will indeed be plain sailing from here on in.

If you see the card in reverse, then it still does not indicate bad luck in any way. Instead, it is trying to tell you that there is no point in you holding onto the past as you are unable to change what happened before and that there is a real need to let go. So, the Eight of Wands is pretty much as far removed from being a bad luck card as it is possible to be.

the magician and eight of wands relationship

Instead, it is telling you the complete opposite and is likely to push you towards a much better future than you had perhaps felt was possible. Also, just remember that this applies no matter the direction in which the card is facing or the part of your life that it has been drawn in because this is just going to spread good tidings over you everywhere that you look. Although you do not have to be a vagabond, a spiritual traveler you will be.

the magician and eight of wands relationship

In conscious thought, in daydreams, in meditative trance, in the dreams of deep sleep, in astral travel — you will roam the ether following your quest to know more of your God. You will return home time and time again to share your latest discoveries with those who choose to turn into your channel.

the magician and eight of wands relationship

In the second position: Although your surroundings and personal habits are relaxed and natural, they are nevertheless very organized and that is one of your strongest points. You may have considerable belongings, but everything you have is working in regular use, be it an old reference book or a cooking utensil you collected on your last trip.

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In the third position: Listen and you will hear from your heart the ever soft whispers from the ether reaches of our space and time blowing through the trees in the inner courtyard of the garden of Eden. In the fourth position: The deep appreciation of things in the now, of beauty intrinsic in nature and man, is paralleled by a desire to see the beauty of the unseen.

This emotional path is highly sensual. In the fifth position: You are very aware of the richness of possibility around you.


There is an abundance of information, possibly an abundance of sources. In the sixth position: Strong demands are being placed on your emotional house, for sincere commitment to the highest of standards by you and all those around you sharing this path. In the seventh position: In the near future you will be washed with a wave of confidence to urge you forward. Your mental projects will be clear and flow much more easily afterwards. In the eighth position: You are moved, perhaps not with a moving van, but nevertheless moved.

Spiritual change inevitably brings change to all the planes — sometimes the change is subtle and sometimes it is not.

the magician and eight of wands relationship

In the ninth position: Inspiration has struck and with a mighty hammer. There may be more information than you think you can handle.

You are in the midst of that wonderful moment of original creativity when the sheer magnificence of what you have just been handed humbles you to acknowledge a source outside and above you, but at the same time you also are intensely aware that it is indeed you as well operating as creator.

In the tenth position: The order and organization that you need to move forward will be easy to achieve and your heart will provide all the energy you need.