Tsar nicholas ii and alexander relationship quotes

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tsar nicholas ii and alexander relationship quotes

Russia: The reigns of Alexander I and Nicholas I The precocious marriage had been arranged to guarantee descendants to the in Moravia, on December 2, , and the emperor Francis II was forced to sign the peace. Tsar Quotes But Nicholas, whose hand was lighter than that of any tsar before him, is "Bloody “[Aftermath of the assassination of Tsar Alexander II in ]. Czar Nicholas was crowned the Czar of Russia in , after Czar Alexander III died of kidney disease at age After 2 failed war attempts against Japan in.

He is a poor and unhappy sovereign.

tsar nicholas ii and alexander relationship quotes

What did he inherit and what will he leave? He is obviously a good and quite intelligent man, but he lacks willpower, and it is from that character that his state defects developed, that is, his defects as a ruler, especially an autocratic and absolute ruler. Be firm…How I wish I could pour my will into your veins. Be thou damned with all Thine august reptilian progeny! The well-being of the Russian Sovereign is inseparable from the national well-being; the national sorrow is His sorrow.

It is still like a nightmare to me. It was replaced by an army of ignoramuses. If I am killed by common assassins, and especially by my brothers the Russian peasants, you, Tsar of Russia, have nothing to fear, remain on your thrown and govern… But if I am murdered by nobles and if they shed my blood, their hands will remain soiled with my blood, for twenty-five years they will not wash their hands from my blood.

They will leave Russia.

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Brothers will kill brothers… if it was your relations who have wrought my death then no one of your family, that is to say none of your children or relations, will remain alive for more then two years. There is anarchy in the capital.

tsar nicholas ii and alexander relationship quotes

Transport of food and fuel completely disorganized. On the streets, chaotic shooting. Army units fire at each other. There should be no delay. All delay is death. If the weather were very cold they would probably all stay at home. But all this will pass and become calm if only the Duma will behave itself.

One can say flatly that the Provisional Government exists only so long as it is permitted by the Soviet. These are the ravings of a lunatic. I despise and hate them more and more. They are truly Russian idiots. He placed responsibility for them on a remarkable legal writer, Mikhail Mikhaylovich Speransky.

He conceived a vast plan for total reorganization of Russian legal structures and authored a complete collection and a systematically coordinated digest of Russian laws.

Only a very small part of his great plan was applied, for once again Alexander withdrew from any practical fulfillment, partly because foreign events distracted him from rebuilding his empire on new foundations.

Despite the strong Russian reaction against France, the tsar again met Napoleon, at Erfurt in Saxony, inwhere he showed himself to have become distant from his Tilsit ally. Napoleon reproached the tsar for trading with England under cover of neutral vessels and for refusing him the hand of his sister, the grand duchess Anna Pavlovna.

tsar nicholas ii and alexander relationship quotes

For his part Alexander tried in vain to obtain from Napoleon a commitment not to create an independent Kingdom of Poland. All of this was a pretext for military preparations on both sides. A violent shift of opinion against Napoleon appeared in Russia.

The hostility toward France among the court compelled Alexander to exile his legal adviser, Speransky, an admirer of Napoleon and his Code. Changing his opinions yet again, the tsar adopted the reactionary ideas of a patriotic group dominated by his favourite sister, the grand duchess Yekaterina Pavlovna.

tsar nicholas ii and alexander relationship quotes

He judged that, under the conditions then prevailing, Russia had best keep its traditional institutions. The conflict that ensued was justly called the Patriotic War by the Russians; in it, the strong resistance and outstanding endurance of an entire people were displayed. The war transformed Alexander, suffusing him with energy and determination.

The Abdication of Nicholas II Left Russia Without a Czar for the First Time in 300 Years

The French advanced as rapidly as the Russians retreated, drawing them away from their bases. Napoleon thought that, once Moscow was taken, the tsar would capitulate. But after the bloody Battle of BorodinoNapoleon entered a largely deserted Moscow, which was soon nearly destroyed by fire.

The conqueror had to camp in a ruined city where he could not remain, and Alexander did not sue for peace. The tsar, meanwhile, under pressure of public opinionhad named Kutuzovwhom he detested, supreme commander. The old warrior, through brilliant strategy and with the aid of heroic partisans, pursued the enemy and drove him from the country.

His enthusiasm, perseverance, and steadfast determination to triumph aroused the king of Prussia and the emperor of Austriaand the enheartened allies were victorious at Leipzig in October He entered Paris triumphantly in March Napoleon abdicatedand the tsar reluctantly accepted the restoration of the Bourbons, for whom he had little esteem, and imposed a constitutional charter on the new ruler, Louis XVIII.

As a devout Lutheran, she was initially reluctant to convert to Russian Orthodoxy in order to marry Nicholas, but later relented. Nicholas visited Egypt, India, Singapore, and Bangkok, receiving honors as a distinguished guest in each country.

The incident cut his trip short. Returning overland to St. Petersburg, he was present at the ceremonies in Vladivostok commemorating the beginning of work on the Trans-Siberian Railway. InNicholas traveled to London on behalf of his parents to be present at the wedding of his cousin, the Duke of York to Princess Mary of Teck. Queen Victoria was struck by the physical resemblance between the two cousins, and their appearances confused some at the wedding.

During this time, Nicholas had an affair with St.

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Petersburg ballerina Mathilde Kschessinska. He attended meetings of the State Council ; however, as his father was only in his forties, it was expected that it would be many years before Nicholas succeeded to the throne. Once in Coburg Nicholas proposed to Alix, but she rejected his proposal, being reluctant to convert to Orthodoxy.

But the Kaiser later told her she had a duty to marry Nicholas and to convert, as her sister Elizabeth had voluntarily done in Thus Nicholas and Alix became officially engaged on 20 April Nicholas's parents initially hesitated to give the engagement their blessing, as Alix had made poor impressions during her visits to Russia.