Wuthering heights catherine and edgars relationship quizzes

Relationships in 'Wuthering Heights' Quiz | 10 Questions

wuthering heights catherine and edgars relationship quizzes

Catherine is close to death and cannot even hold it. Wuthering Heights As Edgar bursts into the room, Heathcliff puts Catherine's body into Edgar's arms. In Catherine's and Edgar's relationship there are clear themes of the turbulent class system and striving to the top of the social hierarchy, the. situation, and she thinks marriage to Edgar will secure Heathcliff's future. Unknown to Meanwhile, Heathcliff is staying at Wuthering Heights with Hindley Earnshaw, . The inventory is essentially an open-book quiz that measures how.

Breath Me (Heathcliff/Cathy/Edgar)

She declined, and Geraldine Fitzgerald was cast. Leigh was cast in Gone with the Wind that same year, for which she won an Academy Award for Best Actress ; Merle Oberon did not receive a nomination for her performance.

There were clashes on the set between actors and the director.

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Witnesses recall Oberon scolding Olivier for accidentally spitting on her during a particularly romantic balcony scene. Oberon shouted back to Wyler, "Tell him to stop spitting at me! You bloody little idiot, how dare you speak to me? One scene with Olivier was shot 72 times—with each new take called for by Wyler without any actual direction for his actor; just "again! I did it with a smile.

I did it with a smirk.

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I did it scratching my ear. I did it with my back to the camera. How do you want me to do it? Analysis Ironically, at the start of the chapter, Lockwood claims Nelly to be "a very fair narrator," yet he has proven himself to be a bad judge of character, so his words should not be all that reassuring for the discerning reader.

Wuthering Heights

Reliability aside, Nelly continues the narrative. What Catherine says and does not say reveals telling and compelling information about her character.

She tells Heathcliff, "You and Edgar have broken my heart," placing the blame at their feet. But while she is being open and honest with Heathcliff, not once does she say she regrets marrying Edgar.

wuthering heights catherine and edgars relationship quizzes

Her comments about not being at peace and about Heathcliff's happiness when she is buried foreshadows her ghost walking the world for eighteen years, haunting Heathcliff. After rambling for a while, Catherine begs forgiveness, but Heathcliff cannot or will not give it. Perhaps this lack of forgiveness is what haunts him: The memory that he did not fully forgive her on her deathbed may be the worst of all the terrible things he has done in his life.

wuthering heights catherine and edgars relationship quizzes

Catherine herself alludes to this possibility when she says, "if you nurse anger, that will be worse to remember than my harsh words! At the end of the chapter, when Catherine collapses into Heathcliff's arms and Nelly thinks Catherine has died, Nelly remarks "Far better that she should be dead, than lingering a burden and a misery-maker to all about her.