Yang and burke relationship quizzes

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yang and burke relationship quizzes

Cardio God(ess), Twister Sister, Sourpuss, The New Nazi, or just plain Yang - Cristina taught us all about Test/quiz about the relationships of Grey's Anatomy. Grey's Anatomy has been responsible for more couples than we can The relationship between Preston Burke and Cristina Yang was one of. How well do you remember Cristina Yang romances? Preston Burke. Read it. Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Cristina's Relationships? Quiz: How Well Do .

yang and burke relationship quizzes

Question 13 Who called and interupted Burke and Yang's dance session? Cristina's landlord Cristina's mother Cristina's lover Meredith decided that there was no such thing as a grown up. This is evident in the episode in season two where Cristina and Burke end up dancing together, although Yang is the only one who can hear the music. They have a massive laugh together before the cell phone rings. Burke takes a call on Yang's cell phone. Do you know who called? After the call she explains that she gave up her apartment and they stop arguing about it.

Question 14 True or False: She says to him that she is in it for the long hall. And she tells Preston that he 'wins'. Cristina explains to Preston that it is a beautiful ring. She also tells him that she doesn't do rings, and that she is a surgeon. She places the ring on the table. Nonetheless, Burke asks her if she accepts his marriage proposal, and she says yes!

They embrace one another with more love than before!

yang and burke relationship quizzes

Question 15 Who calls off the Burke and Yang wedding? Cristina Preston Owen Cristina and Preston plan a gorgeous wedding day that any couple would kill for!

Most ladies loses weight for the wedding day, Cristina lost her eyebrows instead She takes a while to get to the front door so that she can walk down the isle. Burke eventually heads out of the church and finds her.

yang and burke relationship quizzes

He basically explains to her that he loves her, so he will let her go. Because after all of that, and 'them' she lost pieces of who she was. Question 16 True or False: While in Zurich, Burke brings Yang coffee? True False Burke brings Cristina over to show her the new surgery he has come up with. He also wants her to take over his hospital for him.

Grey's Anatomy Relationship Betrayals Quiz Stats

It's been about seven years since they last saw each other, and he walked out on their wedding. Yang explains to Burke that she doesn't want to work for him. She wants to be him.

She doesn't want his job. He explains he doesn't want to work for him either. He wants her to take over the hospital. Question 17 True or False: Burke gets shot False True Burke gets injured and has to be rushed in to surgery.

Before the surgery though he asks Cristina to please check on Denny. After surgery Cristina pops in to Burke's ward to check in on him. He tells her that he wont bare a grudge if she choses to leave him. Due to his injury he seems to head down his own dark and twisty road Cristina sticks with him through it all and even helps him through surgeries while he figures things out.

Question 18 Who was Yang's first pregnancy with? She just doesn't know how to relax and take a break. Even while in her hospital gown, and booked off on strict bed rest she manages to run around the hospital trying to treat patients. The Nazi however bursts her bubble and orders her back to her room before she does rounds. The other interns all laugh at Yang as she heads back to her room Alex even comments on her pretty pink panties Question 19 What organ is Preston Burke looking at?

The lung The heart The liver If you love Grey's Anatomy you have to love the medicine that comes with it too! You can learn tons about the human body and just how much pain or abuse it can take before reaching breaking point. We get to see various forms of the body and it's organs. From spinal tumours being drawn on bedroom walls, to lungs in carried around in see through boxes and organs being displayed in 3D holograms too!

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These are just some of the human anatomy we see during or Grey's adventure. Question 20 What does Cristina do to make Bailey mad at Burke? Erases her name from the board Tell her about his tremor Brags about Burke liking her better than Bailey Gives her a bad review Burke gets shot and has a hard time accepting his injuries. He deals with his emotions by being somewhat aggressive and taking his emotions out on Yang.

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Nonetheless she supports him and does her utmost to take the strain off Burke where possible. However, not all of the hospital knows what is going on with him and it rubs some of the staff members the wrong way, including Bailey.

Eventually, she confronts him about his behavior, which leads to even more drama. Question 21 Does Cristina have a mental breakdown? No What's a mental breakdown? Let's face it, being a doctor in this hospital means you need to have balls of steel. From bombs, to crazy gunman, ferries crashing and even planes crashing. Being surrounded by constant trauma with the adrenalin rush and even death.

This environment can be exhausting. So you could expect that any sane person would eventually need some TLC to get through the day. After all the interns have gone through, does Cristina Yang end up having a nervous or emotional breakdown? Question 22 True or False: Cristina and Meredith follow Burke in to the men's bathroom?

True False We have come to realise that Grey's Anatomy is full of surprises. Both good and bad. From hilarious comedy to drama, suspense and even romance. These doctors are a part of it all.

They often get themselves stuck in the stickiest situations but some how make it out ok. In fact, they make it out stronger than ever. These twisted sisters do everything together. Did they follow Burke in to the men's bathroom? Question 23 Who is the first intern to join Burke in the OR?

George Meredith Izzie The first time we get to meet the tall, dark and slender Dr Preston Burke is when the have a patient that keeps having seizures.

He orders a shot gun. It's just a reference for running all the tests in the book to try and establish what's wrong with a patient.

Cristina and Burke sort of work together on this case but they don't really seem to notice each other. Who joins Burke for the first surgery the interns are a part of? With the famous bomb scene there are many lives at stake. Meredith and Cristina get stuck with the bomb guy. Burke needs to operate but tells Cristina he cant do it with her in there. He obviously cares deeply for her but doesn't want to show it in that many words so at first, he tries to get her to leave because it's 'not another cool surgery'.

Cristina tells him that he needs to be the 'other guy', the one who runs away If she isn't falling pregnant she is getting married We can all agree though, that losing Burke's baby was a very sad moment. Soon enough, they divorce and engage in an ugly custody battle, before ultimately deciding to split custody even as Callie moves away to be with her new girlfriend in New York.

Prim and proper Christian girl April Kepner began the series as one of the most difficult characters to figure out. Enter openly spoiled rich kid Jackson Avery, who took it upon himself to break down the closed off April's walls and work his way into her heart and beyond. Over time, April opened up more and began to express herself more freely as a result of her relationship with Jackson, no matter how messy it would prove to be.

Over the course of their frequently on again and off again relationship, April would find herself running out on her own wedding to another man to be with Jackson, the two would get married and divorced themselves, they would lose a child, and welcome another, and find themselves growing further and further apart as April struggled with a crisis of faith. As Sarah Drew is scheduled to exit the series with season 14's finale, it's hard to exactly imagine what the future holds for these two.

However, it seems pretty clear that a happy ending isn't in the cards for them, no matter what they've been through and how much they have helped each other to grow. However, while the relationship between Teddy Altman and Henry Burton certainly had a less than normal beginning, its development and ultimate culmination proved far more successful than what Grey's tried to do with Denny and Izzie.

When Teddy and Henry met, he was an ailing patient without insurance.


Teddy, being altruistic and a doctor, made the bold offer to marry Henry in order to offer him her life insurance. However, it was made clear that this was purely a business-minded arrangement, and no romantic relationship would be involved, despite their marital status.

However, as always happens in situations where people agree that they won't fall in love with one another, the two slowly began to realize the extent of their mutual feelings for each other, even as Teddy had continued seeing other people to convince herself nothing was there with Henry. Unfortunately, by the time they had both allowed themselves to be open and honest about their respective feelings, Henry had become plagued by another medical condition from which he couldn't be saved, no matter the earnest attempts of Cristina and Richard.

As is so often the case on Grey's, yet another heartwarming love story never got the full exploration it deserved.

Most marriages are either beset by abuse, infidelity, prolonged conflicts of belief, and ultimately bitter separation and divorce.

However -- so far, at least -- one wonderfully married couple stands out among the rest: Miranda Bailey and Ben Warren. After Miranda's own toxic first marriage, Ben was truly the breath of fresh air that she needed in her life. Optimistic and supportive and always interested in her point of view, Ben has always been shown as the perfect partner to balance Bailey's obsessive neuroses and incredibly driven demeanor. In the past, Ben had been a medical resident in California, which posed a challenge to the couple as he was forced to commute back and forth between California and Seattle.

Nevertheless, they married, and he has been nothing short of a wonderful father to her son, Tuck. In recent episodes, however, Bailey has been shown to be struggling with Ben's decision to become a firefighter, as he is now the lead of the spinoff firefighter series Station We can only hope that these two make it through whatever it is Shondaland intends to throw their way. The relationship between Preston Burke and Cristina Yang was one of the series' earliest and most passionate.

Despite rules in place about interns and residents becoming romantically involved, the two found themselves drawn to one another despite themselves and began to engage in a secret fling with one another. Their brief involvement with one another resulted in Cristina becoming pregnant -- but before she even knew what she wanted to do, she found herself passing out, learning that it was an ectopic pregnancy that would have to be aborted.

After the heartbreaking way their first attempt at a relationship ended, the two decided to give it a proper try, realizing that they cared for one another far more deeply and moving in together early in season 2. When Burke was shot and found himself struggling with a tremor in his hand as a result of the damage, Cristina helped him during his operations, serving as his support and guiding him.

They were brilliantly matched, totally compatible, and even intended to be married by the end of season 3. However, due to Isaiah Washington's departure from the series, Burke was written to leave her at the altar. Years later, though, upon Sandra Oh's own departure from the show, the couple had a reunion of sorts, as Burke invited Cristina to Zurich to serve as his replacement in the position he was vacating.

Credit should especially be given to the almost saintly Adele, who stood by Richard's side for much of his life despite being aware of his infidelity. Even as she knew about her husband's unfaithfulness, she chose to stand by him, because she loved him and knew -- or, at the very least, could only hope- - that he would choose to stand by her in return.

Yet even as she stuck with him through all the emotional pain he caused her, she ultimately left him upon his refusal to retire when she asked him to. Adele would learn that she was pregnant with Richard's child, despite being well into her middle age, but ultimately, she would lose the baby. Medical tragedies would continue to test the couple's commitment to one another, as Adele would soon be diagnosed with Alzheimer's, even eventually forgetting Richard altogether. He continued to visit her whenever he could once she had been placed in medical care, but even that would not last long as Adele soon passed away due to a heart attack as a result of an aneurysm.

Following her demise, Richard attended the wedding of Ben and Bailey, reflecting on his own wedding with Adele and imagining the two of them dancing to "My Funny Valentine.

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But from the moment their story began, it was always clear that Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd were destined to be something so much more.

It took them a few gripping, tense seasons to get to that point, given all the soapy drama that the series threw their way. However, by the time the relationship affectionately known as MerDer came together as a real couple, their place as the rightful reigning couple in the series had been well solidified.

Over the course of their relationship, they would overcome many obstacles, which allowed them to reach many of the requisite milestones for important television couples.

But every milestone they reached, they handled in their own way. Whether it was their Post It note wedding ceremony, the decision to adopt little Zola and the second hurried wedding that came with it, or their attempts to navigate working in different locations and long distance trips, they always handled everything as a team, with unique heart and warmth.

In the later years, they faced more difficulties than ever before, realizing that, at times, their dreams lay at odds with one another. However, no matter how difficult that may have been, nothing can compare to how senselessly Derek was killed off in the name of revitalizing the show. It's safe to say, at this point, that without his character, and this core relationship, around, the show has never felt quite the same. Meredith and Derek's relationship may have been the heart of the series for much of its run, but it was the love story between two brilliant, brave, beautiful women that set the show apart from so many other dramas on air.