Hendricks county meet the candidates 2014

Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Hendricks County

hendricks county meet the candidates 2014

Using the data gathered through the needs assessment survey, the Park Board .. The Town coordinated with the Hendricks County Drainage Board to improve The Hendricks County Flyer offers a "Meet the Candidates" page on its. Candidates seeking election in the upcoming Primary Election were each build both Hendricks Regional Health and Indiana University Health West . In June of she attended the Indiana League of Municipal Clerk. Puckett, IMCU Brownsburg branch manager, received the Leader of the Year award at the Leadership Hendricks County Annual Reunion and Meeting.

Morales says his relationship with Vice President Pence should bolster his campaign. My business experiences created many jobs in an information technology space. I took it public and sold it. It was not only a great experience from a business standpoint, but we used data to solve complex problems. Holcomb is using that as a foundation for his approach as well.

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I am for lower taxes and free trade. We cannot have the Chinese walk all over us. He did not do the right thing to work with Congress to get this done. I will work with Congress to find a solution. They can go to the end of the line behind those who applied legally. I do not believe in chain immigration.

Republican Primary Horse Race Status: Beck tours all counties Democrat Tobi Beck toured every county in the 4th Congressional District last week, while visiting highlights in each area. Last week, I strapped on my boots to serve my country again. Every day I travel the District talking to voters about the issues that matter most to them and their families. Dems look to PA18 When Democrat Conor Lamb won a House special election last month in a Pennsylvania district that Donald Trump won by nearly 20 points inpolitical operatives began musing about dozens of other Republican seats that could suddenly be at risk come November DeBonis, Washington Post.

Where Democrats see a prime opportunity to oust three-term Rep. Jackie Walorski RRepublicans argue that, come November, not every GOP district will have a Conor Lamb on the ballot — a young, moderate former prosecutor with a political pedigree tailor-made for his Rust Belt constituency.

Bucshon to skip debate Declining an opportunity to debate opponents on local television, 8th District Rep. But that declaration was preceded — and accompanied — by confusion. Would Bucshon appear at the May 2 dinner? The veteran congressman hinted Monday that he might accept the debate invitation, which came his way weeks ago.

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The candidates agreed that federal funding should remain in public schools, and that funding schools needs to be a government priority. They were asked multiple times how they would accomplish that with a conservative, Republican administration and appointed officials such as U.

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos in office. Caucus set to replace Ober Indiana Republican Party State Chairman Kyle Hupfer officially called a caucus of eligible precinct committee members to fill the vacancy in the office of House District 82, the seat most recently held by former State Representative David Ober. The caucus will be held at 7 p. State Road 9, Albion. David Ober planned to resign his seat in the Indiana House of Representatives effective April 1, The individual selected at the April 26 caucus will fill the remainder of former Rep.

The caucus will be open to credentialed media who pre-register to Holly Gillham at hgillham indiana. She said she was mostly listening on Monday. Primary Horse Race Status: She will be ordained in her home church in Topeka, Kansas in May of this year. She is a single female who grew up in and around Topeka. Jenn completed her undergraduate work at Emporia State University, graduating with a degree in Rehabilitation services, working with adults with developmental disabilities.

Jenn discovered the UU faith when moved by a high profile racism event that happened in Topeka. She entered the church to hear a sermon about the event and found her faith "home.

hendricks county meet the candidates 2014

In she graduated from Andover Newton Theological School with a Master of Divinity, followed by completion of internships in a variety of UU churches. We are very excited to welcome her to UUCC as our ministerial candidate as we move forward towards our bright future! March 12, We're getting closer!

hendricks county meet the candidates 2014

We really hope our chosen candidate chooses us, too! The ministers in our final selection of candidates offer great gifts and unique strengths, along with human realities. We as a committee must reflect together on those qualities and evaluate them against the congregation's needs and desires. We take our task very seriously.

You have placed great trust in us, and we respect that. Soon we hope to present our candidate, and you will have the opportunity to discern for yourselves whether we have made the right choice for our congregation.

We want to remind you that we will present only one choice at the end.

hendricks county meet the candidates 2014

For a successful ministry, any candidate will want an overwhelming affirmation in the final congregational vote. If we presented multiple choices, no candidate would receive the almost unanimous "Yes" vote that signifies the affirmation, and the congregation might find itself split into camps.

We value the trust and confidence you have placed in us to make this momentous decision. By the time we present you with our choice, we will have reviewed a number of applications, checked references, interviewed candidates for hours, and discussed the candidates in depth. At every stage, we hold in mind the hopes, dreams, and concerns of our congregation.

When it comes to the final decision, we will offer our selection for an up-or-down, yes-or-no vote.

hendricks county meet the candidates 2014

We're confident that you'll be as enthusiastic as we are about the choice. February 26, After extensive review of a pool of qualified ministers who are interested in us, we have selected the "pre-candidates" for the position of minister for UUCC.

As we get to know these ministers in-depth, through interviews, informal talks, reference calls, and sermons, it seemed a good time to review the ministerial attributes you, the congregation, defined last fall through the survey and meetings.

Here's the profile of the minister we are seeking: We are happy to report that the ministers on our short list seem to fit the bill! The congregation's participation in this process has helped us stay on target, and we're looking forward to the day in early April when we can announce our final choice.

February 12, As we announced in church, the Ministerial Search Committee is ready to unveil the fruits of our labors during the fall, our packet. You played an active part in the creation of the packet as well. Here you will find a summary of the survey results, our congregation record that ministers use to decide if they are interested in us, and many of the pictures you sent.

The packet is a record of who we think we are and how we are portraying ourselves to ministers in search. A hard copy is available for perusal in the overflow room, but you can also access the information online. Thank you all for your help and support thus far. We will continue to keep you posted as the process continues.

January 15, We are in one of the most exciting times of our year in search. We've received names from the UUA of some interested candidates, and are busy reviewing their packets and websites. This is the super-confidential time, as these ministers may not yet have told their current congregations that they are in search.

So we can't share any information about them with you yet, but we are preparing to interview them, based on the information you told us was important in the surveys and meetings. Please don't ask us for specifics, because we can't give you any yet, but know that we are excited to get to know more about these potential matches for us!

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We are sorry the polar vortex didn't cooperate for us to have the Beyond Categorical Thinking workshop last week, but we are going to get it rescheduled for February or March, so stay tuned. Also stay tuned to your inbox for a copy of the survey results, Congregational Record, and our Packet. You'll be able to review these and learn a great deal about who we are as a Congregation. Many of you gave assistance with gathering this information and photographs,including the Interim Search Committee--we used their Packet as a base for the one we're sharing with ministers now.

November 20, We are just about done with one of the busiest and most important times during this year we are in "Search. We have gathered and focused the data you all provided during the survey, Loaded Questions, strategic interviews, and focus groups, and have prepared the two documents that prospective ministers will use to determine whether they are interested in us.

The first document is called the "Congregational Record" or "CR. Some of the questions in the survey and in Loaded Questions came directly from the CR.

The second document is called the "Packet," and it is what we provide to ministers who are interested in our congregation. The Interim Search Committee prepared a Wordpress site, which we have modified and updated for the Packet for our search for a settled minister.

We have included many pictures to showcase our vibrant community, and details that can't be shown by the CR. Our first deadline was to send both documents to Rev. They must be final by November 30, We'll get a little breather for the holidays, but in January, we'll find out which ministers who are in Search might be interested in us, and begin dialog with them!

October 16, We are busily crunching numbers from the survey and compiling your responses from Loaded Questions and the focus groups we've met with.

We sent out 93 surveys and received and evaluated 61 surveys. Thank you all so much for your input! We will have an official summary of the survey results to share once we've prepared the Congregational Record and our Packet, but here is a sneak peek of some of the interesting facts the survey has told us: Almost exactly half of those of us who responded have never been associated with another UU church.

What is the heart of UUCC? We've concluded that the heart of UUCC is the character and community of its people and our shared commitment to each other, to the free exploration of ideas, and to working toward social justice October 2, This Saturday: On Saturday, October 5, at 6: Childcare will be provided.

Loaded Questions will be your opportunity to tell us what you want in a minister, and play UU trivia at the same time. We will be discussing these questions in small groups -- so think about how you will answer them: Describe your ideal minister.

hendricks county meet the candidates 2014

What issues do you see to be most pressing within the next couple of years, and within the next ten years? How would you describe our congregation to our prospective minister? To close, non-member friends?

What is a spiritual or meaningful sermon? Looking back, after our minister has been here a year, what will be a measure of success -- what will make you glad that our minister is among us?

Dan Schnake will be Master of Ceremonies, and is compiling the trivia questions. You'll be competing in the Loaded Questions trivia game in groups, so don't worry if you think you don't know UU trivia -- come and tell us what you think, and have a good time at the same time.

RSVP to minister-search uucchc.