How did mufasa and sarabi meet

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how did mufasa and sarabi meet

How did Mufasa and Sarabi fall in love? What happened between Scar and Zira? Who is Nala's father? This story starts from Ahadi and Uru's Reign to the start. Sarabi is a lioness who is queen of the Pride Lands in Disney's animated feature film The Lion King. She is Mufasa's mate (later widow) and Simba's mother. Though her temper typically remains cool and under control, she does let . A New Story About Simba • How Simba Met Timon and Pumbaa • Way to Go. For those of you who think Mufasa and Scar are brothers in 'The Lion King,' we have While stranded in the middle of nowhere, Simba meets a friendly meerkat What that does is it causes the female lions to go into heat [to.

how did mufasa and sarabi meet

I once wrote in another thread about how Lion King 1. How was Pride Rock established as an important home for the family? How did the Pridelands become a huge, important territory for the kingdom? How did Mufasa's father teach him about the Great Kings of the Past? How did Scar receive his scar? How did Mufasa and Sarabi meet? What kind of conflicts did the pride deal with before Simba was born? What kind of laws were established?

I just have so many questions.

how did mufasa and sarabi meet

It would've been so much more interesting to watch a prequel about their childhood and maybe get some of those type of questions answered even if it was a simple answer. Last edited by Lauren on Wed Feb 18, Sun Oct 25, Taka's jealous there already ofcourse.

how did mufasa and sarabi meet

Taka had convinced a buffalo named Boma to attack Mufasa who was helping his father. While Boma was busy with that, the other buffalo in the herd attacked Taka, leaving a scar across his face.

After Boma was trapped in a ravine as far as I remember Mufasa rushed off to help his brother. At near the end, Taka, no longer wanted to be called Taka, and told his father, Ahadi, to call him Scar from now on. Such a drama queen I have one theory which is.

With that the Queen and her mother headed off to Rafiki's tree each lioness hoping a pregnancy would be confirmed. I think I might be pregnant. As he felt her stomach a smile went across his face.

I have to tell Mufasa. We're going to have a cub. This is supposed to be our happy time. Come let's share our happy news shall we? Sarabi had gone into labor and was inside with Selena and Rafiki. Just then Scar appeared and approached his brother.

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With that the brown lion sat beside his brother. They weren't alone for long though. Within minutes they were joined by Rafiki who had a huge smile on his face. Mufasa and Scar stood and Mufasa approached the mandrill, "How's Sarabi? The Queen lifted her head and upon seeing her mate flashed him a big smile which he gladly returned. The golden King went to his mate and gave her a loving nuzzle. Then he looked down and saw a golden ball of fluff between her paws.

Upon feeling his father's touch the newborn Prince lifted his head and opened his eyes looking at his father. Just then they heard an "Ahem" come from the cave entrence. In an ideal world, they would never have to fight. However, there are moments when trouble comes their way. That's when a king has to know how to fight and keep his people safe.

Sarabi: Long Live the Queen

Question 13 Why did Simba go to the Elephant Graveyard? He was bored Because he wanted to be like his dad He wanted to conquer it He wanted to have fun Simba had a lot to learn about becoming king when he was just a cub.

Once he heard about the Elephant Graveyard, he was ecstatic to go and take Nala.

how did mufasa and sarabi meet

It ended up in a total disaster and he nearly lost his life as a result. While talking with his father, he explains why he really went and he hoped it would help be a better king. That's when Mufasa took the time to explain to him what being a king meant. Question 14 What animals did Scar send into the valley? Rhinos Elephants Wildebeests After Simba was saved by Mufasa, Scar came up with an ingenious plan to make sure that both Mufasa and Simba met their end.

With the help of some of his own friends, Scar caused a stampede of animals to travel into the valley where Simba was at the time. Because the young prince was in danger, it was only a matter of time before Mufasa would also go down to help.

Unfortunately, only one of the two lions would make it out alive. Question 15 How did Scar describe Simba's surprise? Because of this, he decided to lead Simba into the valley under the false pretences of there being a special "surprise. Question 16 What animal did Simba roar at in the valley? Chameleon Zebra Antelope After Scar left to go get Simba his surprise, the lion cub was determined to work on his roar due being laughed at by the hyenas. There was an animal that happened to walk by at the time and Simba saw his opportunity.

He roared a few times before it actually scared the creature, and he looked quite proud of himself.

how did mufasa and sarabi meet

Unfortunately, that was when he turned around to see that there was a stampeded of animals barreling toward him. Question 17 Who tried to go get help when Simba was stuck in the middle of the stampede? Timon and Pumbaa Zazu Bonzai When the wildebeests began barreling through the valley and Simba was trapped in it, one of the Prideland animals quickly took note and tried to immediately go for help.

Unfortunately, that would interfere with Scar's master plan, so he made sure to knock out that animal before anything could be done. The move actually worked, because Scar waited quite some time before going to "get help" himself only to lay down a trap that would result in the death of Mufasa.

Question 18 True or False? Simba tried to wake up Mufasa after he died True False Mufasa met his end when Scar threw him down into the wildebeest stampede.

After the dust settled, Simba walked down to see if his dad made it. After seeing the lifeless body of his father, hopelessness started to wash over him as he realized that his father was truly dead.

Then, to make matters worse for the audience, he cuddled up next to Mufasa one last time, letting the memories of their time together flood over him before saying goodbye.

Question 19 What chased Simba after his father's death? Alligators Rhinos Scar Simba's trials weren't over when his father died.

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After having some time to grieve, he was met by Scar, who said that it was Simba's fault that it happened. He then encouraged the young prince to run away and never return. It's during this that Scar executed phase two of his plan, where he had Simba chased down in the hopes of him being killed.

Simba did get away and, much to everyone's surprise, returned several years later for vengeance. Question 20 What protected Simba from the hyenas? Alligators River Cacti After Mufasa's death, Simba was being chased by the three hyenas that tried to kill him in the Elephant Graveyard. While it was certainly a close call, Simba did manage to get away due to some extremely fortunate circumstances.

He ran down a road that the hyenas couldn't follow. They tried to chase him but were only met with opposition.