King of the railway meet stephen

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king of the railway meet stephen

Long ago, before there were any railways, the Island of Sodor was ruled by Kings . .. So all the engines agreed to meet Stephen the next day. Equestria Girls and King of the Railway Part 9. Emily, Henry and the other engines meet Stephen as he's being restored, then two days later. Thomas & Friends: King of the Railway - The Movie: Martin T. The engines meet new friends and discover suits of armor; coats of arms and Then their bravery is put to the test when their new friend Stephen goes missing.

Dead set fair dinkum, just taking a person or group of people from point A to point B, in a safe and orderly manner, is in itself rewarding.

King is a silent watcher of the city, catching glimpses of Melbourne life from the vantage point of his cab on every suburban line. Every day brings a new story. There is the father on the tracks looking for his child. There is the elderly man who paces aimlessly.

king of the railway meet stephen

There is the young couple from overseas, eager to ride Melbourne's trains. A woman is darting towards the train, which is now heading back into the city. She hops on just in time. Over his years as a train driver, King has watched his city change.

Both engines then became friends and would be star attractions at the museum. Stephen also helped Connor gain confidence in racing and be bang-on time by giving him a pep talk after he refused to race him due to fear of breaking his coupling rods again. When the Great Railway Show was being held on the Mainland, Stephen was taken to the show along with the other Sudrian engines who would be competing. He took a Brass Band and other visitors around the railway show yard as the show was taking place and led the Best Decorated Engine Parade.

Later on, when Millie had been given extra work, the Earl asked Stephen and Glynn to help out for the day. However, Stephen neglected to do his assigned chore of moving the garden waste. The following day, Stephen became increasingly concerned when he could not find Millie, and came to the conclusion that she had run away because of his teasing. Determined to set things right, Stephen left the estate to look for Millie, only to run out of water near Crovan's Gate.

Shortly afterward, Millie and the Earl found him, and explained that they had only left to collect a new motor for the castle turntable - the Earl had in fact told both Stephen and Glynn about this the previous morning, but because the two were so busy bantering, they did not hear him.

Millie and Stephen resolved their misunderstanding, and, once Stephen had taken on more water, returned to the castle together. Personality Stephen is a jolly old engine with a positive attitude and a good sense of humour.

He is a good-hearted and quick-witted engine and will not take any nonsense from engines like Spencer or Diesel.

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He was ready to go back to his job. Stephen was eager to find out about his job too. I don't know anything about it," said Victor. Kevin didn't know either…not even Stephen's old job. He was feeling excited. I have to get up and go! Percy, Thomas and James had already found their new job: They were coupled to some flatbeds which held a tall platform that was being used to raise the roof beams. The engines would have to move it to the right place for each beam. They never had a job like this before.

They would all have to work together…but deep down inside, all Thomas could think about was Emily. After catching a glimpse of her on his way up, he kept wishing she could be there helping him. But thinking about her also fueled his strength and will to get the job done with Percy and James. Gordon was pulling the express…when Spencer came up alongside him.

But Gordon wasn't going to lose this chance. He pumped his pistons faster and faster so he could catch up to Spencer who was further ahead. Then there was trouble! There was something on the track ahead of Gordon. Stephen was puffing slowly along on Gordon's line. Gordon had to apply his brakes very quickly in order to avoid a nasty collision.

He managed to slow down just in time, which allowed Spencer to shoot past. I thought you were the rocket! I'm going as fast as I can. He had to go slowly. Back at the castle, Thomas and his friends were working together again. Percy was working harder than usual. A few tools fell and bumped off James. I didn't mean to wobble," peeped Percy. Thomas started moving forward too quickly and too suddenly, causing the platform to to shake and wobble uneasily.

All the vibrations made a roof beam come loose. It fell from the platform and kicked up a lot of dust. Luckily, no one was hurt. I need to go to the washdown! We need to carry on with our work, or the castle won't be ready in time," said Thomas. Meanwhile Stephen had come to Brendam Docks to look for his new job. Paxton and Diesel were very surprised to see Stephen turn up. Shall I ask him? Out of the way, little steamie! We have work to do here.

I'm looking for my new job. This is no place for an old engine like you. But if his new job wasn't at Brendam Docks, he'd just have to continue on his quest to find it. At Ulfstead Castle, after the accident was cleared away, Thomas and his friends worked hard to complete the roof. At last, the final beam was put into place. The job was done. The workers cheered for the three engines and the Earl was very impressed with the efforts. You all worked marvelously together. Soon, everything will be ready for the big surprise.

Are you the King of Sodor, sir? I'm not the King of Sodor. Then what is the surprise? Stephen was heading up to the Blue Mountain Quarry. But the Blue Mountain Quarry was much bigger and noisier than any quarry Stephen had ever seen before. Could it be here? I used to pull four wagons at a time when I worked at the mines. Give me a chance and you'll see I want to be really useful again. Stephen was coupled to a long line of trucks loaded with slate.

Stephen puffed and pulled as hard as he could. But they were too heavy. The men uncoupled one of the trucks and Stephen tried again Now watch how fast I can go! But it was too late. As Stephen came to the bend, the heavy truck pushed him forward, and nearly ran him off the rails! They were a lot smaller too. Do you know of any mines around here? Back at the Earl's estate, Thomas, James and Percy were amazed to see what was inside the Earl's crates, there were thrones and catapults, flags and tapestries, old statues, shields and sets of armor from all over the world!

Thomas, that one's moving! Some workmen were adjusting the armor. Visitors will come from far and wide to see my collection of medieval treasures. Sadly the only thing missing is King Godred's Golden Crown. James was very happy to be having a washdown when the same sleek engines who passed Hiro shot past the washdown! Gordon and Spencer were very happy to be racing each other again…when one of the sleek engines shot past.

The two speedy engines were waiting at a red signal. They were both streamlined like Spencer. The other one was a Baltimore and Ohio streamlined President Class engine with purplish-red and light grey livery.

Care to join us? All four signals dropped to green. Meanwhile, Emily had done some work and was visiting Blue Mountain Quarry.

  • Meet Stephen King, the man who loves driving your train to work

Emily came over and gave Luke some company. I feel young again. Thomas told me something that is most interesting…about an engine working for the Earl of Sodor…" "Oh. I've met her," said Emily. Luke's heart stood still when he heard it was a she. I won't give anything away…I want her to introduce herself to you.

She's very busy, but I'm sure you'll meet her one day," promised Emily. This quarry is pretty much my home. All dreams come true, that's what I believe," said Emily. Now he was very lost in thought…could this be what Emily was talking about after Thomas cleared up the conflict between Victor and Luke? Could he have a special friend of his own? All Luke could do was wait and hope. Stephen was on the sloping of the castle…when he noticed the track to the old mine. This may well be my last chance.

Best try to make a good show of myself," he said. Stephen made his way along the overgrown track, but when he finally reached the entrance to the mine, he found it was boarded up. There isn't a job for me anywhere, I'm too slow, old and weak.

king of the railway meet stephen

The Earl thought they were too heavy for two small engines alone. He wanted to tell Stephen all about his new job.

king of the railway meet stephen

As they started off, Percy became very cautious about something. Shouldn't one of us be at the front? The troublesome trucks were already on the slope. They started to pull forward, dragging Thomas and Percy behind them! The troublesome trucks were too heavy to stop! They continued to plunge down the slope…right down the overgrown track!

Stephen could hear a noise coming toward him. There was only one way to go. Stephen broke right through the wooden barrier of the mine. This sent a huge body of boulders crumbling down from above and blocking the entrance, stopping the runaway train. That was a close call," gasped Thomas. He and Percy pulled the heavy trucks back again, feeling very relieved. They didn't realize that poor Stephen was now trapped in the mine!

Only his funnel was left standing, all on its own. Visitors were hurrying across from the mainland to be there. All the engines were working hard to make sure everything was ready.

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Thomas went to the Steamworks to find Stephen. He kept asking about his new job. He didn't even know what it was! Where could he have gone? The Earl warned you not to say anything to Stephen…now look what's happened! We'll find him," Thomas replied. So Thomas James and Percy set off to find Stephen. They asked everyone they met that'd they'd seen him. I honestly can't say I've seen him," sighed Millie. James asked Cranky at the Docks. Eyah, he was here, James. Diesel had to tell him to keep out of the way.

As darkness clouded over the island, Stephen was lost and bewildered in the mine. Can anybody hear me out there? Be on the lookout for Stephen. Then as he hurried around a bend, he bashed into some rocks! It started a rock slide. Back at Tidmouth Sheds, Thomas told the other engines that Stephen was missing. They stared at the night sky in deep thought. The Earl told me not to say anything too soon…but I wanted to cheer Stephen up so he'd be happy. Making someone happy is the best thing a friend can do…and you are the best friend I ever had.

I'm happy you're home every night. See you tomorrow," whispered Thomas. Yet again, after falling asleep, Thomas and Emily began to dream Emily was on an old barren track.

All that was around her was blank ground, dust and stone. The sky was cloudy and sunless. There was nothing to be seen.

Emily was lost with no one to help her or keep her company…until she heard a very faint sound. The noise grew louder and clearer.

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Emily looked down the straight railway line ahead of her…she could see a very faint light appearing in the very far distance.

She could see a tiny speck of blue…then she heard a whistle, and a puffing sound…as the form came closer and closer, Emily gained more and more hope. She closed her eyes and waited for the engine to come right up to her…until the noise stopped just in front of her…she opened her eyes and saw…Thomas. I would not want to be lost with anyone else except you!

Emily gasped and started to cry with joy. I love you too! I could stay here and kiss you forever! Then, they both started kissing each other with no one around. Although they were lost together, being lost in love was the best and only way to be. It couldn't be more perfect as Emily felt something in her mouth…Thomas had let his tongue into her mouth and was now gently touching her tongue with it.

It felt so warm, soothing and amazing. Emily moved her tongue with Thomas' as the clouds parted and revealed a bright blue sky and a warming sun. I love you more than anything else in the world," Thomas said happily. As they continued to kiss each other, nothing could be more perfect…until the dream was done.

Thomas woke up once again, seeing Emily sleeping peacefully beside him. Once again, he was frustrated over being teased by a dream, but that dream did give him a lot of strength and determination to find Stephen. He thought back to the dream. Emily woke up and saw Thomas asleep, smiling. I love you Thomas," she thought as she looked at the sky. She was ready to help Stephen whenever she had to, and she had a knight in shining armor who wanted to find him too.

Perhaps some medieval spirit was within the Steam Team. Back in the mine, as the dust cleared, Stephen saw an old wooden chest amongst the fallen rocks. When he did so, it rolled over and opened.

King of the Railway

Out came a magnificent glow! The next morning, Thomas woke up all the engines early. He had only one thing on his mind. Get those boilers bubbling! We need to find our friend Stephen! Where all you all going? It was the Fat Controller. We have to find him! I need him for the opening of Ulfstead Castle, tomorrow! I shall assign your jobs to other engines," agreed the Fat Controller.

Captain was soon out on the water, searching all along the coasts of Sodor while Harold searched from above. Thomas, Percy and James all searched together. The other engines searched where they would, continuously calling Stephen's name and hoping for a response. Emily was looking around the island herself in the hopes of finding Stephen when she suddenly came to a red signal and saw the two streamliners.

Emily had never seen such engines in her life. She slowed down and carefully came up beside them. She wondered if they'd be nice engines to talk too. They certainly looked important. Connor looked over to Emily. We're streamliners from the mainland," said Caitlin. Very interesting," said Emily. I've been here for some time. Well, that is very true indeed. You're a lovely engine," complimented Caitlin. The signal went green. Emily was indeed amazed by these engines. She had never seen such a shape and never did she see such speed from a steam engine…but her excitement was interrupted by her memory of Stephen.

The engines searched every shunting yard, station and tunnel…there was no sign of Stephen anywhere. As he kept trying to find a way out of the mine, he found he could go no further, the mine was completely blocked by large rocks. And then he realized. This is the tunnel I came down at the start! All he could do now was wait and call for help. Thomas and Percy were looking around the bottom of the hill to the estate when Percy noticed the overgrown track.

We went down there when the troublesome trucks ran away. Just in case," said Percy. We'll find Stephen," smiled Percy. Thomas pushed his way along the overgrown track. The last section of track was weak where the wooden supports had rotted away.

Then Thomas came to the end of the line…where the entrance to the mine was blocked by the stones. He was about to leave again, when he noticed something down below the track. His boiler was almost dry. Stephen's not here," said Thomas from outside. He summoned all his energy and…he did whistle! I'm coming to rescue you! But I need help to move all these rocks. He's a front loader. We're going to get you out of there, Stephen! I'll get this entrance cleared for you. As soon as the entrance was cleared, Thomas rushed forward.

The weak track shifted under his weight, but Thomas moved bravely over it and into the mine. Oh, I thought you'd forgotten me! I've come to get you out of here. I was thinking of taking up mining.

king of the railway meet stephen

I can't even find my way out of a tunnel. I'm not really useful anymore. The Earl has a job for you, Stephen," beamed Thomas. You're going to work there showing guests around. You'll be the Earl's new Knight in shining armor.

king of the railway meet stephen

Thank you for rescuing me. I wouldn't be much use as a knight if I was stuck in an old mine," joked Stephen. As they backed out into the sunlight, the Earl, James and Percy were there waiting. By this time, the news of Stephen's rescue had spread.